Super Detective in the Fictional World

Chapter 2107 - 2107 Good News and Bad News from the Guardians

2107 Good News and Bad News from the Guardians

Then, Luke changed the topic. “However, there’s a chance that Thanos will go for the Mind Stone which Thor left on Sakaar. So, the Guardians have divided into two groups: Rocket and Groot will take Thor to make a new divine weapon, and the rest will get to Sakaar to confirm the whereabouts of the Mind Stone.”

Everybody nodded silently.

They couldn’t underestimate Thanos at all.

Luke said, “Whether or not Thanos gets the other four Stones, he will come to Earth in the end. So, let’s get ready to settle this once and for all.”

After that, everybody dispersed.

Tony and Shuri did final checks for possible issues with the equipment.

T’Challa continued to oversee Wakanda’s personnel.

Steve and the others checked their equipment, including the backup gear in the public space.

Natasha and Dr. Banner hid in a secluded corner to catch up; bringing any unresolved regrets into battle would be an omen.

Luke was also mobilizing his people so that the sorcerers on Strange’s side could make preparations in advance.

Accessing items from his inventory consumed Luke’s mental strength.

Although his Mental Strength was now 140, it was impossible for him to take out more than 100 battleships and hundreds of thousands of fighter jets from his inventory in one go.

With T’Challa’s help, they were placed in several secret bases 100 kilometers away from Wakanda, and were hidden from view by Wakanda’s camouflage system.

If Thanos brought his army, Earth would give him a big surprise.

In addition, Deadpool, who had been roaming the world with his wife, was also called back.

Luke didn’t care how many alien soldiers this guy could kill – he just hoped that the money would inspire Wade. If Deadpool could dig a pit for Thanos the way he had for Ultron, that was more than enough.

In any case, Wade wasn’t afraid of death.

Wanda was also transferred over.

In 2023, Wanda had almost crushed Thanos.

Although Wanda here wouldn’t break out as some ‘vengeful widow,’ she was definitely one of the few people who could fight Thanos head-on.

In the end, Jennifer and Skye, who had always been tacitly acknowledged as civilian senior executives of the Justice League, were also pulled in.

Skye’s Vibration ability was very strong in a one-on-one fight, and even more terrifying in group attacks.

Jennifer’s She-Hulk wasn’t as strong as her cousin’s Hulk, but apart from being a little aggressive, she was completely in control of herself.

As long as she didn’t face Thanos head-on, she would be able to crush ordinary combat units easily, and wouldn’t be tired even after dealing crazy damage for hours.

This battle concerned the lives of all Earthlings; it was impossible for Luke to keep using these two super strong women at desk jobs.

Besides, anyone in a superhero team who didn’t demonstrate their strength would find it hard to suppress certain voices.

The bigshot who sold everything was able to establish a secret business enterprise and secure his position as a bigshot precisely because he demonstrated unbelievable space and mental abilities.

As long as Skye and Jennifer participated in this battle, even if they didn’t take action later, they would have the right to call themselves superheroes of the Justice League, not senior management or whatever.

On top of that, the various professional services that were part of the secret business enterprise were too attractive to women. Even if they didn’t undergo cosmetic surgery, no one could stop them from caring for their skin, removing spots and slowing down aging.

No matter how strong these two were, they were still Earth women.

As civilian senior executives, they only had so many credit points. It was impossible for them to ‘develop new markets’ like the Bat Squad and Ursa Minor.

As long as they won this battle, their credit points would definitely skyrocket.

They would definitely be able to spend on whatever they hadn’t been able to afford in the past.

What, this was about saving Earth? Sorry, the last thought a real woman might have before she died was whether or not her makeup was ruined – she absolutely couldn’t be too ugly when she died.

This bunch of people entered Wakanda and prepared for battle.

As for Carrie (Spirit Form, telekinesis), Eddie (Venom), Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider), Lorna (Magnetic Control), and Emma (Temperature Control, Flame Flight), they had only received notifications to prepare for battle, and were temporarily on standby at the same secret base.

If the superheroes on Wakanda’s side could kill Thanos, these non-core external helpers wouldn’t have to take action.

If things were critical, Blink would open a portal to send them over.

Time passed as everybody got ready.

During this time, Rocket sent good news.

The forging of Thor’s new divine weapon had gone smoothly. Even if the core parts of Nidavellir were ruined, they immediately made up for it with a bunch of metal components in the public space.

The only mishap was that the unreliable Dwarf King had forgotten to look for the components first.

In order to complete the forging before the Stormbreaker ax cooled down, Groot Jr. had no choice but to cut off one of its arms and turn it into a haft for the new divine weapon.

Thankfully, Groot Jr. was a tree creature, and it only took seconds for it to grow another arm; it just needed some more nutrition after that.

After picking up the Stormbreaker ax, Thor and the others sped toward Earth.

The prototype spaceship which Rocket was piloting didn’t have strong firepower or strong defenses; the only thing it had was extreme speed.

By a conservative estimate, they would reach Earth in three days.

However, Rocket also said that based on intelligence he had gathered, Thanos’s army wasn’t moving slowly either.

Thanos, who had set off earlier than they had, might arrive a day earlier.

The raccoon was short-tempered but a very good friend, and repeatedly said that Luke and the others had to buy them time.

Only then would Thor be able to catch up with his new treasure and kill Thanos.

After reading the message, Luke was both amused and touched.

Rocket had good intentions, but why did these words sound a little discouraging?

Luke was someone who was going to kill Thanos a second time.

But not long ago, there was a piece of bad news from Quill: Thanos had followed them and taken Gamora.

What was worse was that in his agitation, Quill had let slip to Thanos that the Mind Stone was on Sakaar.

Thanos had killed the Grandmaster and obtained the Mind Stone.

Luke was lost for words. As expected of an idiotic middle-aged man.

It seemed that in 2023, Quill had also done something stupid, which allowed Thanos to successfully snap his fingers.

In 2018, this guy was screwing them over again.

Unfortunately, there was nothing Luke could do.

Setting up a battlefield on Earth with similar military strength was already the most he could do.

Thanos had gone on a rampage throughout the universe for many years, and had culled the population on at least 80 planets.

If Luke was capable of building from scratch a fleet that could crush Thanos in the few years he had, he might as well use the Infinity Glove to directly turn Thanos to ash.