Stunning Edge

Chapter 229

Stunning Edge – C229

The palace had long been in a state of chaos. The female attendants screamed as they fled. It was a mess.

The emperor turned around slowly and looked at Nancy. He smiled and took off his crown. He put it on Nancy’s head and said in a deep voice, “Nancy, I will crown you now. You are Amper Land’s 35th successor.” After the emperor put the crown on Nancy’s head, he kneeled down and said in a deep voice,” We greet the emperor. ” The empress and Maris were stunned for a moment before their expressions returned to normal.

The empress led her skirt and greeted gracefully, “We pay our respects to His Majesty.”

With a grave expression, Maris held her skirts in a standard salute. “We greet His Majesty.”

Nancy looked at the people in front of him. She felt confused, but she couldn’t say anything.

“Go, Amper Land shall last forever!” The emperor took out a scroll and thrust it into Nancy’s hands. “As the new emperor, please lead your last subjects away from here. Remember, Amper Land will live forever!”

Nancy’s tears rolled down his face, the queen sobbed through her teeth, and Maris closed her eyes, letting the two tears wash over her beautiful face. They all had a firm belief in themselves: Amper Land will not die! Amper Land, forever!

The emperor stood up and quietly stood in front of the window, looking at the street outside.

Nancy stood with the empress and Princess Maris behind her. Nancy tore the scroll open and disappeared in a flash of white light.

The emperor smiled and slowly raised his head. He drew the sword from his waist and elegantly stabbed the sword into his chest. At the last moment, the only thought that came to the emperor’s mind was how good it would have been if he hadn’t joined hands with the Radiant Temple to frame Claire. However, there was no ‘if’ in this world …

The emperor of died. Later on, the second prince, Nancy returned to the country, but Amper was no longer as powerful as it used to be.

The Radiant Temple was completely calm. No one was panicking. The people in this main hall were the most loyal followers of the Goddess of Light. In other words, they were people who had their brains brainwashed. Naturally, they had to live and die with the Radiant Temple.

As soon as they stepped into the Radiant Temple, Waldo and the others didn’t hesitate at all. He had always been on the arrest warrant of the Radiant Temple. This time, they had finally made a comeback. How could they possibly show any mercy? Waldo led the people of the Dark Temple like a storm. Cliff went to find Raul.

Qi Aoshuang, Leng Lingyun, Feng Yixuan, Jean, White Emperor and Black Feather walked towards the inner hall with calm expressions.

Qi Aoshuang had been to this place before, and Leng Lingyun was even more familiar with it. The group arrived in front of the Pope’s study room.

Qi Aoshuang slowly opened the door, and there were two people in the study room.

One of them was the pope with a calm face, while the other one was Liu Xueqing with a worried expression. Liu Xueqing actually didn’t escape. She was not a kind person, and her appearance here was quite surprising.

Pushing the door open, the Pope and Qi Aoshuang stared at each other.

The Pope’s expression was abnormally calm as he looked at the cold expression on Qi Aoshuang’s face. A mocking smile appeared on his face as he said, “You, are indeed the legendary black-hearted woman who can overturn the light …” In the end, the Pope looked disappointed. He had tried everything to stop her, but the result was the same. Was the light still going to end …

Qi Aoshuang stared at the Pope coldly. His broken leg looked no different from a normal person, because the robe was blocking his leg which was made of special jade. It was this very person who had brutally killed her respected teacher Uri!

Leng Lingyun’s cold voice rang out at this moment, faint, but with a hint of ridicule: “She, originally wasn’t a black-hearted woman, but you all forced her to this step by step. She didn’t intend to overturn the light. You’ve always forced her to do this.”

“Yes, you bunch of idiots, did not find the right cause.” Feng Yixuan sneered and coldly said, “Think about it, Why does all things develop into this?”

The Pope was stunned, with his mouth wide open, he looked at the group of people. His body staggered, and Liu Xueqing, who was behind him, quickly held him up. The Pope’s lips trembled, but he didn’t say a word for a long time. The shock and pain in his eyes almost drowned him. Was it really all because of the Temple itself? Was he wrong from the start? Now that he thought about it, it was the temple that had attacked the girl in front of him first. And her black hair and black eyes were caused by them!

“If you hadn’t treated her mother like that, would things have turned out like this?” Feng Yixuan’s face was frosty, and his tone was bone-chilling. If it wasn’t for this bastard, how could Aoshuang suffer such grievances and pain! Even if the person in front of him died a hundred times, it wouldn’t be enough!

The Pope stared at the cold face of Qi Aoshuang, unable to say anything. Could it be that the Goddess’ decree was wrong? No! How could this be possible!? How could the Goddess’ decree be wrong? This was impossible! Impossible!

Liu Xue Qing turned around and looked at Leng Lingyun. She had been missing this man for many days and nights. She was going crazy. Today, she finally saw him, but under such circumstances. Liu Xueqing’s eyes flashed a trace of self-mockery and pain in her heart. She could only see him under these circumstances. With her strength, she could leave everything and run for her life before these people entered the city. She wasn’t as loyal to the Goddess of Light as those people were. But she didn’t want to go. She wanted to stay and see the person she had been missing. Even if this was the last time she would see him, it was enough.

“The great Pope”, Qi Aoshuang’s lips curved up slightly, a deadly enticing and charming smile on her face.

The Pope did not move. His pupils had lost their focus. At this moment, he was immersed in endless thinking. He kept asking himself, the Goddess could never be wrong, but what was going on with the temple? Why did the Goddess still not descend, and why did she not extend her benevolent hands to save them?

In the rear hall, in front of the statue of the Goddess of Light, knelt a green-haired woman. It was the Temple’s highest astrologer, Octavia. She knelt there devoutly, holding her hands together in front of her chest and unceasingly praying. However, the Goddess had no reaction at all. Two streams of blood slowly fell from her eyes, but she remained kneeling on the ground without moving. Did the Goddess really abandon us? Octavia frowned. She gradually felt a sense of despair. However, she was still unwilling to give up on this last bit of effort. She hoped that the miracle that would never happen would appear …

Cliff had found Raul, who was sitting calmly in the room. When Raul saw him, a tired but relieved smile appeared on his face.

“The shrine no longer exists. There is no longer any need for you to act as a peacemaker between divine power and royal power.” Cliff looked a little unnatural as he walked towards Raul. He then turned his head to the side and grunted.

“I knew you’d come.” Raul stood up and smiled at Cliff. It was Cliff’s angry words that they would be completely isolated from each other all their live.

” The problem between us has not yet been solved!” Cliff grunted unhappily.

“Mm, then let’s slowly solve it.” Raul laughed, patted the hem of his coat, and stretched. It was all over. “I’m tired too. I won’t need to be the cream in the middle of the bread anymore. It hurts like hell.”

Cliff and Raul looked at each other, then smiled.

In the study room, the Pope was still staring at the ceiling.

“Impossible! The Goddess’ decree can’t be wrong!” The Pope suddenly cried out crazily and shook off Liu Xueqing’s hand that was supporting him. He laughed crazily, so much so that tears were about to fall down from his eyes. “You guys are so unorthodox! You actually dare to challenge the Goddess’ prestige, go die!” The Pope screamed in madness as he cast his spell.

Jean stood in front of Qi Aoshuang, blocking the Pope’s strike.

Qi Aoshuang’s face was expressionless. With a slight shake of her hand, the giant flaming sword appeared!

She waved her sword at the Pope, then took it back. She didn’t even glance at Liu Xueqing, who was still in the room, but turned around and walked away with a cold face. Jean followed closely behind. White Emperor also silently turned around and left. Black Feather shrugged his shoulders and pursed his lips before turning around and leaving as well. In Qi Aoshuang’s eyes, Liu Xueqing was nothing, not even a clown. So there was no need to waste time on her.

The Pope stared wide-eyed at the departing Qi Aoshuang. Just as he was about to say something, a trickle of blood slowly trickled down his forehead, trickling down his nose. Following that, a crack appeared in the middle of his forehead, and the Pope’s body was split into two. When the Pope finally calmed down, he didn’t die yet and was shocked to see his body lying on the ground in half.

Liu Xueqing watched everything in a daze. “She didn’t do anything to me?” Liu Xueqing was stunned,” Why? That woman clearly had the power to kill me! I didn’t even have the value of being killed? She left me for the Dark Temple to kill?”

Leng Lingyun looked at Liu Xueqing and said coldly, “Go.” ”

Liu Xue Qing was stunned. She raised her head and looked at Leng Lingyun in disbelief. He spoke to her. Asking her to leave? Why?

“Lingyun!” A trace of hope and happiness flashed across Liu Xueqing’s eyes. Could it be that he still had a trace of love for her?