The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1421 - 1421 Fairy Academy

1421 Fairy Academy

Victoria’s appearance was definitely considered a beauty in the eyes of those on Earth. Unexpectedly, in Celestial King Planet, she was not considered a beauty and was very mediocre…

Based on her lack of response, Victoria seemed to have accepted the fact that she was not considered a beauty here. However, she was still quite happy when Hathor called her an underage teenager.

After all, on Earth, a woman over 30 like her was already considered an old woman. On another planet, they were actually considered underaged. Who didn’t want to pretend to be young?

Victoria said, “I believe all the big clans in the federation admire your reputation and character. No one would dare to criticize you.”

Seeing that Victoria and Hathor were chatting happily, Jordan was no longer worried about Victoria.

A capable woman like Victoria was very good at adapting to her environment. In the Celestial King Planet, she could also quickly climb to a very high position. After all, Victoria did not lack talent, ability, or ambition. Jordan believed that she would do well.

Similarly, compared to Victoria, Moon Maiden and Mike Baylor would only be better.

Although Jordan appeared to be more talented than them, that was the mysterious man’s talent tier. It was not Jordan’s. In the future, Jordan might not be stronger than them.

At the thought of this, Jordan felt a sense of danger. He was already behind them. He came later and cultivated later. Now, he had to speed up his cultivation!

Therefore, Jordan felt it was time to say his goodbyes. “It’s getting late, and I still have to report to the Fairy Academy with Miss Elle. I’ll take my leave first. Lord Howard, thank you for your teachings and gifts. I’ll remember them in my heart.”

Hathor also smiled and said goodbye. “You’re welcome to come to my Howard family anytime, Miss Dawn. If you have any cultivation problems, you can look for me.”

Subsequently, Jordan, Elle and Emily boarded the aircraft and headed to the Fairy Academy.

After nearly ten hours of flying, they finally arrived at the location of the Fairy Academy.

Jordan looked down from the aircraft and realized that the Fairy Academy was located on a huge island. The entire academy occupied an island. The island was lush with forests, buildings, amusement parks, and animals. There was also a very large lake beside the island.

“The Fairy Academy is so beautiful. As expected of the place where fairies stay. Hehe.”

Jordan praised it. He was quite satisfied with the environment of his cultivation academy.

Emily also praised, “Yeah, our school is so beautiful! It’s so big! Our school monopolizes an island. Are there no outsiders?”

Elle smiled and said, “Every inch of land in the Federation is worth a lot of money. It costs a lot of money to occupy an island with such a good environment. Although our Fairy Academy is not the best cultivation school in the Federation, in terms of cultivation training and living environment, we are definitely the best.”

Jordan smiled lightly. It seemed that the women in this world were the same as the women on Earth. They paid attention to their image and environment. They had to do things beautifully. It did not matter if they studied the same things.

Soon, the aircraft slowly landed on this island called Fairy Island. As soon as they got off the aircraft, Jordan realized that there were dozens of women welcoming them.

There were even people holding signs that said, “Welcome to the Fairy Academy, Dawn.”

Elle quickly pulled Jordan forward and introduced him, “Let me introduce you to everyone. This is the dean of the Fairy Academy, Lisa. This is our vice dean, Evelyn. These are all honorary alumni of our Fairy Academy. They are…”

Elle Green introduced their names to Jordan one by one. According to her, the most powerful people in the entire Fairy Academy were all here.

Elle said, “Dawn, you must remember them. They are seniors who have already cultivated successfully. They can help you in many ways.”

Jordan nodded. How could he remember all of them at once when they were all from other planets? For now, he only remembered Dean Lisa and Vice Dean Evelyn.

Dean Lisa looked benevolent and a little older, like a fifty-year-old woman on Earth, with obvious wrinkles when she smiled. She looked at Jordan as if he was her own child. Taking his hand, she said, “Poor child. The skin on your hand is so rough. You must have suffered a lot in the past. You don’t have to be afraid. Since you came to the Fairy Academy, you’ve come to your new home. We’re family. We’ll take care of you.

“Oh, my cute child, let me hug you again. Thank you for choosing the Fairy Academy. You will definitely become the glory and pride of our Fairy Academy.”

Dean Lisa hugged Jordan again and again.

However, Vice Dean Evelyn looked a little serious.

She was taller and more beautiful, but her gaze was a little scary.

Evelyn extended her hand to Jordan and said, “Dawn, you’re the first cultivator with max-level talent since the Celestial King Planet’s talent test was created. Now, the entire federation is looking at the Fairy Academy. They’re all staring at us to see if they can nurture a tier ten talent like you.

“This is an opportunity for us, but it is also a challenge. In the past few years, our Fairy Academy has never produced a cultivator at the half-immortal level. You must become a half-immortal. Otherwise, our Fairy Academy will not be able to raise our heads for the next hundred or even a thousand years. Therefore, our next requirements and training for you are also the most demanding. Are you prepared?”