Secret Marriage: Reborn as A Beautiful Model Student

Chapter 1159 - Xu Yuan’s Ancestry

Chapter 1159 Xu Yuan’s Ancestry

“Xu Yuan, are you a human?”

Li Qingcang wanted to slap Xu Yuan across the face.

Xu Yuan still smiled even under the circumstances. “Brother, are you here to pick me up? Brother, do you think that I look pretty?”

Li Qingcang did not want to see Xu Yuan’s face at all. He could not understand how being Professor Xu and Mother Xu’s daughter could’ve messed her up so much.

Both of her parents had good genes. How could their genes turn out bad on Xu Yuan?

“Xu Yuan, the authorities are waiting for


After he finished talking, Li Qingcang struck Xu Yuan’s neck.

Xu Yuan’s body slowly collapsed on the ground.

Mother Xu stood in front of Professor Xu’s bed and looked at his face.

Professor Xu’s eyes were closed with a slight smile.

It was hard to comprehend the meaning of the smile.

“Old Xu, it was all my fault. I have caused this trouble.”

Mother Xu pressed her face to Professor Xu’s face and whispered a few words in her mouth.

“I am the one who hurt you.”

Mother Xu was in pain and regrated the whole thing. If she ever knew…”

If she knew it would end up like this, how would she have done it back then?

She would not have done it.

She would never have done it.

She would not.

“Old Xu, just hate me and blame it all on me. The whole thing was entirely my fault. After we were married, I could not get pregnant. Your mother kept pressuring me. I was worried even though you did not mind it at all. You lied to your mother that you were the one with the problem, but I was the one who had the problem. Then, I told you that I was having a baby. Old Xu, I thought that I was pregnant. After being examed at the hospital, they told me it was only a false pregnancy. I wanted a child so much that I continued to pretend to be pregnant. Yuan was not our blood daughter.”

1 was

Mother Xu closed her eyes.

Back then, after she realized that she only had a false pregnancy, she happened to meet a pregnant working girl who did not want to keep her child.

She thought it would be a good chance for her.

The working girl was beautiful, tall with white skin, but married to a man who liked to gamble.

The man’s family had a bias for sons and only wanted a boy.

When the working girl found out that she was pregnant with a girl after the ultrasound, she planned to get an abortion.

Mother Xu negotiated with the working girl’s family and asked her to keep her baby and give the child to her.

She gave the working girl some money, too.

The working girl never wanted the abortion, so she was pleased with Mother Xu’s suggestion that met both of their needs.

Later on, she brought the girl back to the Capital.

They became a family.

Mother Xu never expected that after all the hardship she went through to get a child, that child would destroy her whole family.

Her heart was filled with hatred.

She should have believed the old saying that a child with clever and intelligent parents will do better than a child with dull and stupid


Children would always be like their parents. The kind of gene engraved in a person’s bones would never change.

She overestimated herself and human nature. Mother’s words saddened Li Qingcang and Ye Tianxin.

It also seemed to explain why Professor Xu never wanted to give out the results of his study.

Perhaps, Mother Xu did not know that Professor Xu had long realized that fact.

That night, after Mother Xu saw for herself how her adopted daughter Xu Yuan killed her husband with a knife, she lost her mind.

Fortunately, Professor Xu had many students after years of teaching. A group of his students led by Li Qingcang prepared the funeral for Professor Xu.

Meanwhile, the police found out from the investigation that the knife Xu Yuan used to kill Professor Xu was also the murder weapon used to kill Li Bai.

Xu Yuan confessed with a clear conscience and proved that she also killed Li Bai.