Stunning Edge

Chapter 232

Stunning Edge – C232

The man in black trembled, unable to say a word. Leng Lingyun sighed softly, turning his head to look at Qi Aoshuang’s beautiful and tranquil face, and said lightly to the black clothed man on the floor: “Let’s go.”

“It’s Yao ~ ~” the man in black answered shakily. He muttered something and a black Space Gate appeared in front of Leng Lingyun. The cold aura coming from the Space Gate was terrifying. Leng Lingyun looked away from Qi Aoshuang and let out a long breath. He stepped into the black Space Gate, and the man in black quickly followed. Just as the Space Gate was about to close, Camil’s mocking voice entered Leng Lingyun’s ears.

“Leng Lingyun, do you think Feng Qianxuan is just an ordinary human? The show had just begun. Hehe … ” Camil’s voice had an evil quality that made one shiver. When Leng Lingyun heard this, his pupils dilated. He wanted to turn around, but he only saw the meaningful smile on Camil’s face the moment the Space Gate closed. A black light appeared in one of his eyes, while a red light appeared in the other!

The Space Gate closed just like that, isolating Leng Lingyun from this world.

Camil smiled as he approached the bed. Looking at the still unconscious Qi Aoshuang, he smiled charmingly. He reached out his hand to touch Xiao Ao Shuang’s tranquil face, muttering to himself, “I’m really looking forward to what kind of show you guys will put on for me …”

Camil’s faint voice was like the sigh of a demon …

In the main hall, everyone sat together, excitedly having their meals. It was all over. Qi Aoshuang had already woken up, but she was still a little weak.

“Why haven’t I seen Leng Lingyun?” Waldo bit a piece of meat and asked doubtfully.

“He has business to do.” Camil explained with a smile.

“Is that so?” Waldo was puzzled.

However, Qi Aoshuang was worried. She hadn’t seen Leng Lingyun ever since she woke up, and a purple crystal earring had mysteriously appeared on her ear. What did this have to do with Leng Lingyun?

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s over now. You can do what you want. ” Camil smiled at them.

“Thank you for your help.” Qi Aoshuang also said with a smile.

“You really have nothing to say…” “Waldo’s mouth twitched. He picked up the cup and took a sip of the sweet wine.

Qi Aoshuang smiled. Indeed, she should not say this, and her gratitude towards them was unspoken.

“Everything is done. Now we can do what we want to do. ” The Black Dragon Ben laughed and said, “I’m going back to the Dragon’s Vein, we’ll come visit you often.”


Everyone noticed Black Dragon’s words. “We” were the last words, not “me”.

Black Dragon Ben gave a vulgar smile, looking at Summer eating fruits beside him, he didn’t say anything. Everyone looked at Summer, who raised his head to look at them and asked woodenly, “What? Why are you guys all looking at me? ”

“Chu Xin and I are also leaving, I promised to take her to my hometown.” Dong Fenghou said with a smile. Dong Fenghou, this enchanter-like handsome man, was with Qiao Chuxin. In the later life, he was beaten up by Qiao Chuxin all the time. Because of his peerless appearance, he would be a scourge no matter where he went. Qiao Chuxin was jealous. Even though all this jealousy was unjustified and unjust, because Dong Fenghou had never provoked anyone, it was all those women who had fallen for him on their own accord.

The Spirit Prince Oscar also said that he would return to the Forest of Spirits. Camil had returned the Killing Sky to him.

Right now, Waldo was the Grand Elder of the Elder Hall of the Order Temple. Xi Shaoqi and Xi Shaosi were following him around, eating and drinking together.

Naturally, the Li family’s siblings wanted to bring Qi Aoshuang and Rasiah back to the Li family to live with them. Jin Yan would naturally follow. Leng Lingyun did not show up. Camil explained to Qi Aoshuang that Leng Lingyun indeed had something to take care of, and would come to find her after she was done. Although Qi Aoshuang was suspicious, she didn’t know how to find Leng Lingyun. She could only believe Camil’s words for the time being.

Cliff and Raul were going to travel around and then find a place to go into seclusion.

From start to finish, Shui Wenmo hadn’t said a word. From time to time, his eyes would glance towards the summer horizon. Feng Yixuan had been silently accompanying him all the time. The White Emperor and Black Feather didn’t say a word either. They only stared silently at all of this.

The feast was over. They agreed to meet again in Camil’s house two years later.

Outside the city, Dong Fenghou summoned a tall Nun Beast and sat on it with Qiao Chuxin. They said their goodbyes and left.

The Black Dragon Ben transformed into its original form, allowing Summer to sit on his back. After saying goodbye to the crowd, it also left. Shui Wenmo did not come to send them off, but left alone to travel in all directions.

The rest of them were going back to Ragka.

The carriage was already waiting. Rasiah, Jin Yan and Judy got on the carriage, waiting for Qi Aoshuang and Camil to say goodbye. Feng Yixuan stood not too far away absent-mindedly, still thinking about Shui Wenmo who was leaving alone.

“Are you really not going with me?” Qi Aoshuang looked at Camil who had a smile on his face and asked softly.

“Hehe, we will meet again.” Camil didn’t answer.

The Treasure Cat perched on Qi Aoshuang’s shoulder and yawned in boredom.

“Well, then, come to Ragka if you want.” Qi Aoshuang nodded. Actually, what Qi Aoshuang wanted to know the most was what exactly Camil’s identity was, but she knew it would be useless if Camil didn’t want to tell her.

Camil smiled but didn’t reply to Qi Aoshuang. Instead, he turned to the White Emperor and Black Feather and said faintly, “You two probably won’t make it in time if you don’t go now!”

“What?” Qi Aoshuang looked at the White Emperor and Black Feather with a puzzled expression. What did Camil mean?

“Hehe.” Camil smilee and said abruptly, “Go, Little Ao Shuang, grow up quickly. This is no longer suitable for your growth.”

What was he talking about? Qi Aoshuang frowned slightly. Camil’s performance today was really strange. Just what was he talking about?

Camil did not reply. With a flick of his finger, a white light enveloped Qi Aoshuang and White Emperor, Black Feather. No one reacted, and after a flash of white light, the three of them vanished.

Not too far away, Feng Yixuan was greatly alarmed. He charged over, but Camil rose into the air, a strange smile on his face.

“Camille!” “What did you do?” The Li family’s siblings, Jin Yan and Rasiah also rushed over, glaring at Camil.

“She just went where she was supposed to go. And you no longer have the strength and qualifications to follow by her side. Live your life well. For her sake, I won’t kill you.” Camil’s face returned to its previous gentle smile, but he spat out these words coldly.

What do you mean? Everyone was shocked and angry.

Feng Yixuan was already prepared to make his move.

Camil let out a soft sigh. In the next moment, he appeared behind Feng Yixuan like a ghost. He gripped onto Feng Yixuan’s wrist, preventing him from moving. Camil’s voice was like a demon’s as it rang in Feng Yixuan’s ears. “You should be waking up soon. This kind of action you’re taking doesn’t match your true identity. Don’t worry, you’ll see her again. I’ll give you a gift in the end.” Camil lightly tapped the back of his head with his finger, and then nothing happened.

Feng Yixuan was surprised by Camil’s strength, and he was even more surprised by Camil’s words. Just as he wanted to turn around to ask Camil, he couldn’t see his shadow. Camille just disappeared.

The change was too strange and abrupt. Qi Aoshuang and White Emperor and Black Feather vanished just like that. Camil also vanished, and Leng Lingyun also vanished without a trace.

Rasiah and the others were panicking as they searched for traces of Qi Aoshuang.

Feng Yixuan stood there with his head lowered. A strange red light flashed across his originally dark eyes.

Camil floated in the air far away, smiling and squinting his eyes.

It was only then that the show began.


Qi Aoshuang and White Emperor and Black Feather had already arrived in another world.


The White Emperor and Black Feather’s eyes darkened as they stared at the scene before them.

Back to this place again.

Just as Qi Aoshuang stood firmly on her feet, before she could take a closer look at the scenery around her, she was hit by a terrifying gust of cold wind, causing her to shiver.

“Haha, my luck is pretty good today. I can’t believe there’s a delicacy coming my way!” A high-pitched laugh filled with insanity. Following that, a strong gust of cold wind blew, causing people to be unable to open their eyes.

Qi Aoshuang shuddered. This cold wind was too strange, so bone-chilling that even though she was a fire attribute physique, she still felt the cold.

Astonishment flashed in the eyes of White Emperor and Black Feather. Could it be that their opponents couldn’t sense their demonic auras? This demon wanted to eat them?

The Treasure Cat let out an angry meow, and all the fur on her tail stood up. This was the sign that she was going to be angry. She hated the cold.

Qi Aoshuang looked at the scene in front of her in shock. A snow-white beautiful lady with snow-white hair, snow-white eyebrows and a set of snow-white clothes was floating in the air without a single wrinkle. Even her eyeballs were pure white. His pale, bloodless face was now filled with an arrogant and excited smile. She stared at White Emperor and Black Feather with her eyes wide open in excitement. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips as she giggled, “Two high level demons and a human. Haha, there’s actually a human! I am so lucky today! That’s great!” She shouted proudly.