Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 483 - Patriarch Scarlet Python

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Glory City had experienced months of battles, with countless demon beasts storming it. Thankfully, Ye Mo and company had successfully defended the waves of demon beast onslaught.

The city walls were mottled, some a result of the sharp claws of the demon beasts. Strewn beneath the city walls were demon beast corpses with many heroic Demon Spiritualists. Their remains were also buried under the city walls.

To protect this city, to secure the very last right to exist, countless people had stepped forward to fill the breach left by their fallen comrades.

Ye Mo stood above the towering city walls as he looked far into the distance.

Presently, Glory City only had about thirty thousand people left. There were casualties every year, and the roars of the demon beasts could be heard from the valley from time to time.

Deep sorrow was written all over Ye Mo’s aged face. It was the grief of having his only son, Ye Zong, pass away. Furthermore, his granddaughter had gone somewhere extremely distant. He had no idea when Glory City would fall, nor did he know when he would get to see his granddaughter again.

Ye Mo could only engage in constant combat for Glory City’s last sliver of hope.

In Tiny World, demon beasts were stirring everywhere. Many demon beasts had already evolved to ranks that exceeded Legend.

“Lord Ye Mo, it’s late. You should have some rest,” Ye Xiu said softly with a sigh when he saw Ye Mo’s aged back.

The reality facing them was just too cruel for the elderly man.

At that moment, a Soul Puppet bird landed on Ye Mo’s shoulder.

“Lord Founder,” Ye Mo glanced at the Soul Puppet and said with a respectful tone.

“Ye Mo, I’ve spent the time touring all of Tiny World. Many human enclaves have been destroyed. The five demon beasts that exceed the Legend rank will probably soon catch notice of Glory City. I noticed that recently, the spatial forces are constantly fluctuating violently. I’ve no idea what’s happening either,” Ye Yan said with obvious worry.

“I sensed that there’s been some abnormality among the demon beasts in the vicinity of Glory City recently. In the next wave of attacks, it will perhaps be more massive in scale than any other before.” Ye Mo’s eyes were peeled into the distance as he said, “If we were to perish, Lord Founder, please find a place to hide and await Ziyun and Nie Li’s return. Hand them over this key. Those kids are Glory City’s final hope.”

“This key is…” Ye Yan was slightly taken aback. “The key to Glory City’s Spiritual God Ancestral Grounds?”

“Yes, legend has it that our Glory City traces its lineage back to the divine soul of Snow Wind Spiritual God,” Ye Mo said with a nod.

At that moment, the sky seemed endless as the infinite space kept quaking.

A scarlet stream of light flashed across the horizon as a sound reverberated through the sky.

“Hahaha, Tiny World’s seal has finally been lifted. I’ve waited for this day for so long.” An eccentric voice filled the continent as countless demon beast hordes stirred, letting out deafening roars.

Amidst the scarlet stream of light, a gigantic red python appeared out of thin air. Its massive body was dozens of meters long, and its potent divine intent swept across Tiny World in an instant.

In the Draconic Ruins Realm, it was subordinate to the Demon God’s Sect and was responsible for watching the Tiny World’s seal. In the past, the seal had always remained closed, preventing him from entering. This only changed recently when the Tiny World’s seal suddenly cracked open.

Upon sensing this potent divine intent, the billions of demon beasts in Tiny World trembled.

The red python opened its gaping jaws as hundreds of thousands of demon beasts flew up from the land, their bodies rapidly disintegrating as their flesh and blood were sucked into its jaws.

“Hahaha, I haven’t had such a delicious meal in a while.” The python roared with laughter as it took on a humanoid form.

At that moment, five beams of light flew towards the python and stopped before it, materializing to form five giant demon beasts. They spoke in unison, “Patriarch Scarlet Python, please accept your disciples’ greetings.”

“I left all of you here in Tiny World back then, but never did I expect your cultivations to be this deplorable.” Patriarch Scarlet Python scoffed as a terrifying aura crushed down on the five demon beasts, causing their flesh to nearly crumble.

“Patriarch, please calm down,” a Darkice Netherbird said. “Years ago, Brother Blackhell Dragon broke through to the Heavenly Fate realm, and a bolt of divine lightning smote down on it, blasting it to pieces. From then on, we didn’t dare make any breakthroughs as we tried our best to suppress our cultivations.”

Upon hearing the Darkice Netherbird, Patriarch Scarlet Python nodded. “Long ago, there was a mighty expert who set a restriction in Tiny World. All experts above the level of Heavenly Fate would be blasted to smithereens. I can now enter because of the sudden lifting of the restriction. Thus, I need to leave before the restriction is enforced once again. All of you are to listen to my instructions.”

“Patriarch, we will be at your service!” the demon beasts said in unison.

“I want all of you to capture all the humans in Tiny World without sparing a single one of them! You know the consequences if you miss out even a single one!” Patriarch Scarlet Python glared at the five demon beasts.

The five demon beasts trembled in fear.

“Yes, Patriarch!” the five demon beasts hurriedly answered.

“What are you waiting for?” Patriarch Scarlet Python said with a cold grunt.

“Yes!” They transformed into streams of light and flew in various directions.

Darkice Netherbird and Blackfog Earthdragon flew in one direction as they searched for human traces.

“I never expected Tiny World’s seal to suddenly open. This will be trouble for us,” Darkice Netherbird said with a wry smile.

“Why do you say so?” Blackfog Earthdragon asked, puzzled.

“Think of it this way, in Tiny World, all experts above Heavenly Fate will be blasted to smithereens, which is why the few of us dominate Tiny World. This is only because the Demon God’s Sect wants us to pin down the humans. If the humans were dead, do you think the Demon God’s Sect would still need us?” Darkice Netherbird said with a wry smile.

“Is this the reason why you haven’t wiped out the humans all these years?” Blackfog Earthdragon thought before asking.

“That’s right. It’s only with the existence of these humans that we are of value to Patriarch. Once the humans are completely wiped out, there will be no meaning to our existence. We might even be swallowed by Patriarch whole,” Darkice Netherbird said with a wry smile.

“Then what should we do now?” Blackfog Earthdragon asked with a frown.

“Naturally, we have to abide by Patriarch’s orders. Let’s find the rest of the humans first!” Darkice Netherbird said as they phased into two beams of light and headed east.

Situated at the end of the horizon in a deep valley, a city appeared before their eyes. It was one of the final enclaves of the humans—Glory City.