Starting With One Million Luck Points

Chapter 550 - Affair

Chapter 550 Affair

Zhou Hao and Bai Renxue slowly walked out of the barrier. In an instant, they appeared in the eyes of Fatty Jin and the descendants of the Jin family!

Their eyes widened as they looked at the scene in front of them. They were all freaking stunned!

After walking out of the teleportation array, Bai Renxue looked at Zhou Hao with a complicated gaze.

Although the two days of interaction were not very pleasant, in the end, Zhou Hao really did not do anything to her. It still made Bai Renxue feel that Zhou Hao was a gentleman.

Now that her cultivation had recovered, Bai Renxue did not attack.

She wanted to kill Zhou Hao because of Ning Yunfeng, but at this moment, she still could not do it!

After all, the person who had saved her life was Zhou Hao. If not for Zhou Hao, she would have probably been obliterated by the wind and frost as soon as she entered that space and died without a burial site!

“Zhou Hao, I’ll let you off this time. However, there won’t be a next time. You’re on your own!”

After Bai Renxue finished speaking, she could not be bothered with Zhou Hao. Her body turned into a stream of light and left.

On the other hand, Zhou Hao curled his lips. This woman was really carefree. What did she mean by letting him off this time? He had saved her life!

As Zhou Hao was speechless, the descendants of the Jin family widened their eyes. It was Fatty Jin who was the first to recover. With a step, he directly arrived in front of Zhou Hao!

Seeing this person in front of him, he instantly recalled the meeting two days ago outside the city and was even more shocked.

“Um… Um… Brother, are you the famous Zhou Hao?”

Fatty Jin’s breathing quickened. As he spoke, Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment and nodded.

“That’s right. What’s the matter, Mr. Jin?”

When Fatty Jin heard this, he was incomparably excited and hurriedly said, “So you’re really Zhou Hao!”

Seeing Zhou Hao’s confirmation, he was even more excited. His eyes seemed to have witnessed adultery and were incomparably excited!

“Brother Zhou, you’re really ruthless. The news of you defeating four geniuses alone has already spread throughout the Moro Race space. Your name can be said to be like thunder in my ears. Most importantly, you defeated that annoying and cocky Ning Yunfeng. I’m even more impressed with you. In the future, you’ll be my big brother!”

After Fatty Jin finished speaking, he bowed towards Zhou Hao from afar.

“Greetings, Big Brother!”

This made Zhou Hao a little surprised and puzzled. He looked at Fatty Jin in confusion.

“Uh… that’s a little too exaggerated. I’m not that powerful.”

Zhou Hao said humbly.

Fatty Jin naturally knew that Zhou Hao was being humble. He blinked and looked in the direction Bai Renxue left. After hesitating for a moment, he still did not ask the other party the question he wanted to ask!

Moreover, how could he ask such a question?

He could only wonder what Zhou Hao and Bai Renxue had been doing these past two days.

Therefore, he coughed dryly and hurriedly said, “Big Brother, you must be exhausted the past two days. Um… go and rest. I’ll arrange a place for you!”

Zhou Hao was a little uncomfortable. He did not know what this fatty was planning, so he still refused politely.

“No need. I still have something to do. Goodbye.”

As Zhou Hao spoke, his body turned into a long arc and left.

After Zhou Hao left, Fatty Jin was extremely excited!

“Something definitely happened. Hahaha, there’s been an affair!”

“The two of them disappeared for two days and no one could find them. However, no one knew where they went and they spent two days alone. Most importantly… I didn’t see wrongly just now. When Bai Renxue left, she was wearing white armor. But now… when she came out, she was clearly wearing a man’s shirt and no pants!”

“It’s obvious at a glance what this means!”

At this moment, the descendants of the Jin family also came over. They had yet to recover from their shock.

“Big Brother, did… did we see wrongly just now?”

They did not believe it. They had all seen that scene!

When the two of them walked out, Bai Renxue was wearing a man’s shirt…

“See wrongly? How could so many of us be mistaken? What did I say? What did I say?!”

Fatty Jin had a smug expression and could not suppress his excitement!

“I knew it. The two of them probably did something in the past two days. See? I guessed correctly, didn’t I?”

“Bai Renxue came out wearing a man’s shirt just now. Do you think a woman would own a man’s shirt? That shirt is clearly Zhou Hao’s!”

“By the way, that man just now was Zhou Hao! Do you still not understand?”

Fatty Jin raised his voice. After saying this, the members of the Jin family were all on the fence.

“Could it be that the two of them are really having an affair?”

They muttered to themselves and could not help but say.

“Bullsh*t. How can you call that an affair? That’s called love. That’s called true love. What do you know?!”

“Miss Bai has fallen in love with Zhou Hao. However, because of that marriage agreement, the two of them can only do it secretly. This is true love. How enviable!”

At this point, Fatty Jin laughed excitedly.

“Doesn’t Ning Yunfeng like to behave arrogantly? Great, now he’s made a cuckold out of himself. Let’s see how arrogant he can be!”

“We can’t be the only ones that know about this. Spread it out for me. The faster the better. I want everyone to know Ning Yunfeng has been cheated on!”

Fatty Jin immediately said.

The descendants of the Jin family instantly did as they were told. And in just over an hour, Moro City was instantly in an uproar!

“Hey, hey, hey, this is shocking news. Bai Renxue and Zhou Hao had an affair!”

“Haha, did you guys also hear? Bai Renxue and Zhou Hao disappeared for two days and went somewhere else. When the two of them returned, Bai Renxue was still wearing Zhou Hao’s clothes!”

“That’s right, I’ve also heard of this news!”

This news spread throughout the entire street. Everyone chattered non-stop!

“I really saw Miss Bai return. However, she wasn’t wearing a shirt, but she wore a huge cloak and directly entered the Super Organization’s territory!”

“Hahaha, Ning Yunfeng has been made a cuckold? How interesting!”

“Are you guys talking nonsense? That Ning Yunfeng is a genius of the Ning family and has the life of a true dragon. Is that Zhou Hao really that powerful? Is he even stronger than him and even fooled around with his woman?”

Some people did not believe it, but they were immediately refuted.

“Ning Yunfeng is nothing. The four of them couldn’t even beat Zhou Hao alone. In a one-on-one battle, Ning Yunfeng was instantly killed. Ignoring everything else, just in terms of martial arts, this Zhou Hao is stronger than Ning Yunfeng!”

“Therefore, since ancient times, beauties have always been paired with heroes. It’s not impossible for Bai Renxue to like Zhou Hao!”

They could not help but analyze, and their words became more and more intense!