Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 484 - Crisis

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Ye Mo was just about to return to City Lord Mansion when two powerful auras suddenly surged in the direction of Glory City.

Ye Mo was alarmed as he looked up into the distant sky. Far away across the horizon, two figures were flying towards Glory City like meteors.

“Lord Ye Mo…” Ye Xiu worriedly looked at Ye Mo.

“What will come will come. They are two demon beasts at the pinnacle of the Legend rank.” Ye Mo said while hiding his alarm inwardly. He looked at Ye Xiu and said, “Ye Xiu, quickly activate the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array!”

“Yes!” Ye Xiu replied as he flew away.

Ye Mo roared furiously as his body slowly produced scaled armor. His hair instantly grew very long, covering his head with silver threads that flared up into the sky.

This was the legendary Demon Spirit, Bearded White Dragon. After Nie Li and company left Tiny World, Ye Mo and company had activated Glory City’s secret realm, and he had obtained this ancient Demon Spirit.

But even with this ancient Demon Spirit augmenting him, the two auras still gave Ye Mo immense pressure.

“Punk, quickly leave. You won’t have another chance if you don’t hurry,” Founder Ye Yan inside the Soul Puppet frantically shouted. “The two of them are too powerful. There’s an even stronger aura behind them. I’m afraid that even with the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array and Bearded White Dragon, you are not their match!”

“How can I leave when Glory City is here? This is our last bastion of hope. If I were to die here, it’s my destiny!” Ye Mo growled as he belted out a dragon’s roar before transforming into a stream of light that flew towards the two figures.

“To think that there’s a human who would dare fight us to the death. Interesting!” Darkice Netherbird sneered as it swooped down at Ye Mo.


The two auras clashed, instantly producing a terrifying blast. The two hills beneath them were instantly leveled.

This was a clash between pinnacle Legend experts.

The energy in Tiny World reverberated violently.

Darkice Netherbird and Ye Mo fought without any party clinching the upper hand. Instantly, they had exchanged several hundred blows.

“I never imagined that a human can force me into such a corner!” Darkice Netherbird was instantly peeved that its aura was dissipating. It opened its mouth and spewed out a black blast of heat, instantly devouring Ye Mo.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ye Mo charged out of the blast and opened his mouth to spew out a scarlet flame that struck Darkice Netherbird.

“I’ll help you!” Blackfog Earthdragon’s massive body suddenly slammed into Ye Mo.

With a loud bang, Ye Mo was sent retreating hundreds of meters away as blood trickled out the corners of his mouth; his internal energy and blood in disarray. After all, he was fighting alone against two pinnacle Legend experts.

At this point in time, in the direction of City Lord Mansion, a barrier was slowly rising. It was none other than the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array.

Upon seeing the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array activated, Ye Mo quickly retreated, transforming into a stream of light as he flew towards the array.

“Trying to escape?” Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkice Netherbird began chasing in Ye Mo’s direction.

With a whoosh, Ye Mo escaped into the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array, leaving Darkice Netherbird and Blackfog Earthdragon slamming into the array’s seal. Instantly, more than ten thousand Black Gold Rank demon beasts soared into the sky as they stormed towards the two demons.

Wave after wave of attacks required Blackfog Earthdragon and Darkice Netherbird to constantly fend them off.

“Damn it, what kind of darn array is this!?” Although Blackfog Earthdragon was decimating one Demon Spirit after another, there was an unceasing stream of Demon Spirits behind.

“Humph, to dare use Demon Spirits to fend us off, then let us let them have a taste of the strength of the demon beast race!” Darkice Netherbird cried out to the sky, its terrifying voice filling the firmaments.

*Roar!* *Roar!* *Roar!*

Amidst the mountains ranges that undulated into the distance, wave after wave of angry roars sounded. Billions of demon beasts were being stirred.

The horde of demon beasts surged towards Glory City like a tidal wave.

The ground trembled as the movement of billions of demon beasts sounded like rumbling thunder. Glory City seemed to be a tiny boat in the midst of churning waves that could swallow it at any moment.

In the middle of the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array, the Soul Puppet landed on Ye Mo’s shoulder.

“They have mobilized the demon beasts in the mountains. Even with the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array’s protection, it probably won’t last long,” The Soul Puppet couldn’t help but sigh. “From the looks of it, Glory City will end today despite having such a long lineage.”

“The children are the most pitiful.” Ye Mo cast his gaze into the distance. Standing there were many seven- or eight-year-old children as well as teenagers. They were the future of Glory City.

“The demon beast horde is attacking. There are demon beasts everywhere outside. We probably have no way of sending them out.” Ye Yan sighed.

Ye Mo walked to a thirteen-year-old child and stroked his head. “Child, are you afraid?”

“Grandpa Ye Mo, I’m not!” The child looked at Ye Mo with his bright eyes. They were pure and kind, without any realization that danger was at hand.

“Lord Ye Mo, if there’s a chance, we will escort your departure.” Ye Xiu looked at Ye Mo as he said reverently. “You are a Legend Rank Demon Spiritualist. If you were to give your all, perhaps you can forge a path of survival.”

Ye Mo looked at Ye Xiu and the rest. “With the young dead, what use is there if I were to flee? I’ll just die of old age while alone in the mountains.”

“But…” Ye Xiu and company weren’t done with their words.

“No buts. I’d rather fight to the death for Glory City than flee myself.” Ye Mo shook his head.

“Grandpa Ye Mo, my father told me since I was little that you are the War God of Glory City. As long as you’re around, there’s nothing for us to fear!”

The children looked at Ye Mo with an intense gaze.

Ye Mo looked into the distance. He felt that his death wouldn’t be for nothing if he died for them.

Hordes after hordes of demon beasts pounced at the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array as Ye Xiu controlled the Demon Spirits within the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array, constantly sending them out at the demon beasts. It was chaos outside, and the demon beast corpses had already piled into a tiny hill.

The Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array was powerful, allowing it to kill millions of demon beasts, but with the passage of time, the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array’s seal slowly cracked.

“Haha, this ancient array of yours is about to shatter. Let’s see where you have to run when the time comes.” Darkice Netherbird guffawed loudly.

“When the time comes, I’ll eat you all. None of you will have any remains left!” Blackfog Earthdragon laughed coldly as its sharp, terrifying claws swiped down even more ferociously.

Thousands of Black Gold demon beasts lunged at the Myriad Demonic Demon Spirit Array again. Under the barrage of attacks from the terrifying demon beast horde, the array’s seal finally cracked.