The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

326 Fantasy Glazed Pond

Tu Minghua was on the ground, heavily injured. He had difficulty talking, but had a pitiful glow in his eyes.

"Sor…. Sorry….. Spare me." Following his instincts of survival, Tu Minghua muttered pleas for help.

Hua Zhilan helped Su Yu over, his expression filled with disgust, "You seem to have forgotten that you also had this pitiful expression back at the auction! You were also apologizing and asking me to spare your life."

"Back then, who knelt and pleaded for you? Who did not mind serving me for three years? It was Tu Long! He clearly knew that you harbored ill intentions towards him. He clearly knew that the Tu family would not accept him! But he took into consideration that you were from the same clan as him, and knelt for you, willingly becoming a slave, simply for the bond between clansmen!"

"But what did you do?" Su Yu felt a sense of injustice for Tu Long, "He put down his dignity to plead for your life, but you immediately sent men to try to kill us? You clearly knew that he was the Young Master Tu Long of the past, but lied and accused him of being an impersonator, smearing his name by saying that he was in cahoots with me. You denied his act of kneeling and saving you!"

"Are you a beast?"

Tu Minghua's lips were quivering, "Sor... Sorry...."

But his fearful eyes had no hints of regret, only the panic of fighting for survival!

Su Yu's eyes were completely ice cold, "You! Deserve! Death!"

Creak ——

Su Yu did not have to strike. Hua Zhilan had already been thoroughly disgusted, piercing through his own head with a finger.

After which, Su Yu turned his gaze onto Zhang Xueyi.

Zhang Xueyi's injuries were much lighter than Tu Minghua's. He struggled to rise, but Hua Zhilan shot a bolt of energy, shattering the bone in his lower thigh. He let out a wail as he collapsed on the ground.

"You wish to kill me? I'll advise you to consider carefully. Doing so would bring about a terrifying outcome!" Zhang Xueyi clutched his lower thigh, his handsome face contorted with pain.

Su Yu was unfeeling, "Terrifying outcome? When you were preparing to kill and snatch our treasure, and were attempting to kill two vice palace masters, have you ever thought that that would also bring about terrifying outcomes?"

"Do you really think that the Snow Listening Tower is already so powerful that the Empire of Darkness cannot touch you, that you can kill us without caution?"

Zhang Xueyi's expression changed, his forehead breaking out in cold sweat, "Wei Tianchen is in Anyue Cty, if you kill me, he would not let you all off."

Hearing this, Su Yu snorted, "Why do I need to fear someone who hides behind somebody?"

Su Yu could not stop laughing, "He lusts over the Mountain River Dragon Bow, but fears for his own safety. He sent his junior to get the job done, while he sits back and reaps the rewards."

"If I feared such a person, wouldn't I be worse than him?"

Su Yu's determined attitude did not make Zhang Xueyi feel any regret.

"Yin Yu! Be more magnanimous, I have not caused you any physical harm. If we resolve this animosity now, I might be thankful to you in the future! Why must you push me to the edge?"

Su Yu paused for a moment, coldly shaking his head, "I do not push people to the edge. There is a possibility that I will spare those that deserved my holding back."

Looking back at the more recent events...

The Liuxian faction master had wanted to kill Su Yu back then. Ultimately, when Su Yu went back to the Liuxian faction, he had not killed the Liuxian faction master.

Tu Long had caused him more trouble than the Liuxian faction ever had, at multiple points forcing Su Yu into life and death situations. But factoring in the things he had done for Su Yu, Su Yu did not claim his life.

"Unfortunately, I cannot see a reason to spare your life!" Su Yu coldly shook his head, "I have let a person like Tu Minghua off once before, and that has come back to bite me. I need not experience that a second time."

"So if you have to blame someone, blame yourself for picking the wrong person to rob and kill!"

If he had not forcefully intervened between Su Yu and Gao Cang, attempting to resolve the animosity between them with his words full of justice, Su Yu would not attack him, no matter how displeased he was with him. It was him who had harmed himself.

This time, Zi Yunxiang struck, piercing her sword down through his heart.

"Why do you waste your words with this kind of person?" Zi Yunxiang said in disgust, "According to the rumors, the Four Great Sons are pure and pursue self betterment, and their actions are noble and polite, deserving to be admired. Now that we saw one of them, those rumors were merely halos that outsiders gave them."

Nobody in the world is perfect.

There exists no perfect man in this world. The more perfect someone seems, the more fake his disguise.

"It is not early anymore, we should hurry and set off." Hua Zhilan grabbed the two of them, flying to leave.

Two hours later.

Deep in the Forest of Darkness.

"This is the border of the Forest of Darkness. Humans frequent this area, and thus, there rarely are any demonic beasts." Hua Zhilan led the two of them as they descended into a collapsed ruin.

The splendor of this place in the past had now been reduced to dust and debris, due to the factors of age and weathering.


Hua Zhilan took a deep breath, gathering a large bulk of her spirit energy into her palm as she split the earth beneath her legs!

Crack ——

With a dull crack, the earth split to form a slit wide enough to fit two people.

A steel gate suddenly appeared on the ground.

The steel gate was black, but seemed new, not fitting in with the surrounding old ruins.

"This is a seal Palace Master Ling set, after he discovered that there is a valuable training ground under the ruin. One can only open it with a vice palace master's seal."

Saying this, Hua Zhilan took out her own seal, as well as Su Yu's seal, placing them on the door at the same time.

When the two items came into contact, the steel door released a black glow. A formless force pulled them into the door.

Everything was a blur.

When he opened his eyes again, Su Yu realised that he was in a well-lit secret chamber.

Its radius was about a hundred meters long.

It was quite spacious, with a pond at the center of the basement room.

It could only accommodate six people. Furthermore, the water in the pond was red, releasing a fantasy-like colour.

Su Yu felt giddy just looking at the pond.

Hua Zhilan had a surprised look as she stared at the pond, unable to hide her excitement.

"This is our destination, the Fantasy Glazed Pond!" Hua Zhilan took in a breath, suppressing the excitement in her heart.

Su Yu raised his brows, "Aren't we here to train?"

His idea of training was to explore the forest and toughen himself.

How could he train by staying in the waters of a pond?

From the moment Hua Zhilan entered the basement, her gaze had never left the pond. She ran toward the pond while she explained, "The training of the body is training. The training of the mind is also training."

"The waters of the Fantasy Glazed Pond will bring people into a dream world and allow their hearts to be strengthened!"

"When one clears this trial, the distracting thoughts in one's heart will gradually disappear. Then, when barriers to the soul are dissolved, achieving a fusion between soul and body, there will no longer be any barriers to cultivation. Your cultivation speed will become a great deal faster!"

"At the same time, you can use the powers of this strengthening to increase your levels of perception, greatly benefiting the cultivation of your techniques!"

Hearing this, Su Yu was greatly surprised.

This training was for the heart?

Furthermore, it had great effects for the cultivation of techniques!

Su Yu's Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters had already reached the limits of the Beginner Class, but there was always a thin film separating him from the Lower Class that he was unable to break.

It seemed like he was lacking something.

As for the Divine Decree, he had clearly cultivated it to the Divine Grade, but its power was not as powerful as he had imagined, as if it was lacking something.

The technique and the Divine Decree had troubled Su Yu for a long time.

Could he use the Fantasy Glazed Pond to achieve a breakthrough?

With anticipation, Su Yu entered the pond.