Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 479 - Medicinal Liquid

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Demon Lord’s gaze landed on Nie Li as a strange glint flashed in his eyes. He took a sip of his tea, appearing completely unperturbed.

Nie Li could sense a terrifying aura from him, and he felt that if they really came to blows, he wasn’t necessarily Demon Lord’s match.

Upon seeing Demon Lord, Ye Ziyun could hardly repress the hatred in her heart. She yearned to charge forward, but was stopped by Nie Li in a timely manner.

“I never expected your cultivation to improve so significantly after this period of time,” Nie Li said coldly. The vendetta over Ye Zong’s death was absolutely irreconcilable.

“The Draconic Ruins Realm is indeed filled with experts and the various cultivation techniques here are innumerable. To cultivate to a top expert isn’t something difficult,” Demon Lord said with a faint smile. “Compared to Tiny World, they are two completely different domains.”

“You cultivate in the Soul Consumption Divine Skill,” Nie Li’s eyes narrowed into a glare at Demon Lord as he said.

“That’s right. I never expected you to notice,” Demon Lord said naturally after the teacup in his hand paused slightly.

“Although the Soul Consumption Divine Skill can raise one’s cultivation in a short period of time by consuming the souls of demon beasts, allowing it to reach an astonishing stage, it’s a treacherous skill. Any slight mistake would lead to a backlash, causing you to explode to your death,” Nie Li said with a sneer. “The higher you raise your cultivation level, the more dangerous it becomes. I do wish to see how far you can cultivate this Soul Consumption Divine Skill of yours.”

“I never expected you to know that much. What a pity,” Demon Lord said with a sigh.

“Why so?” A cold glint flashed in Nie Li’s eyes.

“It’s a pity that you are a foe and not an ally. If you help me, with the two of us, how difficult would it be for us to control the Draconic Ruins Realm?” Demon Lord said with a laugh.

Upon hearing Demon Lord’s words, many people in the hall revealed looks of displeasure.

“Who is he?”

“To think he said something like that. How arrogant.”

Everyone clearly appeared irritated.

Nie Li smiled faintly and said, “There is little common ground between two people when they share different principles. Besides, there’s an irreconcilable grudge between you and me.”

“Are you talking about Ye Zong?” Demon Lord laughed. “Does a person from Tiny World deserve such attention from you?”

“He is my greatest kin,” Nie Li said coldly.

“Then it’s truly a pity. I do not wish to be your foe; at least, not now. In fact, we have a common enemy. Perhaps we can work together.” Demon Lord’s eyes flashed a mysterious glimmer.

“Common enemy? I would like to know who.” Nie Li scoffed.

Demon Lord stared at Nie Li and after a long period of time, he said slowly, “Sage Emperor.”

Upon hearing Demon Lord, Nie Li’s body stiffened up slightly. He, too, stared at Demon Lord for an extended period of time. Nie Li was puzzled inwardly. How did Demon Lord know of Sage Emperor? Although Sage Emperor was attempting to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm, no one inside knew of it.

It was because people at their level had no means of knowing that.

For millions of years, anyone whose cultivation level exceeded that of the Martial Ancestor Realm would die for some baffling reason. No one knew how these experts die, but Nie Li knew that they were killed by the Deity-servants under Sage Emperor.

Back then, after Nie Li broke through the Martial Ancestor Realm, he had hidden in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book for centuries, allowing him to escape unscathed.

But later, he still had to face Sage Emperor in a battle to the death.

Seemingly very pleased with Nie Li’s reaction, Demon Lord smiled faintly as he leisurely took another sip of his tea.

When the surrounding crowd heard their conversation, they could not help but feel puzzled as they broke into a discussion.

“Who’s Sage Emperor?”

“I’ve never heard of him.”

“Neither have I.” They were all trying to guess who it was that could make two super geniuses of a generation—Nie Li and Demon Lord—take to heart.

“How would I know that you aren’t one of his underlings?” Nie Li tightly clenched a teacup beside him.

“If I were his underling, you would already be dead,” Demon Lord said with a smile.

Nie Li held the teacup, but slowly lowered it after a long while.

“I can choose not to make things difficult for you, but you killed my father-in-law, so it’s impossible for us to cooperate.” Nie Li looked up and shot a glance at Demon Lord. “I was still wondering how your cultivation level rose so quickly moments ago. Only now do I realize that you must be the reincarnated Spiritual God from ancient times.”

“It’s not difficult to guess that. I’ve just awoken in the past month or so,” Demon Lord looked up at Nie Li and said. “I believe you know how powerful Sage Emperor is as well. By joining forces with me, we might not even have a 1% chance of victory. Fighting alone will only lead to a quicker death.”

“Not necessary. I don’t think you can provide me with any help,” Nie Li said in a very cold manner.

“From the looks of it, you still hold a grudge over Ye Zong’s death.” Demon Lord laughed as he moved his right hand, producing a porcelain bottle. He placed it on the table and said, “This is for you. Although we might not be able to cooperate, at the very least, we can forgive and forget.”

Nie Li glanced at Demon Lord, unconvinced. He picked up the bottle and took a slight sniff. A gladdening fragrance emitted from it.

“Spring of Life!” Nie Li’s eyes widened as he wore a look of disbelief.

“That’s right. The Spring of Life at the ends of the universe. I believe you know how it can be used.” Demon Lord looked at Nie Li. “At the very least, this thing should be able to prove my sincerity.”

Without waiting for Demon Lord to say another word, Nie Li put away the Spring of Life.

“Thank you. Although it’s not obvious that we can cooperate, our grudge is wiped clean by you giving me this,” Nie Li said with a nod. With the Spring of Life, together with Nie Li’s storage of Ye Zong’s soul, he could use a secret art to revive Ye Zong!

If Ye Zong could be revived, then his grudge with Demon Lord naturally didn’t exist.

“By giving me the Spring of Life, I doubt it’s as simple as you trying to bury the hatchet, right?” Nie Li looked at Demon Lord, his sharp gaze seemingly penetrating Demon Lord.

“That’s right. Apart from burying the hatchet, I would like some things from you,” Demon Lord said with a nod.

“What things?” Nie Li asked.

“The Divine Phaseless Fruit’s medicinal liquid, regardless of the amount,” Demon Lord looked at Nie Li intently as he said.

“How do you know that I have it?” Nie Li asked.

“The Sacred Elixirs you handed out are likely concocted from the medicinal liquid of the Divine Phaseless Fruit. However, those so-called Sacred Elixirs are too low in concentration and are useless to me. I want the purest medicinal liquid,” Demon Lord said.

“And how do you know I’ll give it to you?” Nie Li said as he glared at Demon Lord.

“Since you can produce so many Sacred Elixirs, you definitely have one Divine Phaseless Fruit in hand. Giving me some of the medicinal liquid would not result in any losses on your part.” Demon Lord looked at Nie Li as he slightly squinted his eyes and said, “Of course, you can choose not to give me. However, you wouldn’t wish to have an additional enemy, right?”