Tales of Demons and Gods

Chapter 274 – Reasonable

Chapter 274 - Reasonable

“Have you guys heard

of an herb called the Scarlet Apex Herb? When that herb is mixed with

Serpent Fruit, it produces a colorless and tasteless poison. After

consuming it, the veins will gradually clog up, halting the progress of

cultivation. However, the poison itself is undetectable.” Said Nie Li.


Nie Li’s words, Gu Lan’s heart trembled and she exchanged glances with

Gu Bei. The symptoms that Nie Li had just described were exactly as

she’d felt them.

Gu Bei instantly grabbed Nie Li’s shoulders and asked, “then is this kind of poison curable?”


don’t have to be so anxious. Your sister has been poisoned for much

longer than just one or two days. You don’t have to be so anxious right

this moment. Before I came here, I thought she suffered from an ordinary

illness that I could easily handle. But now that I’ve seen her

situation, I’m certain that she’s been badly poisoned,” Nie Li muttered.


Li,” Gu Bei’s heart was ignited with hope as he looked at Nie Li and

said, “As long as you can heal my sister, no matter what you ask of me,

I’ll agree to it all!”

Gu Lan and Gu Bei’s parents had died early.

Although the children themselves were direct descendents with

extraordinary talent, Gu Lan had lost the qualifications to become the

Patriarch’s successor because of her paralysis. Unless Gu Bei’s

cultivation suddenly soared, he also won’t qualify as the successor. But

in the eyes of others, Gu Bei had always been a good for nothing

loafer. However, in reality, Gu Bei had always worked very hard towards

his cultivation and his talent wasn’t inferior to his sister’s.


only here because of the mission and the reward should still be a

thousand spiritual stones.” Nie Li lightly smiled as he glanced at Gu

Bei and continued, “What I’m trying to say is that, is this place safe?

If someone is aware of the fact that I can heal your sister, wouldn’t

they find another method to plot against her?”

“Sir, you don’t

have to be worried.” Gu Lan naturally understood Nie Li as she

continued, “After this experience, I’m already well aware that even

within our family, there are people who are after our lives. If sir can

cure me of my poison, we will conceal everything concerning the matter.

As far as the outside world is concerned, I’ll still be a handicapped


Although Nie Li was just a young man, even younger than

Gu Bei, as a physician, it wasn’t inappropriate for her to address him

as ‘sir’.

Upon hearing Gu Lan’s words, Nie Li nodded his head. Gu Lan really was a naturally smart person.


poison within your body has been there for at least three years. If I

were to give you heavy medications, I’m afraid your veins won’t be able

to handle them. I’ll write another prescription first. Once the poison

inside your body has been lessened, then we’ll conduct the thorough

treatment,” said Nie Li. He retrieved a piece of paper and a pen from

his interspatial ring, wrote down a prescription, and handed it to Gu


Gu Bei took one look at the prescription and instantly held it as if it was a priceless treasure. “I’ll go get these herbs!”


Gu Lan had been ill for so long, of course there would be a pharmacy in

their homes having all kinds of herbs. Gu Bei immediately fetched them.

Lu Piao asked Nie Li in a soft voice, “Nie Li, how confident are you about this?”


I already know the cause of her illness, of course I am one hundred

percent confident,” said Nie Li as he raised his head and smiled at Gu

Lan. Gu Lan looked roughly eighteen or nineteen years old. If she hadn’t

been sick for so many years and her face wasn’t ashen white, she

would’ve definitely been a beauty. However, Nie Li only saw her with

eyes of admiration, devoid of any other intentions.

“Thank you,

sir, for saving me.” When Gu Lan spoke, her speech was neither fast or

slow, making listeners feel as though a cool breeze had blown by. She

was a quiet girl.

“You’re being too polite, miss Gu. It’s only

natural for one to be honest when entrusted by someone,” Nie Li said as

he lightly smiled.

Gu Lan nodded as she sat in a quiet mood.

Gu Lan pondered for a brief moment before she found a topic to talk about. “I wonder where sir came from?”

“The Tiny World,” said Nie Li.


So you’re from the Tiny World.” Gu Lan’s voice paused as she continued

on, “When I was young, I had a teacher who was also from the Tiny


Nie Li’s heart slightly trembled as he asked, “I wonder, what’s the name of that teacher of yours?”


teacher never revealed his real name and appeared and disappeared as he

wished. I also have no idea where he is now. He could reappear

anytime.” Gu Lan bitterly smiled as she shook her head, “That teacher of

mine hasn’t shown himself for five years now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t

have landed myself in this situation. I only know that my teacher had a

very high cultivation, such that even a 5-stage Martial Ancestor Realm

expert couldn’t match him as an opponent.”

Nie Li wondered who Gu

Lan’s teacher could’ve been. He was someone who’d originated from the

Tiny World and possessed astonishing strength; thus Nie Li was filled

with curiosity towards him. However, since even Gu Lan didn’t know his

name, then there was nothing Nie Li could do about it.

As Nie Li and Gu Lan were chatting, Gu Bei quickly ran over with a bowl of brewed herbs.

“This is the medicine that I boiled. Sister, give it a try.” Gu Bei passed the bowl of brew to Gu Lan.


Lan nodded as she received the bowl from Gu Bei, lowered her head, and

started drinking. She had such a calm countenance that her expression

remained as placid as ever, even as she drank the medicine.


consuming the medicine, Gu Lan slightly frowned her brows for a brief

moment and shut her eyes as she searched for changes in her soul realm.

Gu Bei looked at Gu Lan anxiously. Even Lu Piao had his eyes fixed on her. Only Nie Li appeared to be extremely confident.


a brief moment, Gu Lan opened her eyes, looked at Nie Li and said,

“This medicine can indeed relieve the poison in my body. I can already

sense traces of changes in my veins! Thank you so much for helping!”


couldn’t help the emotionally moved expression on her face. She never

imagined that this medicine would take effect so quickly.


good that it can help miss Gu Lan with your illness.” Nie Li lightly

smiled as he nodded, “miss Gu Lan should follow this prescription for a

month. After that, I’ll change it to another prescription. I can

guarantee that miss Gu Lan will be rid of her illness!”

Gu Bei was

extremely excited. He never imagined that Nie Li’s medicine would

actually work. But as long as it could cure his sister’s illness, he’d

be willing to sacrifice anything.

“Nie Li, this is the reward for

curing my sister. If you need any help in the future, don’t hesitate to

say the word. As long as I’m capable of accomplishing it, I will!” Gu

Bei patted himself on the chest as he spoke and passed an interspatial

ring filled with spiritual stones over to Nie Li.

Nie Li gave the

ring’s contents a quick check. There were roughly one thousand five

hundred spiritual stones inside. Gu Bei was indeed rich.

Gu Bei

and his sister were direct descendents of the Gu Clan. Even if they’re

weren’t in the line of succession, the number of spiritual stones that

they obtained from the family was also unimaginable for ordinary people.


this thousand and five hundred spiritual stones should’ve been

everything Gu Bei had. After all, spiritual stones were still extremely

rare, not to mention the fact that Gu Bei also required a large amount

for his own cultivation.

Nie Li took out five hundred spiritual

stones from the interspatial ring and returned the ring and its

remaining contents to Gu Bei. “On your job posting, you said that the

reward was only one thousand spiritual stones. I still haven’t

completely cured your sister’s illness either, so I’ll just start by

taking five hundred. Let’s wait until I’ve cured your sister’s illness,

then you guys can give me the rest!”

Gu Bei received the

interspatial ring and looked at Nie Li with grateful eyes. There was no

way he could ever repay Nie Li’s favor!

“Nie Li, Lu Piao, from now on, you’re my brothers!” Gu Bei looked at Nie Li and Lu Piao as he said in a serious tone.


so that means that up until now, you never saw us as brothers!” Lu Piao

couldn’t help sounding out in indignation as he stood to the side.

“I didn’t mean it that way!” Gu Bei immediately waved his hand as he explained.


she watched the three straightforward youths, Gu Lan couldn’t help

showing a trace of a smile on her face. It’d been a long time since

she’d been this happy. She’d always thought that her illness was

incurable, so she’d gradually sealed away her heart. That is, until

today. At last, she could see a trace of light in her life.


Bei, take care of your sister. We’ll go ahead and take our leave. In the

future, be aware of your meals.” Nie Li said with an undertone to his


A chill suddenly ran through Gu Bei’s heart as he nodded, “I understand!”


had been able to poison Gu Lan’s food without being caught; there was a

high chance that the culprit was someone close to them.

Nie Li and Lu Piao bid their farewells to Gu Bei and Gu Lan before walking out.

Gu Lan watched Nie Li and Lu Piao leave, then looked at Gu Bei and asked, “Little brother, how did you meet the two of them?”


my classmates, both geniuses with Heaven Spiritual Roots. Especially

that Nie Li, he has an 8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root.” Gu Bei continued,

“We’ve also just recently gotten to know each other, but I never

imagined that Nie Li would be so capable and accomplished in medicine.

Those physicians before couldn’t even diagnose Sister’s illness, but he

only took a look and knew the cause. He’s indeed formidable.”


8-grade Heaven Spiritual Root?” Gu Lan’s eyes flashed with a peculiar

light. She never thought that Nie Li’s talent would be at such a

frightening height. To have such comprehension in medical knowledge and

such astonishing talent, just how high would he reach in the future?


they walked, Lu Piao asked out of curiosity, “Nie Li, they offered you

so many spiritual stones, so why didn’t you accept them?”


gentleman loves wealth, but he must be reasonable. Gu Bei has such a

deep relationship with his sister that those spiritual stones are

probably his entire fortune. Five hundred spiritual stones are already

sufficient for us for now, so there’s no need to take all of his

spiritual stones.” Nie Li lightly smiled. Earlier, he had taken five

spiritual stones from Xiao Yu, because he didn’t want Xiao Yu to spend

all his time feeling indebted. This time, Nie Li didn’t take all of Gu

Bei’s spiritual stones because he wanted to build a good relationship

with him. Gu Bei and his sister would definitely be powerful experts in

the future; therefore, building a good relationship now was definitely

worth more than the spiritual stones.

“Oh.” Lu Piao vaguely

understood. He could sense that Gu Bei and Gu Lan were honest and

sincere people. If they’d actually taken all of their spiritual stones,

it would’ve been a little too much.

Things like spiritual stones

are extremely rare to the point that a Heaven Spiritual Root student

could only collect five spiritual stones a month. However, all Nie Li

did was take a look at someone’s illness and he ended up earning five

hundred spiritual stones. Those five hundred spiritual stones would be

sufficient to last them a long time during their cultivation.