Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2763 - God?

He died?

Shi Feng was dumbfounded at the sight of Frobero one-shotted.

Not only was that red beam unbelievably fast, but it even packed enough power to kill a Demon Prince instantly.

Although the Bible of Darkness summoned only a weak clone of Frobero’s true body, this clone still possessed the physique of a bona fide Half-step Demon King.

Even true Tier 5 Demon Kings couldn’t slay a Half-step Demon King in one hit.

As for the red beam originating from a barrier trap or magic circle, the likelihood of that was low. Any barrier trap or magic array would require its user to be present to display its greatest power. Without the user, barrier traps and magic arrays could, at most, trap someone. They definitely did not have the ability to kill the clone of a Half-step Demon King instantly.

Not to mention, the beam just now didn’t look like it originated from a magic array or barrier but more like an Offensive Spell.

Everyone else present was also stunned by this situation, and chills spread all over their body instantly.

“What happened?”

“That’s a Half-step Demon King we are talking about!”

The Demon Prince that they believed was invincible had actually gotten killed instantly. If they took a similar attack on their Tier 3 bodies, they, too, wouldn’t last a second.

However, this still wasn’t the crucial point.

The fact that the other party could one-shot a Half-step Demon King meant that the other party was among the most horrifying existences they had come across.

Meanwhile, none of these horrifying existences were things players dared to offend because the possible consequences in doing so included the annihilation of their souls. If that happened, they would really have to start all over again.

However, before anyone could snap out of their daze, a terrifying mental pressure assaulted them.

As if time had stopped, everyone froze in place. In fact, even their thoughts had fallen into a torpor. They simply stood still, not knowing what to do.

While everyone stagnated, Shi Feng clearly sensed something, and his heart immediately grew cold at this discovery.

It’s over!

In his previous life, he had seen this time-stopping phenomenon only once-in a video of a group of Tier 6 God-ranked experts clashing against an Ancient Evil God.

The fight back then had been earth-shattering. However, aside from the Tier 6 God-ranked experts and a few Tier 5 experts, the other players present had no idea what exactly had happened. By the time everyone recovered, the battle was already over.

For most of the players present, the battle had basically started and ended in an instant. To them, it felt as if nothing had happened whatsoever.

However, that had been far from being the case. By the time everyone recovered from their stupor, one-tenth of a kingdom had disappeared from God’s Domain, leaving behind an endless wasteland littered with shattered space.

Now that this scene was replaying before Shi Feng’s eyes, this meant that the other party was no weaker than that Ancient Evil God in the past.

Just when the flow of time was slowing and Shi Feng’s thoughts were about to stagnate, a crimson glow suddenly bloomed from his Spatial Bag. The appearance of the crimson glow immediately dispelled the power enveloping him.

Afterward, a shabby yet dazzling broken blade flew out of the Spatial Bag and hovered quietly in front of him.

This is…the Ash Blade! Shi Feng was shocked when he saw this broken blade.

Various legends were circulating in God’s Domain regarding the Ash Blade, which was rumored to be the God Slayer’s weapon. A weapon named the Ash Blade had also appeared in Shi Feng’s previous life. Back then, the owner of this weapon had been a mysterious expert nobody knew. However, what everyone did know was this mysterious person’s heaven-defying feat. With the Ash Blade in hand, this mysterious expert had single-handedly annihilated a Super Guild’s Main City. Moreover, the Ash Blade this person wielded was incredibly powerful. Even Epic Weapons would break after suffering three or four hits from the Ash Blade. Only Fragmented Legendary Weapons could barely withstand its power.

For this reason, everyone had suspected that the Ash Blade was a Legendary Weapon.

Hence, Shi Feng had kept the Ash Blade all this time instead of discarding it. After all, there might be a day when he could recast it.

Of course, there was another legend regarding the Ash Blade, which stated that the Ash Blade was a clue to the God Slayer’s Legacy. However, according to historical materials in the libraries of the various kingdoms and empires, nobody had ever found the Ash Blade. Only after that mysterious expert had appeared and thoroughly shattered the status quo of God’s Domain did everyone start paying attention to the Ash Blade.

“How interesting. Out of the people that arrived this time, someone actually brought that item. It seems you are quite lucky.” While Shi Feng was surprised by the Ash Blade, a deep and indifferent voice came from the depths of the cave. It used not the human language but divine language instead.

Similar to the demonic language, despite Shi Feng having no knowledge of the divine language, his brain still understood the meaning conveyed by the words. Before Shi Feng could react to the divine words, an elderly man clad in a gray robe appeared before him.

This elderly man’s body was in a translucent soul state. Moreover, it was incredibly unstable, as if it would disappear at any moment. However, Shi Feng could still feel great power coming from the old man, which awoke in Shi Feng the urge to submit. The old man’s information was thoroughly hidden; it was impossible to glean any information about him at all.

“Esteemed Elder, we came here purely by mistake. We did not come here with any purpose. I hope you can forgive us,” Shi Feng said apologetically to the old man. He dared not display any disrespect to the elder before him.

Although Shi Feng wasn’t aware of the old man’s true identity, the fact that the old man could stop time meant that he was undoubtedly at the Tier 6 standard. Even if the old man was only a remnant soul now, he still wasn’t an existence Shi Feng could afford to offend.

“You don’t have to lie. I know why you came here,” the old man said as he looked at Shi Feng quietly, his deep gaze seemingly seeing through Shi Feng’s soul. “Not only did you acquire that map, but you even hold the Ash Blade. In that case, you qualify to enter this place and know its secret. How much you can gain from this secret will depend entirely on yourself. I am only an observer and the protector of this place. I won’t do anything to interfere with your progress.”

Shi Feng felt deeply relieved when he heard the old man’s words.

As for whether the old man was lying to him or not, Shi Feng didn’t care. After all, even if the old man was lying to him, Shi Feng couldn’t do anything about it.

“Esteemed Elder, may I know what will happen to my friends?” Shi Feng asked worriedly.

Although he himself was no longer in any immediate danger, he couldn’t say the same for his teammates. It was entirely possible for the old man to erase their existences permanently to keep this place a secret.

“Don’t worry. I won’t kill them,” the old man said, chuckling as he glanced at Shi Feng’s teammates. “After all, they are individuals blessed by heaven. They won’t die even if they are killed, right?”

Shi Feng couldn’t help growing slightly nervous at the old man’s question.

For some reason, he had a feeling that this old man knew a lot of things. In fact, he might even understand the true existence of players. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked such a question.

This was the first time Shi Feng had met such an NPC.

“Alright, I’ll stop messing with you.” Since Shi Feng didn’t dare respond to his question, the old man dropped the topic. He then said, “You hold the Ash Blade, which means you are the chosen one. Hence, you may enter the cave. As for the others, they will be teleported out of this place.

“Of course, as you have been lucky enough to get selected, you can also bring nine people with you.

“However, you’d best think about who to bring with you. The secret of this place isn’t something heaven-blessed individuals like yourselves can imagine. A single mistake might even result in a true death for you.” When the old man said the words “true death,” he even placed emphasis on them. It sounded as if he was warning Shi Feng, yet it also sounded as if he was teasing him. His behavior made it impossible for Shi Feng to guess his thoughts.

Nonetheless, Shi Feng did not pay too much heed to the old man’s warning.

His goal in visiting the Ruined Mountain Range was the Earthfall Secret Land. Although he did not know what kind of secret the secret land contained, from what he heard, the three Super Guilds that monopolized the secret land had acquired a lot of benefits. This meant that the secret land shouldn’t be a very dangerous place.

“I’ve decided to bring the four of them. May I know if that is okay?” Shi Feng asked as he pointed at Lifeless Thorn, Solitary Nine, Yan Ya, and Cleansing Whistle.

“Only four?” After taking a glance at Lifeless Thorn and the others, the old man looked at Shi Feng in surprise and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to bring more? You should know that the cost of entering that place is extraordinary. The amount of time you can stay there is also very limited.”

“I’m sure.” Shi Feng nodded.

Initially, he had considered bringing more people with him. However, with the possibility of this secret being much greater than he imagined, every additional person he brought along would be an additional risk.

Hence, he decided to bring only Lifeless Thorn’s group of four. After all, the four of them had long since known many of his secrets. They could truly be considered his people already. However, the Asura adventurer team’s other members were not as reliable.

“Alright, this is your decision.” The old man no longer pursued the matter and waved his hand at the four selected people.

Apart from Lifeless Thorn, Solitary Nine, Yan Ya, and Cleansing Whistle, all the others immediately transformed into streaks of light and flew out of the cave. The streaks of light then left the Ruined Mountain Range, dodging the purple lightning decorating the neutral map’s sky.

Meanwhile, Lifeless Thorn and the others suddenly jumped up in surprise.“What’s going on?”

When Lifeless Thorn and the others saw their current situation, they fell into a daze.

Just a moment ago, there had been nobody standing before them. In fact, even Shi Feng had been behind them. However, in the blink of an eye, not only did Shi Feng appear in front of them, but the rest of their team also disappeared without a trace. It was obvious that there was a blank in their memories.

e was

Now, a scary old man stood before them. And they couldn’t read any information about this old man.

“Alright, stop looking around randomly. Your gazes are very annoying. Do you really think I can’t sense them?” the old man suddenly shouted at Lifeless Thorn and the others, the brief pressure he exuded nearly making their knees buckle. “I’ll let you off this time, but if you behave like this to anyone else, they won’t be as easy on you as I am!”

Upon hearing the old man’s words, Lifeless Thorn and the others hurriedly nodded and promptly stopped using their Identification Skills on the old man and their surroundings. “That’s more like it. Now, follow me!”

The old man nodded when he saw Lifeless Thorn and the others turn obedient. He then began walking into the depths of the cave.