Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2764 - Land of Fallen Gods

Outside of the Ruined Mountain Range, Devouring Swamp: Dozens of streaks of lights descended onto a swampy woodland as Unyielding Heart and the others were transported out of the Ruined Mountain Range.

“Were we resurrected?” Unyielding Heart looked at his surroundings with some confusion. “Why did we get resurrected here? Where’s Brother Black Flame?”.

The Devouring Swamp was a neutral map adjacent to the Ruined Mountain Range. However, the map was very high-level, with monsters at Level 130 or above. It wasn’t suitable for them to travel across. Hence, they had previously traveled through a Level 120 neutral map to enter the Ruined Mountain Range.

“I don’t think we got resurrected,” Illusory Words said, shaking her head. “We were most likely teleported here, probably the doing of that horrifying existence we came across just now.”

Although she didn’t know what had happened, the most likely possibility was that they were banished from the cave since none of them had lost any levels.

“Big Sis Illusory, aside from Black Flame, Asura’s side seems to be missing four people too,” Blue Gown said strangely after carefully inspecting the team.

At Blue Gown’s words, everyone else noticed that Lifeless Thorn and three others of the Asura adventurer team were indeed missing. At this discovery, Asura’s members couldn’t help becoming anxious.

“Did they get left behind?” Unyielding Heart subconsciously muttered a guess.

At Unyielding Heart’s words, everyone present felt chills crawling down their backs.

Before they lost consciousness, they had clearly felt a frightening mental influence from the depths of the cave. If not for them losing consciousness a moment later, they might have dropped to their knees the next second.

Without a doubt, the source of the mental influence was the most terrifying existence they had come across since entering God’s Domain.

They found it truly hard to imagine the consequences of being targeted by such an existence.

“If that’s true, this is bad.” Illusory Words also frowned at this possibility.

Against that kind of frightening existence, even a Tier 4 player like Shi Feng would be no different from an ant. In fact, the said existence might even be able to obliterate their souls. After all, a few of the many frightening existences she knew of possessed this kind of horrifying ability. Not to mention, the existence they just met was many times stronger than any of those frightening existences.

“Let’s reorganize the team and go back to take a look. Simply standing around and doing nothing isn’t a solution,” Unyielding Heart suggested.

“No, we cannot go back in,” Illusory Words countered, shaking her head. “Since that existence chose to keep them there, there should be a reason for this. Otherwise, why could we safely leave that place, whereas they couldn’t? Moreover, we don’t have the time to enter the Ruined Mountain Range again.”

“How so?” Unyielding Heart asked strangely.

Although Illusory Words’s deduction might be correct, they couldn’t just abandon Shi Feng and the others without doing anything. After all, they didn’t even know whether they had accomplished their task. If the task wasn’t completed, their three Guilds would be in big trouble afterward.

“I just received news that not only did the number of NPCs increase again, but the various powers’ members are also facing greater difficulties in leveling up. Shortly after we started sending our members into the Secret Covenant Tower, the superpowers began having designs over it. They think that the tower is an excellent leveling spot, and they’ve already clashed with us outside Sky Spring City several times,” Illusory Words explained. “We need to head back as soon as possible to preside over the situation. Otherwise, it’ll be impossible to seal off Sky Spring City with just a bunch of Tier 3 experts.” “They’re taking action already?” Unvielding Heart was surprised by this revelation.

Initially, he thought that the various superpowers wouldn’t pay as much attention to the Secret Covenant Tower just for the sake of leveling. Hence, he hadn’t anticipated such a development.

However, the massive increase in the NPC population had undoubtedly increased the various powers’ urgency and difficulty in leveling up. This made excellent leveling spots even more valuable than before.

Now, just for the sake of leveling up quickly, many superpowers had already started targeting the Secret Covenant Tower.

If these superpowers entered the tower and discovered the Tier 3 Legacies inside, the situation would definitely become even more troublesome.

“So, we need to return quickly to ensure nobody sneaks into Sky Spring City and the Secret Covenant Tower. Otherwise, the various superpowers would’ve already occupied the tower before Black Flame completes his task. If that happens, we’ll end up even more passive,” Illusory Words said. She then took out a Transfer Scroll and immediately teleported to Crimson Emperor’s Residence in Silverwing City.

After Illusory Words teleported away, the other Crimson Emperor members took out Transfer Scrolls and teleported to Silverwing City one after another.

“What should we do?” Mu Lingsha asked Unyielding Heart as Crimson Emperor’s members left. “Do we return too?”

“That’s the only thing we can do. Let’s just hope Brother Black Flame’s side is safe. Otherwise, we’ll have a difficult road to walk down the line,” Unyielding Heart said, sighing as he took out a Transfer Scroll himself.

Unyielding Soul’s other members immediately followed suit one after another. As for Asura’s members, they planned to remain in the Devouring Swamp and level up while waiting for their vice commanders to contact them before taking further action.

During the time Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart had returned to Silverwing City to control the overall situation, Shi Feng and the others in the distant Ruined Mountain Range had arrived at the deepest part of the cave.

“This… This… Is this the secret of this cave?”

Shock and surprise filled Lifeless Thorn as he stared at the icy cavern before him.

The icy cavern was over a dozen kilometers wide. Its interior was a snowy-white world, with ice sculptures in the shape of humans, Elves, Half-orcs, Giants, Dwarves, and other races erected all over. Every one of these ice sculptures radiated an aura that was stronger than the Demon Prince Frobero’s.

Meanwhile, these statues numbered in the tens of thousands.

Moreover, the dozen or so ice sculptures at the cavern’s center radiated an aura that was much stronger than that of the other ice sculptures. Despite standing so far away, Lifeless Thorn still felt awe and fear in his heart when he looked at these statues. He dared not approach any of them.

At this moment, let alone Lifeless Thorn, even Shi Feng was astounded by this scene.

Shi Feng had a much clearer idea than Lifeless Thorn did of what kind of existence those central ice sculptures were.


Those dozen or so ice sculptures were bona fide Tier 6 Gods. He had even read about a few of them in libraries.

From the scene in the cavern, he could tell that these Gods and people of various races had been going up against something. Only, the end result was that every one of them got frozen into eternal ice sculptures.

What the hell happened here?

Shi Feng was greatly puzzled as he looked at this horrific scene. Tier 6 Gods were existences that stood at the apex of God’s Domain. A force of over a dozen Gods could devastate the continent. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that such a force could even sweep through the Dark Abyss. In fact, even if all of the Tier 6 God-ranked experts that existed in his previous life joined hands, they could just barely manage to contend with a force of a dozen or so Tier 6 Gods.

Yet, these Tier 6 Gods had actually been killed -annihilated in a single move, by the looks of it.