The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1422 - 1422 Entering the School

1422 Entering the School

Dean Lisa and Vice Dean Evelyn seemed to be playing the good cop and the bad cop respectively. Evelyn seemed to be more difficult to get along with and had higher expectations of Jordan.

However, why would Jordan be afraid of the harsh requirements of the school?

On Earth, as the richest disciple, Jordan had followed the family rules since he was young and accepted all kinds of training. He had even been on the battlefield!

The harsh requirements from a school were nothing to Jordan.

Moreover, Jordan had come to the Celestial King Planet to improve himself in the shortest time possible so that he could match up to Levana. He was not afraid that the school would be strict with him. Instead, he was afraid that they would not do so.

Jordan smiled lightly and said, “Dearest Dean, please have faith in me. I’m already prepared for all kinds of demonic training. There’s no need to be polite. I can fulfill all your requests.”

Vice Dean Evelyn was slightly shocked by Jordan’s confident reply. After all, this was a female academy. Regardless of whether it was on Celestial King Planet or Earth, girls were more delicate.

The fact that there was no high-level female Immortal cultivator showed that the women on Celestial King Planet were similar to the women on Earth.

At the beginning of cultivation, there were not many people who were as determined as Jordan.

Evelyn snorted. “I hope you mean what you say.”

At this moment, Lisa said, “Alright, let’s not talk too much here. Miss Elle, bring Dawn around the school and so she will become familiar with it.”

After that, Elle brought Jordan around the Fairy Academy. The Fairy Academy was very beautiful and looked like a scene from a game. However, other than the shell that looked like a virtual game, the academy’s interior, such as daily necessities, was still mainly high-tech and modern.

Just like on Earth, rich people could go to some deep mountains or polar regions to experience a simple life, but there was not no WiFi there.

After walking around, Elle said, “Dawn, the dormitory for the new students in your apprentice group is at the foot of the mountain. There are four people in a dormitory. The higher you go, the higher your level. The dean instructed me to give you a single room at the waist of the mountain.”

Indeed, those with high talent would be treated differently.

Jordan thought about it. It was not impossible to stay in a good place. After all, the Fairy Academy was only his temporary residence. When his level reached a certain level, he would leave automatically.

In addition, he was a woman now, so it was inconvenient for him to share a room with other girls. It would be bad if others saw that he was a man.

Jordan nodded. “Alright, but I want to invite another person to stay with me.”

Elle asked in confusion, “Who?”

Jordan said, “Emily.”

Elle smiled. “Do you like Emily? Her talent is so low that she doesn’t have the right to live on the mountainside. But since you’re the one who requested it, fine. I’ll bring her to you later.”

After thanking him, Jordan went to his room on the mountainside first.

Not long after, Emily was also sent there.

Emily, who was wearing a blue rough uniform, was overjoyed when she entered. She jumped and hugged Jordan as she said happily, “Dawn! Thank you for inviting me to stay with you! I went down to report just now. The other seniors in the dormitory are envious of me. They said that this place is where the school teachers and high-level seniors live! If it weren’t for you, I definitely wouldn’t be able to live here for the rest of my life!”

Jordan was already used to the cheerful Emily. He patted her hair and said, “I’m glad you like it. I just want someone to talk to. It’s getting late. Let’s rest first. After we wake up, we’ll train hard from tomorrow onwards. We’re not inferior to anyone. We’ll definitely make a name for ourselves here. Trust me, I’ll help you.”

Emily nodded emotionally. “Yes, yes. Dawn, thank you. You’re so kind… I want to sleep with you!”

Jordan was stunned. He looked at the two beds in the room and pointed. “You can sleep over there…”

However, Emily hugged Jordan coquettishly. “No, I want to sleep with you. The seniors in my dorm just now told me to hug your thigh. They said that you’re a genius that’s hard to come by in ten thousand years and that you’ll definitely advance to the Immortal Tier in the future. They also said that your cultivation speed is much faster than ours. Although we’re all apprentices now, you’ll soon become a disciple or even a Grandmaster!

“When you become a Grandmaster, it will be very difficult for me to see you again. So, while we are roommates, I want to sleep with you, hehe!”

Jordan was speechless.

He was embarrassed. Emily was right. His cultivation speed was indeed much faster than Emily’s. However, no matter what realm Jordan advanced to, he could not ignore Emily.

Jordan was helpless too. He said, “Alright, let’s sleep together then.”

Therefore, Jordan and Emily squeezed on the same bed. The bed was big enough for Emily to hug Jordan. The lights in the room had been turned off. Jordan pretended to be asleep when Emily suddenly spoke.

“Dawn, have you ever been in a relationship?”

Jordan opened his eyes. “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

Emily said, “The senior in the dormitory said that I can’t cultivate after being in a relationship. I like the opposite sex and even… had sex with a man.”

Jordan replied, “Oh.”

Emily moved. “Aren’t you surprised?! On the Celestial King Planet, this kind of thing is very serious! It’s not allowed! Once there’s something between a man and a woman, one’s cultivation progress will be slower than others!”

Jordan asked softly, “Do you regret it? Do you regret having sex with a man?”

Emily thought of Jordan but there was a smile on her face. She shook her head. “I don’t regret it.”

Jordan reminded her, “However, because of him, you’re lagging behind others in your cultivation now. You might stay at the apprentice level forever. Don’t you regret it?”

Emily shook her head and said, “I don’t regret it. That was the happiest time for me. Isn’t raising my cultivation level also for happiness? Moreover, at that time, I didn’t know that I would come to the Celestial King Planet in the future. Furthermore, I didn’t know there was such a strange rule. Sigh, I’m not worried about myself. I don’t like cultivation anyway. I’m worried…”

Emily wanted to say something but hesitated.

Jordan could guess who Emily was worried about. He asked, “You’re worried about your sister, Victoria, right? She was also with a man…”

Jordan pretended that he did not know about Victoria’s private matters.

Emily didn’t plan to hide it. “Yes, I only had one experience, and it’s only once. But my sister… seemed to have a lot…”

Jordan suddenly felt a little numb and uncomfortable. He thought about Victoria and his uncle again.

“Let’s not talk anymore. Go to sleep.”

Victoria had slept with three men on Earth. This would definitely affect her cultivation progress on the Celestial King Planet.

Emily did not understand why Jordan suddenly did not want to talk anymore. She continued to ask, “Dawn, aren’t you curious about the relationship between a man and a woman? When the seniors in the dormitory found out about me just now, they all asked me what it felt like to do that. Don’t you want to know? I can tell you secretly.”

Jordan buried Emily’s head in his arms and said, “Go to sleep. I think I can guess what you were like back then.”