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Chapter 1536

1536 Killing the Demons. The Birth of Three Gods and One Fiend!

The sudden alarm had startled the elders of the Four Great Clans. The expressions on their faces all changed drastically. Someone actually managed to infiltrate Planet One without any of their knowledge?! This was bad! They would be in trouble if Tamu was discovered!

They could not care about lecturing the warriors of the Four Clans any longer. The elders quickly departed, leaving the warriors waiting by the cave outside very confused. Being received by the elders was a sort of honor, yet why did they abruptly leave while they were still in the middle of their speech?

The elders walked briskly to the command deck, only to find Tamu as well as Xia Fan and everyone else saying something directly to a camera. Said camera was connected to the main control computer on the warship’s command deck, which would then transmit digital signals to the entirety of God Metropolis!

“Look, they’re already here,” Xia Fan smiled, stepping aside from the camera so the image of the elders could be transmitted to the citizens of God Metropolis, the sight of which shocked those watching right down to the bones.

“Are they really the elders?”


“Why do they look like monsters?!”

Everyone was aghast. That was because right in front of the camera were some inhuman monsters! In addition to the horns growing on their heads, red and black spots were also growing on their faces, and their eyes were also completely black. Their nails were sharp and long, similar to what one might find from an eagle’s talons.

From what the people of God Metropolis could recall, the elders of the Four Great Clans had all cultivated to the point when they were undying existences, people who were close to god-like. They ought to exude an air of nobility, their white beards fluttering in the wind! But the elders in front of the camera right now were nothing but a group of inhuman-looking monsters. Not only were they ugly, the Aura they gave off was also extremely sinister. The elders all covered their faces in a panic when the camera was pointed at them.


Someone watching went pale and collapsed on a couch, their whole body shaking as their eyes dimmed. When the elders appeared, their apearence completely subverted the faith of God Metropolis’ people. Everyone had believed that the elders of the Four Great Clans were the most noble existences in Ashem Moon, that they were gods incarnate. But right now, that faith was shattered!

Through the act of this live broadcast, Xia Fan had completely exposed the elders. This was his idea! He turned to the camera and said, “Did you all really believe that the elders of the Four Great Clans were working together with the sapient beasts, doing everything in their power to prevent the catastrophe threatening God Metropolis?

“If that’s truly the case, then you’re all too naive. See for yourself! Can you even tell who are the humans and who are the beasts?”

His words hurt their hearts. The human elders and the sapient beasts had all turned into monsters. Their ears were pointed like vampires, with pitch-black eyes that protruded slightly. That was what happened when demonic energy entered the body. Whether they were beasts or humans, they would ultimately become a monstrous and demonic creature!

No one knew where this terrifying evolution originated from. According to the investigations that the Skywings had made across the Great Chiliocosm, the demons first infected the Ant Species, who were the most evolved creature at present, with very clear class divisions between them.

The low-ranking Demonic Ants were nothing strong, but they were able to combine with each other. Countless numbers of them could form into one entity, becoming a destructive demon whose combat strength and intelligence increased accordingly!

Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha had fought with these Demonic Ants in the Outer Frontier, and knew just how terrifying those creatures could be. Furthermore, there were still other species out there that were still evolving in the dark unknown!

Demonification did not matter, whether they were man or animal. Even a small Ant could ultimately become a terrifying monster, becoming a member of the Demons!

One of the elders let out a bellow in his anger, a roar that did not sound human at all. The sound had everyone watching the broadcast feeling a chill run up their spine, and they got goosebumps all over their bodies.

Before all this, Tamu had told his story to the broadcast, and the people of God Metropolis could not accept it as truth. They felt that Tamu and Xia Fan were trying to defame the well-respected elders, but now, practically everyone believed them. This was a story of how dragon slayers had turned into the evil dragon themselves!

“I’ll kill you all!” an elder shouted, his eyes ablaze with an ominous light.

Just as he said that, a white windblade suddenly appeared from behind, shooting forth as quickly as a bolt of lightning.


The windblade struck the wall, tearing an awful gap in the metal wall. The camera moved, and everyone could see Hidden Wind’s stern face. He had made his way to the elders, and behind him was a man wearing sunglasses, looking very familiar: the head bodyguard of the Four Great Clans, Grint with the Yin-Yang Omniscient Eyes!

There were even more warriors from the Four Great Clans behind Hidden Wind. Their hearts filled with doubt and anger, they drew closer with every step. A lot of them refused to believe that they had devoutly bowed to a group of such ugly monsters!

Seeing how the situation had gone awry, Dragon Dingtian stood up and yelled angrily, “Are you all rebelling?!”

He was known as the living fossil among the Four Great Clans, and had once participated in that great war over ten thousand years ago. He held a legendary status in God Metropolis.

“You call this a rebellion, but it’s not us who rebelled, but you all who betrayed the clans, betraying even the entire Ashen Moon Universe!” Grint yelled loudly.


He took off his sunglasses to reveal his empty eye sockets. This cruel wound shocked everyone watching from God Metropolis. Grint had once been a distinguished figure, and no one could have imagined he would fall to such a state.

“Just because I discovered the truth, all of you gouged my eyes out, forcing me to not reveal what I saw. Are you all still going to deny these things?”

“Lies! You were demoted because you endangered the interests of God Metropolis!” another elder bellowed indignantly.

It was a pity. With how everything had turned out, no one was willing to believe the elders. They were nothing more than a group of grotesque monsters; what reason could they have to continue pretending to be elders?

The situation was in a complete reversal, and it was none other than Xia Fan who had come up with this move to mobilize the power of the mob. Traveling Buddha and he were in charge of collating evidence that would harm the elders, while Hidden Wind used his influence to lead the warriors into the lair of the elders, airing everything to the public.

As for Tamu, he was a completely accidental pick-up. Never did Xia Fan imagine that he would meet someone like him on Planet One!

Everyone edged closer to the elders, with Hidden Wind right in front, loudly declaring, “Elders, I hope you will all cooperate and return back to God Metropolis with us, so that you can all explain why you’ve turned out in this inhuman state.”


Seeing that Xia Fan’s plan to destroy the ancient organization of the Four Great Clans with hardly any effort was about to succeed, Dragon Dingtian suddenly let out a great laugh.

“They know too much. Kill them all!” Dragon Dingtian hissed through gritted teeth. Even if there were plenty of his blood kin among the humans in front of them, the elder gave the order without the slightest hint of hesitation!

Tamu had once warned Xia Fan of the possibility of this situation. Lifeforms would form a new species through the corruptive influence of the dark powers, a Demonic species. These elders could not be considered humans any longer, but only Demons. Their feelings toward humanity were lost as they continued to be corrupted by the darkness!


A battle abruptly started. The Elders and the beast kings totaled sixteen individuals, each of them considered to be the most powerful experts known to Ashen Moon, while the humans had just over fifty or so. However, they were of much lower rank than their opponents, and that were not enough to let them hold the upper hand.

Sixteen Demons charged toward Hidden Wind. Their strategy was not to fight, but to escape as quickly as possible. Now that their true identity had been exposed, they were already seen as the enemies of humanity. In no time at all, even more warriors from God Metropolis would be hurrying over!


These Demons were originally elders who could be rated as war gods, so their combat strength was overwhelming. In the blink of an eye, countless human experts had fallen, and even the strongest Hidden Wind found himself forced to take several step back. Though the humans clearly held the numerical superiority, they were still unable to withstand the Demons’ crazed attacks.

Just as everyone felt that the situation was dire, two blue strikes of lightning suddenly arced down from the sky! It was a dazzling display that contained a destructive force unlike anything anyone had ever seen. When the blue lightning struck, the entire planet trembled from the impact.

It was Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha!

They had used their divine weapons, joining in the fight while holding the pair of daggers that Xia Fan had made from Cosmic Iron.

Cosmic Iron contained terrifying divine power after absorbing a lot of beast crystals. Every cut of the weapons contained the force of nature, so even the Demons who had evolved into becoming the most powerful beings in the universe were incapable of withstanding such a wild assault!

When Xia Fan pulled out his divine dagger, all he saw was the Demon standing in front of him abruptly collapse to the ground, its so-called indestructible body torn apart, as if it had just been struck down by the blade of God. Another Demon beside Traveling Buddha suffered the same fate; the two managed to kill two of the Demons the moment they joined in the battle! This stunned everyone present, as everyone began to wonder just what sort of high tech weapon Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha had obtained?

“Quick! We need to leave!” Ashen Abyss screamed. He could sense that the weapons Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha holding were far from ordinary, and were a fatal threat to them, so he wanted to flee.


It was at that moment that a white dragon appeared from out of nowhere!

Though this white dragon was not too big in size, it was still over ten meters tall, its body bright and clear, like it had been carved out from precious white jade. A pair of dragon horns pointed right up to the sky as billowing white fog rolled out from her breath. This fog was extremely cold, reaching absolute zero in temperature. It was able to freeze over the sun, the moon, and the stars!

This was Pearl’s true form!

The daughter of the Divine Frost Dragon. Even among the unparalleled Draconids, Pearl was considered an apex existence!

After being sealed in ice for tens of thousands of years, as well as cultivating by Xia Fan’s side for almost half a year, Pearl had finally recovered, and was able to stand proudly in the world, adopting her most fearsome posture!

“Oh heavens! It’s actually a dragon!”

“The mythical dragons, it turns out they were real!”

“This is insane! The eyes of the dragon are simply breathtaking!”

Pearl’s appearance shocked the entire universe! The entire God Metropolis population went crazy! After all, she was a mythical creature that stood atop the food chain!

Every living thing in the world mutually restrained each other. The Dragons and the Demons were both considered sapient, it was just that the Dragons were considered divine and noble, while the Demons were dark and cruel. With how the elders and the beasts had transformed into Demons, the moment they saw Pearl, all the color drained from their faces. After all, Dragons were the creatures that were their diametric opposites!


Just as Pearl appeared, shocking the entire universe, something unexpected happened!

Tamu crossed both hands and made a strange motion. Subsequently, a white arhat appeared above his head. He was fat and smiling, a holy white light surrounding him.

Tamu was a Chosen, and to be chosen meant they could summon the God of Light through a Summoning technique! Tamu’s special ability was quite similar to Traveling Buddha’s to a certain degree. Traveling Buddha’s special ability was a combination of Light and Protection, while Tamu’s was a combination of Energy and Possession. Both of them had compound special abilities!

One, two, three, four…

In the blink of an eye, four peak experts arose behind the Demons. There was the Holy Buddha incarnate Traveling Buddha, all covered in golden light; Pearl, daughter of the Frost Dragon; Tamu the Chosen, able to summon the God of Light; and finally the Demon Sealing Fiendish Blade, Xia Fan, with the ultimate martial art of Speed. Four of them, with four different abilities, formed a historically unprecedented killer formation!

That was especially true for Tamu. After having forcibly replenished his energy reserves, he had recovered approximately half of his combat effectiveness when he was at his peak. As a comrade-in-arms who once stood side by side with Xia Fei, he was not weak, and even with just half his strength, Tamu was more than enough to shock the universe!

Heavens! Everyone was stunned. The four of them were nothing more than three gods that had descended to the mortal realm, possessing special abilities that were akin to ancient gods! They were THAT fearsome!

As for Xia Fan, the Skywings were also called the Fiendish Wings, and his Aura was different from the others. He did not have a holy Aura, but instead had a heavily fiendish one!

This group of four experts was not simple. Xia Fan and Traveling Buddha seemed like they were lower-ranked, but the amazing weapons they held in their hand, capable of creating massive shocking thunderbolts, terrified everyone!

As Xia Fan and the others revealed their might, a temporary lull came over the battlefield. Everyone watched as Xia Fan laughed mirthlessly, waving his Cosmic Iron dagger before him as murderous intent shot out from his eyes. He declared grimly, “None of you shall be escaping today!”