Spirit Vessel

Chapter 822: The Demonic Man

This continent was endless. Each dynasty was extremely far from each other, impossible for men to travel through.

The central ones were located even farther away, millions and millions of miles. One needed to use ancient portals or worm-holes for traveling.

The current five dynasties used to be one - Buddhist Dynasty. That’s why they were next to each other.

There was only one way to reach other places - through Sacred Spirit Palace and its ancient portal. However, this required joining the palace and falling under the jurisdiction of the two lords.

“Is there really a second way to leave Jin?” Yao Ji knew many mysteries on this land but not of this.

“Perhaps.” Feiyun pondered for a moment.

He thought that another way was possible because his father had left Jin without using Sacred Spirit Palace’s portal.

Previously, the Feng sent many masters to chase after him after Feiyun’s mother was exposed as a demon. However, his father had expected this and escaped first.

According to Housekeeper Liu, his father went to find his mother starting from one of the eighteen border stations - Jade Pavilion.

There must be another way in that place. Who was the one starting it? That’s hard to figure out.

The two were fast enough to enter Grand Southern Prefecture and continued heading for the border. They arrived at a mountain range.

“We’re not going to Jade Pavilion Station?” Yao Ji looked around the place - desolate and uninhabited.

Fogs and mists were everywhere along with steep cliffs. The birds seemed to be enjoying its pristineness.

“This is Huang Feng Ridge.” Feiyun replied.

Suddenly, a group of bandits appeared on a nearby cliff, led by a bearded brute with a broad axe. He laughed and said: “Little brat, you’re right, this is the famous Huang Feng Ridge. I am the Second Boss of Huang Feng, be a good boy now and hand over all your good stuff or don’t blame my axe for being merciless.”

“Second, your eyes are getting worse and worse. Do you not see who they are?”

“What?” Second Boss’ axe dropped to the ground, resulting in a loud clunk and creating a large pit - a testament to its weight.

He noticed Feiyun’s half-smirk and shuddered in fear. He picked up his axe and put on a defensive stance: “Love Thief, what are you doing here? Don’t tell me you want to rob us? We got nothing of value here, only one beauty…”

He then pushed Shyflower Thirteenth Lady forward.

The bandits turned pale after seeing that it was Feng Feiyun - someone even more ferocious than them, an expert in carrying out evil deeds.

They started cursing their luck since they stepped on a nail instead of finding a fat sheep.

“If… if you’ll be gentle, maybe I can think about it…” The lady seemed very generous as if she really wanted to say - Come already!

“We can play around later. I want to see your First Boss right now.” Feiyun said.

Second Boss and the lady exchanged glances and became serious. They then nodded.

Second Boss led the two to the training location of First Boss - a cave deeper into the mountain. The stones here were stained with demonic energy. The air itself had a chilling aura.

Anyone below the realm of Giant would be affected by the demonic energy here. Their mind would go crazy.

Feiyun nodded, thinking that he guessed correctly. The first boss here might actually be the demonic man.

Nangong Hongyan told him that a master from Grand Southern Prefecture taught her about the five divine garments. Supreme Beauty Pavilion was located at Fire Beacon City back then and Huang Feng Ridge was the closest area to it.

He thought that First Boss was the person who helped Nangong Hongyan.

Of course, despite knowing this, he still didn’t have a big interest in First Boss. However, this all changed after he combined all five.

Why? Because the phoenix portion was actually his skin.

This first boss was related to him somehow.

“First Boss is willing to see you two. How strange, why would the reclusive geezer agree?” Second Boss came out of the cave with a strange glint in his eyes.

Feiyun and Yao Ji came and felt a pricking pain from the chilling aura.

Yao Ji took out her ghost battle and became cautious: “There’s actually a hidden master here. Extremely powerful.”

Feiyun became cautious as well. As they got to the end, they saw an old man sitting on a black platform. Behind him was the image of a firebird.

Feiyun was astonished after seeing the old man.

“Haha, Young Master, we finally meet again.” The old man stood up and came up next to Feiyun then bowed deeply.

“Grand-grandpa Liu, you’re that famous demonic man?” Feiyun took a deep breath and said.

He used to be the attendant in charge of the Feng Mansion. He came with Feiyun’s mother after she married his dad. He watched him grow up and was as close as can be.

Yao Ji stared at the both of them, unaware of the situation.

“I should have known. If Mother was a demon, then you’re definitely not a human either.” He said.

“The whole demonic thing was a way to trick others. After all, this is a human dynasty. Too many demons appearing at once will cause the real human masters to come and investigate. That’s not good for your growth, Young Master.” Housekeeper Liu rubbed Feiyun’s shoulder.

He didn’t hide anything from Yao Ji, clearly considering her as Feiyun’s wife.

“So what’s going on? Where is Mother? And Father?” Feiyun became curious.

“It’s a long story. The lady has returned to Timeworn World, so should the master without anything unexpected. I’m only staying here to protect you.” Housekeeper Liu pondered for a bit before answering.

Timeworn was a top world of the demons. For example, Mo Yaoyao came from Firmament but this was tiny and weak compared to Timeworn.

In reality, they were just two areas on the same continent belonging to the demons, not an actual independent world. They were only classified as such due to the vastness of the land.

For example, both Jin, Central, and another three thousand tributary dynasties were considered one world by the humans - Sixth World. [1]

Feiyun naturally understood the significance of Timeworn for the demons. He asked: “I’m looking for confirmation, Grandpa Liu, did you know Nangong Hongyan?”

“The girl from Supreme Beauty? Of course. I came to find her after we split. She’s a good girl, unyielding and merciless, suitable to be your wife. She’ll be of great help in the future. Oh right, I’m the one who gave her the Firebird Gown. Don’t be mad at me for interfering because it is very hard for demons to reproduce. You need many wives to have an offspring. The lady gave me this task before leaving.”

“What I want to know is how did you know that gathering all five garments would result in a tremendous power?” Feiyun wiped the sweat off his forehead. He didn’t tell him that Nangong Hongyan was dead either.

“The lady told me this too, but I don’t really know what her true intention is.”

Impossible. Feiyun became slightly emotional.

The five garments combined became a phoenix-dragon armor. The phoenix skin used for it belonged to him in his former life.

Why did this skin fall down around Jin? Why did his mother know the secret behind all five of them?

Could Mother have something to do with Shui Yueting?

Impossible, they definitely don’t know each other. This must be a coincidence!

1. With this context, I’ll change sixth central dynasty into Central.