Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 458 – Purchasing Elixirs

Chapter 458 - Purchasing Elixirs

All along, Xuan Yue assumed that she was ranked third amongst the talents in the Heavenly Note Sect.

Aside from Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun, she never placed anyone else in her eyes.


she never expected that aside from her, there were so many other Dao of

Dragon Realm geniuses in the Heavenly Note Sect.

In just that instant, her dreams on becoming the Sect Master were scattered.


that’s impossible. Sect Master, they must have done some demonic

sorcery and intend on duping you!” Xuan Yue insanely yelled. At this

very instant, the aloof bearing that she had pretended to have was all

torn apart.

Her unsounded actions caused Nangong Xianyin to frown her brows.

“Sect Master, you must not be bewitched by those nasty people!” Xuan Yue hysterically yelled.


Xianyin could naturally tell that it was unnatural for so many geniuses

to appear. However, when everything was linked together with Nie Li, it

all became natural.

Based on the powerful medicinal effects of

those Sacred Elixirs that were given by Nie Li itself, it wasn’t

something difficult to create several Dao of Dragon Realm geniuses.

“Xuan Yue, don’t make a racket in the main hall. Someone, take her away!” Nangong Xianyin solemnly barked.

Very quickly, a few guards came and took Xuan Yue away.


Yue lowered her head as she deeply glared at Nie Li’s trio and hung her

dispiritedly head, she was unresigned. However, she knew that she no

longer had any chance in changing anything.

Looking at Xuan Yue

being removed, Nangong Xianyin fell into deep thoughts. She clearly

never imagined that Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun actually nurtured so many

geniuses. As these geniuses were all nurtured by the two of them, the

two of them naturally left a deep brand on them.

Was it Nie Li’s motive to control the Heavenly Note Sect?


that was the case, could she still use these people? If she didn’t, was

there anyone else in the Heavenly Note Sect that she could use?

Nangong Xianyin could not help rubbing her brows.

Looking at her distressed manner, Nie Li couldn’t help showing a smile, “Sect Master Nangong seems to be in distress!”

Nangong Xianyin glanced at Nie Li, depressedly sighed as she bitterly smiled, “Sect Master Nie, you did this on purpose, right?”


words are too serious, Sect Master Nangong.” Nie Li faintly smiled as

he continued, “I’ve recently received news that the Demon God’s Sect has

received the inheritance of the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land and was

raising a large army without restraints. With the Pentastrike Demon Sect

and the Scarlet Moon Sect blindly following the Demon God’s Sect’s

lead, the Demon God’s Sect might not be able to hold themselves back any


“I’m well aware of that. The motive for Sect Master Nie speaking of this issue is…” Nangong Xianyin frowned her brows.

Nie Li faintly smiled, “If the Demon God’s Sect were to take action against the Righteous Sects, who would they target first?”

“That would naturally be the weakest Sect.” Nangong Xianyin answered after falling into a brief moment of ponder.

“Then the weakest Sect is…” Nie Li’s mouth rose into a smile.


Feathers…” Just when Nangong Xianyin were about to speak, she could not

help feeling a little embarrassed. After all, the Sect Master of the

Divine Feathers Sect was still present.

“In the past, the Divine

Feathers Sect was undoubtedly the weakest amongst them all. However, the

Divine Feathers Sect right now was no long comparable to it's past. As

for the reason why, I’m sure that Sect Master Nangong is well-aware of

that.” Nie Li looked at Nangong Xianyin with a smile and at the same

time, not a smile.

Nangong Xianyin fell into her thoughts for a

brief moment. She naturally understood Nie Li’s meaning behind his

words. In the past, the Divine Feathers Sect was undoubtedly the weakest

Sect. However, it was hard to say now. Without considering any other

factors, just those Sacred Elixirs that were given by Nie Li, which

possessed powerful medicinal effects that even she was well-aware. Just

based on those elixirs that were gifted by Nie Li alone, it could allow

the few Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Divine Feathers Sect to

increase in power by several folds. At the same time, it could also

nurture many outstanding geniuses, since the Divine Feathers Sect must

definitely be in possession of even more elixirs.

The current strength of the Divine Feathers Sect was deep and unmeasurable.


the six Righteous Sects, the Divine Feathers Sect was removed from the

list. The Skyblaze Sect was the most powerful, while the Sky Origin and

Phaseless Sects being on the same level. Thereafter, it would be the

Heavenly Note Sect and the Thousand Flowers Sect. Therefore, the

possibility of the Heavenly Note Sect being their first target was

extremely high.

“Let’s not mention who will be the first to suffer

their attacks. The Ancestral Demonic Saint Land still holds a huge

conspiracy, which is to refine the entire Draconic Ruins Realm. If the

Ancestral Demonic Saint Land succeeds in doing that, I’m afraid that it

will be difficult for the Heavenly Note Sect to be exempted from the

shock wave.” Nie Li calmly said.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nangong Xianyin and Xiu Ming trembled in fear.


are those words based on?” Xiu Ming looked at Nie Li. If that was the

case, then the Sky Origin Sect should also make their preparations.

Although Nie Li wasn’t quite pleasing to his eyes, it concerned the life

and death of the every Righteous Sect. Thus, he had no choice but to

lay down his prejudice.

“It’s up to you to believe my words.

Anyhow, the Divine Feathers Sect has already made our preparations to

battle. As for the other Righteous Sects, it’s not our business!” Nie Li


“In recent times, it was indeed true that there were

movements from the Demon God’s Sect.” Nangong Xianyin said after

pondering for a brief moment. She had to admit that the words from Nie

Li truly did contain a powerful impact.

Refining the entire

Draconic Ruins Realm. If the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land was to succeed

in it, none of the Righteous Sects would be able to escape alive.


Master Nie Li, I disagree with you. There are eggs under the nest.” Xiu

Ming immediately continued, “I wonder if the Sect Master Nie has any

good ideas?”

“We can only increase our own strength.” Nie Li did

not bother with Xiu Ming as he stared at Nangong Xianyin. “Facing the

Ancestral Demonic Saint Land, no one has any odds of success. If the

Heavenly Note Sect is still having their guards against the Divine

Feathers Sect, then there’s nothing I can do to help!”


Xianyin naturally understood Nie Li’s meaning. The Heavenly Note Sect

was currently lacking in strength. If they continued to have their

guards up and obstruct them at this moment and not start using those

capable young disciples, the future of the Heavenly Note Sect would be

in even more danger.

“I will definitely consider Sect Master Nie’s words carefully.” Nangong Xianyin nodded her head.


this moment, Xiu Ming recalled another matter. If the Divine Feathers

Sect and the Heavenly Note Sect formed an alliance, then they would be

safe. But what about the Sky Origin Sect? The Heavenly Note Sect

obtained Sacred Elixirs from the Divine Feathers Sect, but what were

they? Why did Nangong Xianyin care about those elixirs so much to the

point that she would use a Fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword to make

the exchange?

“Sect Master Nie, I’m wondering, just what are those Sacred Elixirs from the Divine Feathers Sect?” Xiu Ming tried to probe.


Elixirs? They are merely ordinary elixirs that could be used to

increase one’s cultivation.” Nie Li appeared very relaxed.

If they

were indeed ordinary elixirs, then Nangong Xianyin would naturally not

pay so much attention to them. The more casual Nie Li was, the more Xiu

Ming felt an itch in his heart. He was the Young Sect Master of the Sky

Origin Sect. Although he was furious that Nie Li had stolen his

sweetheart, he was even more concerned with the prosperity and decline

of his Sect.

As long as he protected his position as the Young Sect Master, what kind of woman couldn’t he have?

Xiu Ming took a glance at Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun before retracting his gaze.


the conversation between Nangong Xianyin and Nie Li, he could judge

that the times have changed for the Divine Feathers Sect due to those

Sacred Elixirs. At the same time, the Heavenly Note Sect also received

benefits due to those Sacred Elixirs.

If the Heavenly Note Sect and the Divine Feathers Sect were gotten stronger, then how could the Sky Origin Sect fall behind?!

“I wonder if I can have an elixir from Sect Master Nie? I can purchase it from you!” Xiu Ming said after brief consideration.