Stunning Edge

Chapter 138

Chapter 138:

“I, your father, am a devil,” the red eyed youth replied good naturedly.

“A girl shouldn’t refer to herself as I, your father.” Clare watched the devil cautiously, trying to divert her attention. Claire didn’t want to be destroyed right after entering Devil Field and before she found Master. And although the devil looked like a boy appearance wise, she was definitely a girl!

“I, your father, just like calling myself that way. Oi, girl, how did you know that I, your father, was a girl?” The devil’s interest was aroused. She sized up Claire. “You sure have good vision, is there something unusual about your eyes? Maybe I should gouge them out and take a look.”

Claire eyed the devil before her, knowing she definitely had the strength to do so. And the devil’s savagery and fierceness was renowned, evident from how she had just chased a wyvern to eat it!

“Look at how nervous you are.” The red eyed devil started laughing heartily. “Girl, recently, nobody talks to me, your father. The idiots on the other side all ran the moment they see me, your father, so I, your father, moved to this side of the area to play and relax, but f*ck, they all run the moment they see me, your father!”

Claire watched the devil laughing wildly, a little shocked. She tried to think of who the devil could be. What did she mean? The idiots from the other side? There was another side? The Devil Realm?! If the devils of the Devil Realm ran the moment they saw her, then who was she? How strong was she?

“There’s no need to figure my, your father’s, identity. I’m in a good mood today.” The red eyed girl grabbed Claire’s hand, her tone threatening like that of a gangster. “Come on, I, your father, will give you a tour of the place. First, we’ll find that wyvern, not to eat today, but to be our mount.”

Claire didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. No matter how she looked at it, the situation was bizarre. It was as if she had been intercepted by a gangster trying to pick up chicks who said, let’s go, lemme take you for a spin on my bike, but the gangster was a girl! And what made her feel most helpless was the fact that she could wrestle out of the girl’s grip at all. The only thing Claire knew for sure was that the girl was the strongest person she had ever met. Even the Fire Hall elder could not compare. She couldn’t see through the girl’s strength at all. Besides her sharp, red eyes, she looked like an ordinary girl, but her true strength was terrifying.

Then, there was the sound of a bang, something running into the barrier. Claire blanked for a moment before realizing that the wyvern had been so terrified, it accidentally ran into the barrier.

“You have three seconds. If you don’t appear immediately, I, your father, will definitely eat you. But today, I, your father, am in a good mood. Hurry up and get your ass over here to be out mouth. I, your father, am going to give a beauty a tour,” the red eyed girl hollered, extremely impatient.

Instantly, really in an instant, there was a gust of wind and the wyvern stood obediently before them.

Claire stared wide eyed at the wyvern who stood there obediently like a housewife called upon. Was this the legendary wyvern known to be vicious with fiendish strength? In the presence of the devil girl, it was more obedient than a lamb! Just who was she?

“Oh right, girl, what’s your name?” As her eyes slitted slightly, the wyvern immediately crouched down to let the devil girl on. The devil girl pulled Claire on by the hand.

“Claire,” Claire mumbled. At the same time, however, she was worried about Cliff and Jean’s safety. There were in a mysterious and dangerous zone and she didn’t know how they were doing currently. But the devil girl seemed very temperamental and any doing anything she might disapprove of would be unwise.

“A nice name. What did you come here for?” The red eyed girl patted the wyvern and the wyvern started to move, but because it was too nervous and fearful, its front legs matched its back legs, the same way arms and legs would move together robotically.

“I came here to find my master who entered Devil Field,” Claire answered honestly.

“Oh, your master?” The red eyed girl stroked her chin, thinking. “Oh, I remember. A few days ago, an old human came. Devil Field? That’s what humans call this place?” The red eyed girl humphed, very disdainful.

When she heard this, her heart started beating as she said, “Really? Then do you know where my master is?”

The red eyed girl reached out to tear off a leaf from overhead. “Yes,” she replied leisurely.

“Really? Then can you take me to my master?” Claire asked, still anxious.

“No. You must accompany me, your father. When I, your father, am in a good mood, I, your father, will take you there. If I, your father, am happy, perhaps I, your father, will send you all out. There’s no want for any of you to leave by yourself.” The red eyed girl started playing around with the leaf in her hand.

Claire’s mouth twitched. As she expected, she sure was temperamental. And what was most troublesome was that her strength seemed boundless!

After thinking for a while, Claire could not resist. “Who are you?” Currently, Claire still did not know what of powerful figure she had met.

The red eyed girl started laughing. “Pretty girl, even if you knew, it would be useless. Let’s go, I, your father, will give you a tour of this place.”

“Then how should I address you?” Claire asked carefully. Although the red eyed girl was beaming right now, Claire knew that she was the kind who could be smiling at one moment and killing in the next. There was no warmth in her eyes, no emotion. She was a callous devil!

“Oh… Let I, your father, think.” The devil girl tiltered her head, pondering.

Claire inspected the surroundings. It was still devoid of life. Was this all because of the devil girl?

“I can’t tell you my name. Just call me young master, like everyone else,” the devil girl replied after finally coming up with an answer.

Young master?! Claire was stunned, an unbelievable thought crossing her mind. Young master? The child of some kind of lord in the Devil Realm? If she was just the child of a lord, yet so powerful, then what of the lords? And of ranks above the lord? What kind of existence was the Devil Realm? And how did the girl arrive in this realm from the Devil Realm? So many questions were left unanswered.

“Young master, why is it so quiet here with no signs of life?” Claire asked what had been puzzling her as she scanned the surroundings.

“Oh, they were either eaten by me, your father, or scared away by me, your father,” the young master snorted disdainfully.

Claire sensed an obvious shiver from the wyvern as the young master said this.

“It’s so boring over here, f*ck! At first, when they saw me, your father, they wanted to eat me, but now they run away as fast as possible when they see me*!” the young master said indignantly, giving a the sharps spikes on the wyvern’s neck a hard flick moodily. A spike fell off. The wyvern shuddered, scared to death.

*I can’t stand it any more. Assume she says I, your father/me, your father unless indicated otherwise.

Claire remained silent, not knowing what to say. But there was one thing that was clear: the girl changed moods easily, one of the worser ones!

“Pretty girl, this realm is so boring. Isn’t there anything fun to do?” the young master asked lazily.

“Um…” Claire didn’t know what to say. Something fun to do? What did she find fun? “Young master, what would you like to do?” Claire asked finally after a moment of thought.

The young master raised her brow, saying casually, “My hobby is to battle with those stronger than me, then crush them underfoot and enjoy their misery.” However, her lip then twitched. “But I can’t do that anymore, f*ck!”

Hearing this, Claire went 囧 and was completely astonished!

Who exactly was the girl?

Likes to challenge the strong to battles and defeating them, but unable to do so anymore! Was the girl the strongest in the Devil Realm? How could that be? How could merely the child of a lord be so powerful?

“Are all the devils in the Devil Realm not your match?” Claire asked cautiously.

“Almost. There’s just one person I don’t dare to fight who I can’t win against either.”  The young master’s mouth twitched, annoyed. The only devil was she didn’t dare to fight against was her father! Her actual father!

With just this sentence, her identity was exposed!

Young master! Not the child of a lord, but the child of the king of the Devil Realm!

Claire sucked in cold breath. The girl was actually the young master of the Devil Realm! Why would she be here? Was it really because there was no one for her to beat that she came to this world?

Now Claire understood why she was able to teleport Jean so easily! Suddenly, Claire thought of a question. The Devil Realm was another world. Between the king of the Devil Realm and the gods of the Human Realm, who were stronger?

“Boring, boring. Pretty girl, what are you interested in?” The young master was now playing around with a few things red and green. When Claire saw what they were, her mouth twitched. They were all ninth grade magic cores! Although there was only one numerical difference between eighth and ninth grade beasts, there was a huge gap in strength. Even Claire would have difficulty against a ninth grade beast. But the young master had several of their magic cores!

“I’m interested in… bullying others and ordering them around,” Claire answered truthfully as she eyed the shocking beast cores.

“Ah?” The young master looked up at Claire with surprise, then started laughing. “Not bad, pretty girl, you sure are interesting. I’m starting to take a liking to you. If I were a man, I would have whisked you away back home and married you. Then we would be able to bully and order others around together.”

Claire didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.