Stunning Edge

Chapter 106

Chapter 106:

“I didn’t say that.” Unexpectedly, Leng Lingyun smiled faintly. He said in a relaxed manner, “I was just asking, that’s all.”

Walter froze. He turned to Leng Lingyun whose attitude seemed genuine, becoming suspicious. He gave up just like that? He didn’t want to fight against him?

“My current identity is a member of the Yuan Bao Mercenary Corps, healer class.” Leng Lingyun smiled at Claire as he said this. “And you are my commander. That’s all.”

After Leng Lingyun said this, everybody relaxed. Walter sighed in relief. But Claire didn’t say a word. Nobody knew what she was thinking at this moment.

“Then, you are our healer. Shouldn’t you heal me… Your secondary commander?” Camille said icily, his tone a little annoyed. “So the commander’s wound is a wound, but mine isn’t?”

Everybody’s gazes shifted over and they saw Camille’s hand covered in blood. Only then did they remember that just then, Camille had extended his hand blocked the fatal strike. And only he could have such reflexes! If Camille was called the number one assassin, then Li Yuewen would be called the number two assassin. If it wasn’t Camille standing behind Claire and someone else, who knew if Claire would still be alive.

“Haha, I forgot.” Leng Lingyun smiled embarrassedly and hastily walked over, starting to heal Camille. However, Leng Lingyun’s embarrassed smile made everyone feel like they had seen wrong. Since when did the Divine Prince smile like this? In their minds, he always had a fake smile, always had a formal, suffocatingly elegant bearing. But today he had showed this kind of expression. Was he possessed or something?

While Leng Lingyun healed Camille at a side, everybody else glanced at each other. Only then did they come back to their senses and all go to ask about Claire’s condition. White Emperor also worriedly watched Claire while crouching on Li Mingyu’s shoulder.

“I’m fine now,” Claire said faintly. “Go and see if they have anything good on their bodies.”

Jean walked to Li Mingyu and extended his hand. He took Claire away naturally and carried her in his embrace. Everyone else started searching. Strangely, Summer ducked away to the side, pale faced. The bloody mangled corpses looked simply too disgusting.

Walter crouched down, preparing to search, but he saw that the low level earth fairies were still gripping the twins’ corpse’s’ feet tightly.

“Dong Fenghou, you idiot, hurry up and summon back your earth fairies!” Walter furiously turned around cursed at Dong Fenghou who was still crouching at the edge of the marshland and mumbling to himself, “You really are as dumb as a pit. Not doing anything when we need you to and only doing things when we don’t need you to!”

Finally, Dong Fenghou summoned the low level elemental fairy back. Then he stared vacantly into space, like he was wondering what he should do to not be like a pig.

After Leng Lingyun quickly finished healing Camille, he continued to heal, healing Claire. Amidst the brilliant white light, Claire’s wound soon healed, no traces of anything left over. Without the heart being pierced and being treated immediately, Claire really had the best of luck.

“Ahaha, there’s so much,” Walter called out happily, then called out again loudly, “Are these interspatial rings? It can’t be, they have interspatial rings?”

Claire already didn’t have any major problems; she only had a slight headache. She struggled free from Jean’s embrace and walked over to Walter’s side, then said faintly, “Let me see.”

“Oh.” Walter didn’t think much of it as he pulled the ring off the magician’s finger and handed it to Claire.

Claire emotionlessly received it, then pulled out a small dagger. She pricked her finger with it and dropped a drop of blood in the ring. She was still expressionless as she said, “It’s mine now.”

“Holy shit! It really is an interspatial ring!” Seeing Claire’s bold and shameless behavior, Walter got so mad, he started jumping up and down. “Didn’t you just say you were looking? Why did you directly drop your blood and become the owner? Too unfair, too shameless! Who acts like that?” Unless the previous owner renounced ownership, nobody else could be the owner of an interspatial ring unless the owner died. Would the little devil renounce ownership? Only in his dreams! Everyone else also enviously stared at the interspatial ring on Claire’s finger. Claire completely disregarded them.

“Eh, the space isn’t very big, it’s only one cubic meter. But the stuff inside…” Claire ignored Walter’s protest and started checking for what was inside instead. Although the space inside was very small, the interspatial ring was still extremely rare and precious.

Under everybody’s incredulous gazes, Claire pulled out precious items one after another: a ninth grade magic core, five eighth grade magic cores, nine seventh grade magic cores, along with a few enchanted scrolls, a few bottles of potions, a few uncommon ores and rare herbs. They were all extremely valuable.

“We’re rich…” Walter stared wide eyed as Claire pulled out the items and heehee-ed. He inspected one of the potions and after sniffing it, started crying out more exaggeratedly, “Gender changing potion! Holy, I wonder who they were, they actually have something this valuable. Ah, and this! Heavens, this can transform your body, transform your body into, hehe…” Walter laughed vulgarly and stopped talking.

“Transform into what?” Claire grabbed the potion and started inspecting it, but couldn’t tell what was unordinary about it.

“Transform you into someone completely different. It can transform you into a super beauty, make your chest big, waist small, butt big. The way you look now…” Before Walter finished speaking, he was hit flying with a fist and started crying ‘aiya’ mournfully.

Claire withdrew her first and stared skeptically at the bottle in her hand. Internally, she was surprised. Something so magical existed?

Right at this moment, a slender, white hand reached over. Claire looked up and was met with Leng Lingun’s violet eyes, so she loosened her grip and Leng Lingyun took it away.

“It really is a beauty potion,” Leng Lingyun said certainly after inspecting it. “I’ve seen it before. Even if it’s an ugly woman, after they drink this potion, they’ll become a beauty. But it’s related to how they look originally. For example, if an ugly woman drinks it, they will become an ordinary beauty, but if someone who was originally a beauty drinks it, they will transform into a stunning beauty. However, it has a time limit. Drinking a small sip can last for five or six hours. The more you drink, the longer it lasts.”

Walter glowered at the pretty boy, not understanding how the pretty boy would know such peculiar knowledge. Didn’t people from the Temple of Light pretend to be noble and looked down on things like this the most? But this guy actually said he had seen it before?

“This is a transforming potion, if you drink a small sip, you will transform into your original appearance, it also lasts for only five to six hours and also lasts longer the more you drink.” Leng Lingyun continued to inspect the other potions and sighed, “These things are all really valuable, so what are their identities? They actually have interspatial rings and items as precious as these.”

Claire put away the potions away and said without change in expression, “Now they’re mine.”

Everyone felt contempt, however, they were all thinking of Leng Lingyun’s words currently. Who exactly were these people?

“I know who they are now.” Li Minyu said, his voice low. Currently, he was holding a small badge. The small badge was white and had a very simple design, a lightning bolt. But the lightning bolt was black, sharply contrasting against the white background.

“It’s Black Lightning…” Leng Lingyun’s expression changed. He frowned, which he rarely did. “That explains  why those five’s strength was so powerful and they had such precious items.”

“Black lightning?” Qiao Chuxin asked while blinking, confused.

“It’s a lightning bolt that’s black, Black Lightning.” Li Mingyu’s expression started to become a bit unsightly. “We have provoked powerful people now.”

“Powerful? Haven’t they already died?” Qiao Chuxin was even more confused. Didn’t the corpses on the ground speak for themselves? How powerful could they be? They had already died, afterall.

“They’re just low level people among Black Lightning.” Li Mingyu pinched the badge and said icily, “After we finish gathering everything, we need to destroy the corpses quickly, not a trace can be left behind.” What? They were all shocked. They were still considered low level? A warrior evenly matched with Jean, a magician who could instacast, an archer who could use magic, and the twin sisters who could control people with shadows, these people were considered low level? These people who had almost defeated them were actually only low level people?!

“Do as he says.” Camille’s expression was actually also solemn right now. A profound sliver flashed in his eyes. They could only tell that Camille also knew the Black Lightning organization.

The always gently smiling Camille actually had on such a solemn expression currently. Everybody understood that this time, the situation was definitely not so simple.

“Dong Fenghou, come over here.” Camille beckoned towards Dong Fenghou who was still pondering over what to do. “Now we can use you.” Dong Feng went “Oh” and immediately realized, scampering over. Everybody was shocked. The young man had proven how stupid beyond words he was once more.

“The egg is about to crack open,” Li Yuewen suddenly called out.

Camille stroked his beautiful chin and smiled as he said, “Then first quickly get rid of the corpses and then see what exactly is inside the egg.”

Dong Fenghou scampered over as Camille beckoned with his finger. After he obediently ran over, Camille gave an order.

“Summon things from another dimension that can eat corpses.” Camille instructed. When everybody heard this, they thought it was good idea: eating everything cleanly, then summon the strange beasts back to their dimension. Who would be able to figure it out then?