She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 500 - How Mushy   

The peak battle between Prime Emperors had almost destroyed the entire Broken Cliff mountain range.

In the past, Broken Cliff was surrounded by mountains and the terrain was low. Thousands of years worth of resentment was trapped there and couldn’t be freed. As the mountains near Broken Cliff were destroyed and the mountain collapsed, the resentment in Broken Cliff immediately spread into the world, like a pot of boiling water being lifted in an instant.

Resentment spread throughout the world.

This contained the resentment of a Prime Emperor.

Most of the grievous energy had their own consciousness. They surged between heaven and earth, using their grievous energy to wantonly destroy this world. The Cangyuan Empire, which was closest to the Broken Cliff, received the most damage.

The Cangyuan Empire was only a third the size of the Divine Moon Empire, and there were more than 20 million citizens living in the country. The resentment of the Broken Cliff filled the Cangyuan Empire, and the citizens were infected by this resentment and awakened the resentment in their hearts.

For a time, the Cangyuan Empire was in chaos.

Burning, killing, and looting could be seen everywhere.

Left with no choice, the Cangyuan Empire’s Purifying Spirit Master branch could only request support from the headquarters of the Purifying Spirit Academy.

Lin Jiansheng had just finished purifying the Blood Peacock organization’s members and had yet to take a sip of water to rest when he received Cangyuan Empire’s request for help.

Lin Jiansheng shouted, “Ah Huang, follow me to Purify SpiritS!”

Yu Huang planned to accompany Sheng Xiao back to Yufu City and send Sheng Yang home to rest.

Hearing Lin Jiansheng’s call, she stopped in her tracks and looked up at Sheng Xiao. “Go back first. I’ll be back soon.”

The world was in chaos. After the final battle, resentment filled this world. Purifying Spirit Masters would still be busy.

Sheng Xiao wouldn’t stop Yu Huang from going to purifying spirits.

“Alright, call me in advance when you come back. I’ll prepare hot water for you to take a good bath.” These days, because of the Blood Peacock incident, everyone was tense and didn’t have a good rest.

Taking a hot bath and resting for a few days was probably everyone’s most urgent wish.


Yu Huang grabbed Sheng Xiao’s neck and kissed his rosy lips. Then, she pinched his slightly red earlobe and hinted to him in a low voice, “Wait for me to come back.”

Sheng Xiao raised his eyebrows. Yu Huang said, “Let’s not get out of bed for three days.”

Sheng Xiao’s ears turned even redder, but his eyes were sparkling. He was looking forward to not getting out of bed for three days.

Yu Huang spread her Vermillion Bird wings and flew to Lin Jiansheng’s side. Seeing that she was dawdling, Lin Jiansheng said, “It’s not like you guys can’t see each other anymore. Aren’t you tired of being so mushy?”

Yu Huang chuckled. “Mentor, when you have a wife, you’ll know.”

Her mentor had never touched a woman in his life. When he found a wife, he might be even more mushy.

Lin Jiansheng snorted. “Wife?” He waved his hand and said, “I don’t need that sort of thing.”

“Oh, is that so?” Yu Huang suddenly took out a Spirit Nurturing Bottle from her interspatial ring. She shook the Nurturing Spirit Bottle and said, “I found Senior Su’s soul. I thought that Senior Su had a chance of becoming your wife, so I saved her. Since you don’t need a wife, I’ll purify Senior Su and let her reincarnate.”

With that, Yu Huang pretended to open the bottle stopper.

Before her fingers could touch the stopper, the Spirit Nurturing Bottle in her hand was quickly snatched away by Lin Jiansheng.

Lin Jiansheng carefully touched the Spirit Nurturing Bottle with both hands. He opened the bottle stopper and took a look inside. Seeing that it was indeed Su Tingxue’s remnant soul inside, Lin Jiansheng hurriedly unscrewed the stopper and stuffed the bottle into his chest pocket.

Yu Huang saw it and asked him, “Why did you stuff it in your chest?”

Lin Jiansheng lied through his teeth. “To warm my chest.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

Tsk tsk.

After all the powerful Purifying Spirit Masters in Jingdu were gathered, everyone passed through the spatial tunnel and went to Cang Lan Empire.

In Cang Lan Empire, everything was in chaos.

When Yu Huang and the others walked out of the spatial tunnel, they could sense the thick resentment in the air. When they raised their heads to look in the direction of the capital of the Cangyuan Empire, they could even see layers of thick black clouds pressing down on the sky of the capital.

But it wasn’t a cloud. It was the resentment in Broken Cliff.

For ten thousand years, Broken Cliff had always been a place where corpses were dumped. The resentment there was immeasurable.

“Everyone, purifying the souls of the dead is a form of cultivation. I hope that everyone won’t hold back and will show your true abilities!” After Lin Jiansheng finished speaking, he pulled Yu Huang and ran towards the place with the densest resentment.

Lin Jiansheng, who had become a Purifying Spirit God, had already become a master in the Purifying Spirit World. Everything he said was treated seriously.

Since the great god said that purifying the souls was a form of cultivation, he was definitely right.

With Lin Jiansheng taking the lead, the Purifying Spirit Operation quickly ended.

The resentment of the Cangyuan Empire was completely purified. Those who were affected by the resentment came back to their senses and recalled what they had done. They immediately hugged their heads and cried with regret.

After the operation ended, Yu Huang decided to go to the Broken Cliff to take a look. Lin Jiansheng thought of Kong Qing and went to the Broken Cliff with Yu Huang.

The grievous energy in the Broken Cliff had completely dissipated, and the grievous energy barrier that enveloped the basin had naturally disappeared. The Nightmare Spiders that were originally living on the grievous energy barrier were affected by Na Luo and Dino’s shockwaves and all died.

Currently, the corpses of Nightmare Spiders and other demon beasts could be seen everywhere in Broken Cliff. Yu Huang even saw Kong Qing’s favorite kind of python. The python’s corpse was more than thirty meters long and half a meter thick. It looked very…


Yu Huang, who loved snake meat, couldn’t help but swallow hard.

Lin Jiansheng noticed Yu Huang swallowing and said, “It’s said that the Divine Feather Phoenix Clan loves to eat reptiles the most, especially snakes. However, their favorite thing is dragons. Ah Huang, you have to control your beast form’s nature and try not to touch snake meat. Snake meat might awaken your beast form’s primitive memories.”

At that time, she wouldn’t think that Sheng Xiao was handsome. She would only think that he was delicious.

Yu Huang suddenly came back to her senses when she heard this.

She said, “I definitely won’t eat it!”

Without the cover of the grievous energy barrier and grievous energy, the corpses in Broken Cliff also saw the light of day.

The entire basin was filled with corpses.

Corpses piled up into a mountain. It was a shocking sight.

Lin Jiansheng sighed and said, “Burn them.”

Yu Huang nodded. “Alright.”


Xuan Yu was summoned by Yu Huang. It soared in the sky and flapped its wings frantically.

Clusters of Purifying Evil Phoenix Flame landed on the corpses and burned them to ashes before floating back to their hometown with the wind.

Yu Huang and Lin Jiansheng stood among the ashes that filled the sky. Yu Huang could clearly feel the remnant consciousness of those souls paying their respects to them.

Yu Huang and Lin Jiansheng continued walking forward, and then they met Na Luo.

The dead Na Luo no longer had the appearance of a man, nor did she have the appearance of a Prime Emperor. She had become as cute as when she first met Yu Huang.

“Why didn’t Na Luo reincarnate this time?” Didn’t they say that ancient merfolk could reincarnate indefinitely?

Lin Jiansheng stared at Na Luo’s abdomen and noticed that there was a fish scale missing. He said, “She pulled off her Divine Fish Scale.”

“Divine Fish Scale?”

Lin Jiansheng explained, “The Divine Fish Scale is the most precious thing to the ancient merfolk. I’ve read through the information. It’s said that there’s a most dazzling fish scale under the abdomen of the ancient merfolk. It’s a reward from the heavens. That fish scale contains the energy of a Divine Master, so the ancient merfolk and the others can always reincarnate indefinitely.”

“The Divine Fish Scale is a gift from the heavens. It can’t be taken away. Na Luo’s Divine Fish Scale is gone, so she must have pulled it out herself.”

After knowing the truth, Yu Huang was shocked. “Why did she do that?”

Lin Jiansheng narrowed his eyes and said thoughtfully, “Perhaps, she wants to be freed.”

Some people wanted to live, while others wanted to die. Everyone had their own goals.

Yu Huang thought about it and said, “I want to bring Na Luo’s skeleton back to the Divine Sea.”

“It’s up to you.”

Lin Jiansheng looked into the distance and said, “I want to visit Kong Qing’s house.”


After parting with Yu Huang, Lin Jiansheng walked to the house where he had lived with Kong Qing.

Kong Qing’s precious sugar had long been packed away by him. There was only a stone bed, a stone stove, and a few stone stools in the cave.

Lin Jiansheng sat down on the stone bench that he often sat on. He lowered his head and looked at the small stone beside him. He recalled the scene of Kong Qing acting cute beside him in the past and couldn’t help but feel saddened.

Kong Qing must have reincarnated already.

Lin Jiansheng noticed a succulent plant growing in the soil beside the stove.

However, it wasn’t meat. Instead, it was a lotus flower that had long been extinct on the continent and only grew under the corpses of Broken Cliff.

The lotus flower could nourish the soul. Kong Qing used to like picking this lotus flower the most to help Su Tingxue stabilize her soul.

Lin Jiansheng thought about it and carefully dug out the lotus flower. Then, he planted it on the hill outside the cave.

The ashes in Broken Cliff were the most suitable fertilizer for the lotus flower to grow. Perhaps in a few decades, the lotus flower would fill the entire Broken Cliff.

When the midsummer flowers bloomed, Broken Cliff would definitely be in full bloom.

At that time, the once terrifying Broken Cliff would become a famous herbal valley. It might even become a tourist attraction.

“Kong Qing, when you come back, Daddy will bring you to see the flowers.”

Lin Jiansheng looked forward to that day.

* *

Yu Huang brought Na Luo’s corpse into the Divine Sea. When they entered the water, Na Luo’s sky-blue curly hair fluttered like seaweed.

She had her eyes slightly closed, as if she was asleep.

Yu Huang stared at Na Luo for a long time before gently letting go of her.

Na Luo’s corpse slowly sank into the depths of the sea ditch. Yu Huang stared at her body, which was getting smaller and smaller, and her heart suddenly ached.

Goodbye, Na Luo.

After burying Na Luo, Yu Huang returned to Jingdu.

She returned to the Yin Clan first.

Under Ji Linyuan’s management, everything was in order. There was no need for Yu Huang to worry too much. Yu Huang discussed some things with Ji Linyuan before returning to the Young Master’s Mansion.

After knowing that Yu Huang had returned to the clan, Yin Rong and Xiao Shu ran to the Young Master’s Mansion.

When they saw each other, Yin Rong said, “Patriarch, the battle is over. The Divine Realm Academy is about to start school.”

Yu Huang was speechless.

Sigh, she had almost forgotten that she was still a student.

“When will school start?”

“The day after tomorrow.”

Yu Huang’s expression instantly became distressed.

School would start the day after tomorrow?

It seemed that the promise of not getting out of bed for three days could only be fulfilled some time in the future.

Xiao Shu said, “This time, the academy will hold a group arena competition to test the students’ strength again. Patriarch, you should be able to enter the top three of the expert rankings this time.”

Top three.

Yu Huang was very ambitious. Getting into the top three wasn’t her goal.

She licked her lips and said, “My goal isn’t to be in the top three.” Under Yin Rong and Xiao Shu’s confused gazes, Yu Huang said ambitiously, “Defeating Sheng Xiao is my ultimate goal.”

Yin Rong was speechless.

Xiao Shu looked at his watch and said, “It’s half past eight. Patriarch, rest early.” If she slept early, she could defeat Sheng Xiao in his dream.

Yu Huang clicked her tongue.

Why didn’t they believe her?

She pressed her hand to her forehead and said, “Go out. I’m going to sleep.”

Yin Rong and Xiao Shu hurriedly left the building.

After they left, Yu Huang asked the helper to prepare a shower for her. She sat in the living room and sent Sheng Xiao a message. “I’m at the Yin family.”

Sheng Xiao asked, “When did you come back? Are you coming home tonight?”

Yu Huang thought about it and decided to stay at the Yin Clan tonight.

Yu Huang said, “No, is Yang Yang awake?”

Sheng Xiao said, “She’s awake.”

At this moment, the helper walked to the living room and said to Yu Huang, “Patriarch, the bath water has been prepared for you.”


Yu Huang put down her phone and walked into the bathroom. When she saw the bathtub full of milk, she was instantly stunned.