Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 474 - Living Together

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By the time Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er came out, Ye Ziyun was already waiting inside the grand hall.

“Ziyun, all I did just now was…” Nie Li tried explaining.

Ye Ziyun glared at Nie Li in embarrassment and said, “I came here not to talk to you about these matters.”

“Ziyun, we really did not do a thing. He only wanted to confirm the birthmark I have…” Xiao Ning’er’s face burned as she did not dare look Ye Ziyun in the eye. After all, the scene from before was too embarrassing.

“Nie Li, did you trick Ning’er with some random reason of yours!?” Ye Ziyun pouted as she looked at Nie Li.

“I was really just confirming the birthmark.” Nie Li wore a bitter expression.

“Hmph, I doubt you have the guts anyway.” Ye Ziyun grunted. “Alright, let’s talk about the important matters.”

With that, Nie Li knew that Ye Ziyun was no longer angry. The bunch of them had forged their way to the Draconic Ruins Realm with their lives on the line. They were burdened by the fate of Glory City and even the survival of the entire Tiny World. Hence, she was someone who could see the big picture, so she naturally did not have scruples over such trivial matters. Besides, she was long cognizant of something. Her fate and Ning’er’s fate had long been intertwined with Nie Li’s. It was unseverable or escapable.

Now, what else could be done? How things would develop was to be left to nature.

With this in mind, Ye Ziyun naturally felt a lot calmer.

“Sect Master Nangong came to me and said that she wishes to discuss a matter with you, but it’s not convenient for her to come here. Therefore, she made me the messenger,” Ye Ziyun said.

“Oh? What did she say?” Nie Li pricked up his brows as his eyes narrowed. He had a guess what it was about.

“Sect Master Nangong said that it seems a little inappropriate for so many people from our Divine Feathers Sect to come to the Heavenly Note Sect,” Ye Ziyun said. She had already treated herself as someone from the Divine Feathers Sect.

After all, the Divine Feathers Sect was already helmed by Nie Li. As for the Heavenly Note Sect, it was only a temporary residence for her.

“Oh? Why isn’t it appropriate?” Nie Li blinked and asked.

“She said that the present-day Heavenly Note Sect has become… has become…” Ye Ziyun’s face blushed slightly.

“Become what?” Nie Li asked with a grin.

“Become a blind-date meet… Ever since our Divine Feathers Sect members came, there’s utter chaos behind the scenes despite our protection of the Heavenly Note Sect…” Ye Ziyun could hardly finish her sentence due to her embarrassment. “She asked if it’s possible to restrain our disciples.”

“Utter chaos? What did they do?” Nie Li was taken aback.

“Due to your command that disciples would be expelled from the Divine Feathers Sect if they fail to find a… partner, all the Divine Feathers Sect disciples have resorted to every mean conceivable. Late last night, more than ten were captured scaling the walls. There was about thirty plus who were caught hiding in the female disciple rooms. This morning, an investigation indicated that more than sixty Heavenly Note Sect disciples are pregnant. They refuse to say who the father is despite intense interrogation.” Ye Ziyun was so embarrassed towards the end that she could not even bring herself to continue.

“Ahem. Ziyun, return to Sect Master Nangong and say this: She was the one to agree to the stationing of our Divine Feathers Sect to protect the Heavenly Note Sect back then. Our Divine Feathers Sect will uphold whatever was agreed upon. She is not to burn bridges after she benefits from it. Our Divine Feathers Sect will not be agreeable to it!” Nie Li said very seriously.

By the side, Xiao Ning’er could not help but burst out into laughter. Sect Master Nangong had truly fallen into a trap, and it was definitely not easy to escape it. Nie Li was really a rotten fellow! With this in mind, Xiao Ning’er’s cheeks could not help but blush.

Ye Ziyun rolled her eyes at Nie Li and said, “Just tell me whatever you wish to say. I’ll just pass the message to Sect Master Nangong.”

“Ahem.” Nie Li appeared somewhat embarrassed. Sect Master Nangong had not come personally and instead sent Ziyun because she knew that it wasn’t right for Nie Li to say certain words in front of Ziyun.

However, Nangong Xianyin had underestimated Nie Li’s shamelessness.

Nie Li paced around and, after some thought, said, “Tell Sect Master Nangong that since it’s impossible to pull out our troops, the Divine Feathers Sect will do its best to protect the Heavenly Note Sect. As for the ones that were caught scaling walls at night, they are nothing but trash. Couldn’t they just take the main entrance? To think they tried scaling walls, and even if I turned a blind eye to that, why did they get caught? Our Divine Feathers Sect has really been lacking in our discipline, so I sincerely wish for Sect Master Nangong’s forgiveness. However, scaling walls isn’t a serious crime. Just give them a few lashings to teach them a lesson. As for the ones hiding in the female disciples’ rooms, there might be a story behind that. Perhaps they were previously invited to discuss cultivation in a casual setting with the Heavenly Note Sect female disciples. As for why they were caught, we need to question them properly. Our Divine Feathers Sect will absolutely not let off any disciple with nefarious thoughts, but we will also not malign the innocent.”

Upon hearing Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er could not help but stifle their laughter. Nie Li and his bag of tricks would probably make Sect Master Nangong blow her top if she were to hear of it. Nie Li was clearly biased towards the Divine Feathers Sect disciples and Sect Master Nangong naturally had no way to lose decorum over such trivial matters. Furthermore, the Heavenly Note Sect’s strength was incomparable to the Divine Feathers Sect. If decorum was lost, Nangong Xianyin was very aware of the subsequent situation the Heavenly Note Sect had to face.

“As for the pregnant disciples, may the heavens have pity on them. To think that they aren’t even aware who the father of their child is. If the Heavenly Note Sect wishes to abide by the strict rules and expel them from the sect, our Divine Feathers Sect will show mercy on them and be willing to accept them. I hope Sect Master Nangong would not push them down a road of no return,” continued Nie Li after some thought.

“This matter has exposed a significant problem. If so many people can enter the sect without obstruction and cause these poor female disciples to suffer such humiliation, it implies that the Heavenly Note Sect guards are doing a terrible job. As Divine Feathers Sect’s sect master, I’m appalled and infuriated at learning this news. I plan on sending my Divine Feathers Sect disciples to help the Heavenly Note Sect protect the sect. I’ll make the Divine Feathers Sect disciples live together with the Heavenly Note Sect guards and go through thick and thin together. If another person were to enter the inner yard of the Heavenly Note Sect again, I’ll have my disciples responsible,” said Nie Li with a few grunts.

The Heavenly Note Sect’s guards were all female disciples. If Nie Li’s male disciples were to live with them, it would be strange if they sparks didn’t fly…

Furthermore, the guards were members of the Divine Feathers Sect, so wouldn’t it make it more convenient for these men to enter the Heavenly Note Sect?

But did Nangong Xianyin have the power to object?

Either she turned a blind eye to the matter or she lost decorum with the Divine Feathers Sect. How would Nangong Xianyin choose?