Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 463 – Yao Lie

Chapter 463: Yao Lie

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"It's Shi Mei from the Demon God's Sect!" The knowledgeable female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect could not help but draw a gasp when they saw the intruder's appearance.

Demon God's Sect's Shi Mei was an expert at the pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm. He was just short of reaching the Martial Ancestor Realm.

He was cloaked in black and the only thing he exposed was his hands. His skin was wizened like tree bark and his body effused a black air that was filled with a chilly strength.

A pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm expert had actually dared to storm the Heavenly Note Sect. It incurred the suspicion of others. After all, there were several Martial Ancestor Realm experts presiding over the Heavenly Note Sect.

Could it be that reinforcements would come later?

"Shi Mei, how dare you storm the forbidden grounds of my Heavenly Note Sect! Take him down!" A deacon bellowed coldly.

With whooshing sounds, seven beams of light headed for Shi Mei.

The seven were female disciples of the Heavenly Note Sect. They were at the Heavenly Axis Realm at the very least. Instantly, they stood in formation, sending a barrage of sword beams out which cascaded down at Shi Mei.

*Pa!* *Pa!* *Pa!*

Blood splattered all over the place.

In just an instant, Shi Mei had already counterattacked. Streams of black light manifested as invisible sword shadows. Instantly, they bore through the bodies of the seven female disciples.

"Hahaha, the minor Seven Stellar Array of the Heavenly Note Sect is nothing much after all!" Shi Mei laughed out maniacally. His figure suddenly phased away and when he appeared again, he was already beside the female deacon. He grabbed her by the collar and lifted her up.

The female deacon struggled with all her might but she could feel her vitality rapidly draining away. She would be obliterated in moments.

"How dare you commit such treacherous acts in my Heavenly Note Sect!? You are not to be forgiven!" A deep voice sounded from the sky.

A woman was hovering in midair. She was dressed in clean, white silk clothes that fluttered in the wind. Her body emitted a blinding halo like she was a goddess that had descended from heaven. She commanded reverence.

"Fairy Ling Xu, long time no see!" Shi Mei cackled maniacally. "We are old friends after all. How have you been!?"

"Hmph, cut the crap!" Fairy Ling's fair hands rapidly produced hand seals as sword auras took form out of thin air around her.

"Fairy Ling Xu, your talent has always been inferior to mine. Back when I was at the 7-stage Dao of Dragon Realm, you were only at the 1-stage Dao of Dragon Realm. Now that I'm already at the pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm, are you hoping to fight me alone?" Shi Mei roared with laughter. "If you come over here and obediently call me hubby, I might show some tender love for you and spare your life."

"Hmph, let's see how much longer you can act so insolently." Fairy Ling Xu sneered as she waved her right hand. With a whooshing sound, sword flashes shot at Shi Mei.

Upon sensing the terrifying pressure inundate him, Shi Mei instantly turned alarmed. He revealed an expression of disbelief.

"You have cultivated to the Martial Ancestor Realm!" exclaimed Shi Mei in extreme shock.

He never expected for Fairy Ling Xu to have cultivated to the Martial Ancestor Realm!

Recollecting their past, they were once fellow disciples of a tiny unknown sect in the Draconic Ruins Realm. The both of them parted ways later. He joined the Demon God's Sect while Fairy Ling Xu joined the Heavenly Note Sect. Her cultivation level had always been inferior to his.

He had been stuck at the pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm for nearly half a year. It was not that simple to break through to the Martial Ancestor Realm. It ranged from three years to more than a decade.

Shi Mei's cultivation speed was already considered very fast. He was considered a stunning genius in the Demon God's Sect.

However, Fairy Ling Xu was faster than him. She had already broken through to the Martial Ancestor Realm!

Little did Shi Mei know that the reason for Fairy Ling Xu's fast cultivation growth was all because of Nie Li's Sacred Elixirs. If not for them, Fairy Ling Xu would be stuck at the Dao of Dragon Realm for more than ten years. After consuming the Sacred Elixirs, Fairy Ling Xu's cultivation had improved tremendously as she rapidly overcame her bottleneck. Even she found it inconceivable.

"Shi Mei, die!" Fairy Ling Xu snorted coldly. "Although we were once fellow disciples, anyone who offends my Heavenly Note Sect will be killed!"

Sword auras penetrated Shi Mei's body as black blood splattered.

With a whoosh, Shi Mei transformed into a wisp of black gas as he hurriedly fled.

"It's not that easy to leave!" Fairy Ling Xu transformed into a beam of light as she engaged in pursuit.

Light beams streaked across the sky above Heavenly Note Sect. The streams of light constantly produced bombardment sounds.

Thousands of black points of light flew towards the Heavenly Note Sect from every direction.

A ghastly and deep voice resounded over the Heavenly Note Sect.

"Today, my Demon God's Sect will wipe out the Heavenly Note Sect. No one will be spared!" The voice sounded like tumultuous thunder that hurt the eardrums of people.

Countless white points of light rose up from the Heavenly Note Sect as they formed a massive array.

Nangong Xianyin stood in the middle of the massive array as she constantly formed hex arts.

"Palace Lord, the Demon God's Sect have sent all their experts and have arrived with a formidable presence. If we were to battle them, we might suffer terrible casualties!" said a female Protector politely.

"What about the Heavenly Flow Orioles?" asked Nangong Xianyin.

"We have sent sixteen Heavenly Flow Orioles, hoping to send messages to the other sects but they have all been intercepted," answered the female Protector. She continued, "The Demon God's Sect was prepared for this. They have activated hundreds of Heaven Devouring Draconic Beasts."

Nangong Xianyin knitted her brows. She clearly never anticipated that the Demon God's Sect would first attack the Heavenly Note Sect. After all, it had been running for thousands of years and had many means to preserve itself. However, she had a nagging sense of unease. Since the Demon God's Sect had chosen to attack the Heavenly Note Sect, they must have come prepared.

"Activate the Heavenly Note Massive Array!" ordered Nangong Xianyin with a frown.


The ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Heavenly Note Sect took their places and began activating the array.

As though it came from a distant bottomless void, a mysterious musical note could faintly be heard. It was not loud but it contained immense penetrative power.

The surrounding tens of thousands of Demon God's Sect experts began spewing out fresh blood as they rained down from the sky.

"Heavenly Note Massive Array? They actually managed to gather ten Martial Ancestor Realm experts. I have surely underestimated the Heavenly Note Sect!" A cold, sinister voice was heard from the sky.

"Yao Lie, the Demon God's Sect dares attack my Heavenly Note Sect. I, Nangong Xianyin, will teach you what it means to not have any chance of returning!" Nangong Xianyin's voice manifested as a ripple and with a whoosh, was shot into the endless sky.

"Don't embarrass yourself with these trivial tricks!" The sinister voice sneered. With a bang, the ripple dissipated.

Upon seeing this scene, Nangong Xianyin felt her heart palpitate. A sense of foreboding spread from the depths of her heart. She never expected that even the Boundless Heavenly Note of the Heavenly Note Massive Array was so easily blocked by Yao Lie.