The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

338 Appearance of a hidden enemy

"Is this the bark of a defeated dog? If it wasn't for someone else blocking for you back then, you would already have been a dead dog!" Zhen Yulian had a look of disdain.

Her distorted figure of light had silently arrived behind Su Yu.

A sharp dagger silently pierced through Su Yu's back.

"Is it?" Su Yu's lips formed a cold smile, as he turned his head abruptly. He shot out a bolt of gray light from his eyes without warning.

At such a close distance, the indefensible soul attack was directly shot into Zhen Yulian's brain.

Ah ——

With a pathetic cry, Zhen Yulian felt an intense pain in her soul. Her movement technique, using contorted light, was suddenly visible.

"Ah! What kind of secret technique is that?" Zhen Yulian was as shocked as she was fearful.

Su Yu's current soul strength was much more powerful than someone of the same cultivation level. Even though the soul attack he released could not kill an Immortal Realm Level Three Upper Tier fighter, it did not have difficulty in inflicting some injuries.

"It is, of course, a technique that can kill you!"

With a cold grunt, the Fire Cloud Seal between Su Yu's brows activated, shooting out an extreme chill.

The white frost materialised and took the form of a sword, piercing out under Su Yu's control!

Crack ——

The air came to a halt. White fog appeared wherever the frost sword went. The water vapour in the air froze, dropping onto the ground with a crisp thud.

The surroundings suddenly slipped into a harsh winter.

Zhen Yulian, who was in immense pain, suddenly felt a deep threat.

Her expression changed. She had fast reactions, relying on her intuition to determine Su Yu's path of attack. She flicked her hand and counterattacked, "A mere defeated dog wants to kill me?"

Crack Boom ——

But in the instant they collided, the dagger in Zhen Yulian's hand froze over, covered with an immensely cold frost!

The deadly chill entered Zhen Yulian's body, freezing her entire right palm!

In that moment, her hand froze and was reduced to a shard of ice. Her flesh and blood fell onto the floor, shattering into dust.

There was no blood present throughout the entire process, as all of the flesh and blood had been turned into ice.

Zhen Yulian had lost her right palm and was reduced to being a cripple, all with a single, mere collision!

What was even more horrifying, was that the chill showed no signs of stopping, spreading up her right arm, attempting to turn her entire body into ice!

Zhen Yulian let out a pathetic wail, her ferocious expression contorting in pain.

But even so, Zhen Yulian, who was in deep pain, had not lost her senses. Her reaction speed was extraordinary. She grabbed her right arm with her left palm, ripping out her right arm swiftly and decisively with a roar!

Blood splattered everywhere. Some of the blood splashed onto Zhen Yulian's face, turning her contorted expression even more ghost-like!

Her eyes were filled with a glow of hatred, as she shouted loudly, "I'll never forgive you!!"

Su Yu's expression was cold, "Can the defeated dog only bark? This is the assassination technique you are so proud of? It is merely average!"

"If you fail this time, you will no longer have another chance!"

With his improvement in ability, Zhen Yulian's threat had decreased drastically.

Zhen Yulian grabbed her arm, her gaze cold, "Palace Master Yin Yu! Even if I cannot kill you, I can make sure you die without a proper corpse!"

Creak ——

The intense battle had caused the spirit energy in the surroundings to ripple violently, disrupting the ripple in space used for teleportation.

The teleportation had failed!

Su Yu and Tu Long fell from within the space teleportation!

This was Zhen Yulian's exact agenda.

Even if she could not kill Su Yu, stopping their teleportation would mean that the Anyue City master could strike, making them stay forever.

"Before he kills me, I can at least exterminate you!" Su Yu was filled with hatred.

Because of her, Su Yu and Tu Long had fallen into a perilous situation at the same time.

He must kill this woman!

Whoosh ——

Zhen Yulian's reaction speed was incredibly fast. She replied, letting out a cold laugh, "Say that, when you catch me!"

Her figured turned into contorted light, disappearing into thin air!

"You wish to escape?" Gray light filled Su Yu's eyes, as he shot soul ripples in all directions.

Suddenly, a soul ripple was reflected back to him from the north, imprinting a human figure in Su Yu's soul.

Su Yu took out the Mountain River Dragon Bow, forming a thumb-sized arrow and shooting it toward the north without hesitation!

The arrow of spirit energy pierced through the air. What followed was a pathetic wail.

A large gaping hole appeared on Zhen Yulian's waist, her slender figure falling out of the contorted light, crashing on the floor.

Her expression was one of shock and pain. She spat out a mouthful of blood, "How… How did you discover where I was?"

Even Han Jianglin could not easily see through her mysterious movement technique.

How did Su Yu do it?

What met her inquiry was Su Yu's figure, speedily flying toward her.

Zhen Yulian's heart thumped when she felt Su Yu's cold killing intent. Fear gripped her heart.

She had always been the one killing people with her assassination techniques. She had thought that death was very far away. Today, she realised that death had been beside her all along!

She was swallowed by immense fear.

"Wait a minute… Don't kill me. I am merely under orders!" Zhen Yulian clenched her teeth as she pleaded.

Before this, in her eyes, Su Yu was merely a defeated dog nearly killed by her, not worth mentioning.

But at this moment, she was pleading for mercy from him.

Su Yu's killing intent did not decrease, "When you thought that you could kill me easily and cull me like a dog, had you even thought that you were under someone else's orders? Now that you are about to die, you are trying to push the responsibility onto someone else?"

"Your death is not worth mourning!"

There was not enough time. Su Yu did not hesitate, as he struck a finger toward her chest!

But at this moment, a bale of wind assaulted him, saving Zhen Yulian from Su Yu!

"Palace Master Yin Yu, forgive and forget. How can you live up to your status as palace master, if you are so merciless?" a cold arrogant voice said.

Su Yu shot his gaze over, coldly saying, "Wei Tianchen?"

It was one of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower, Wei Tianchen!

It was him who had ordered Zhang Xueyi to kill him and take his treasure.

Now, he suddenly showed himself and interfered between him and Zhen Yulian.

It looked like the effects of the Ice Hell had attracted the attention of Wei Tianchen.

He should have observed the fight between Su Yu and Zhen Yulian, otherwise, there was no way that he could have interfered in time.

"Before you meddle in someone else's affairs, shouldn't you first consider your own situation?" Su Yu was merciless. He had not yet settled the score of him ordering Zheng Xueyi!

Wei Tianchen protected Zhen Yulian, calmly saying, "Palace Master Yin Yu, why must you push someone to the limit and be so merciless? We are both powerhouses of the northern continent. We should be supporting each other and maintaining friendly relations."

"Don't you think that you are not looking at the big picture, by killing members of the northern continent like that?!"

Not looking at the big picture? Su Yu had a cold laugh in his heart.

It was clearly Zhen Yulian who first launched a sneak attack and nearly killed him. But in Wei Tianchen's words, it was Su Yu that was mercilessly killing talents of the northern continent!

"Friendly relations? When did you see her trying to maintain friendly relations with me? When I was under the threat of dying, I did not see you appearing to stop her. When she was about to be killed by me, you jumped out and said that I am not looking at the big picture? Merciless?"

Wei Tianchen let out a cold grunt, "Palace Master Yin Yu! I do not know what happened between the two of you. All I saw was you trying to kill a weak lady!"

"As an upright man, and as the deputy palace master of the Empire of Darkness, don't you feel that you have gone overboard and behaved shamefully?"

Hearing this, Su Yu laughed in anger, "Since you do not know anything, you dare speak such reasonings in an attempt to reprimand someone? You can speak freely, if you are biased toward her. Is doing things so sneakily a common trait amongst the Four Great Sons?"

Wei Tianchen was angry. He scolded, "Palace Master Yin Yu! Show some respect. You can humiliate me, but you cannot be spared for humiliating the Snow Listening Tower!"

His hypocritical face deepened Su Yu's cold gaze, 'Wei Tianchen, do you know how your junior died?"

His pupils dilating, Wei Tianchen clenched his fist. He was furious, as he said with a sinister expression, "He was killed by a vermin!"

"Hehe…" Su Yu laughed as he shook his head, "No, he died because he was too full of himself!"

"Like you, he overestimated himself!"

Su Yu flew over, his eyes filled with killing intent, "Scram immediately, otherwise, I'll change the names of the Four Great Sons of the Snow Listening Tower to Two Great Sons!!"