Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2762 - Ancient Treasure

While the strange beast statue held Shi Feng’s attention, the other players patrolling and resting in the distance noticed the several dozen items falling from the sky. Their eyes immediately widened in shock.

“Crap! What’s up with this loot?”

“I’ve never seen so many Epic items and Legendary materials dropping at once!”

“The Boss is a Level 128 Superior Mythic, so the Epic items it dropped can definitely be used up to Level 150. Despite making so many contributions to the Guild, I only managed to get a pair of Epic bracers that can be used up to Level 130. With all those Epic items, I could probably fully gear myself in Epic items…”

Despite everyone being peak experts or better, they still grew envious when they saw Todelya’s loot.

Rather, it was inevitable that they would be envious. Although Epic Weapons and Equipment had become a lot more common in the current God’s Domain, the majority of them could be used only up to Level 100. Those that could be used up to Level 120 were few and far between.

As for Epic items that could be used up to Level 150, even the various superpowers wouldn’t have more than 30 pieces.

This wasn’t because the various superpowers were slacking on killing Level 100-plus Mythic monsters but because Mythic monsters only had a tiny chance of dropping Epic Weapons and Equipment that could be used up to Level 150.

Now, however, Todelya had dropped over ten Epic items!

Needless to say, every one of these Epic items would be good up to Level 150. After all, Todelya was a Level 128 Superior Mythic. According to their past experiences, the Epic items dropped by Level 120-plus Superior Mythic Bosses would almost certainly have their level limit set at 150. However, the Epic Weapons and Equipment dropped were only the tip of the iceberg. What truly made everyone’s eyes glow were the Legendary materials in the loot.

Legendary materials could be used to create customized Epic Weapons and Equipment, which would definitely be top-tier among Epic items.

However, like Level 150 Epic items, the drop-rate for Legendary materials was pitifully low. Even Level 100-plus Superior Mythics would, at most, drop Inferior Legendary materials; more often than not, they would drop only Epic materials.

Nonetheless, Todelya had dropped as many as seven Legendary materials. In other words, one could produce seven customized Epic Weapons and Equipment with a level limit of Level 150.

Not to mention, the 20-plus Inferior Legendary materials Todelya dropped could also be used to produce top-tier Epic Weapons and Equipment.

In other words, Todelya alone had essentially dropped over 30 Level 150 Epic Weapons and Equipment, more than enough to fully arm two players in Level 150 Epic items. This was something impossible even for the various superpowers at this stage of the game.

As expected of a forbidden land. Just the loot of a Superior Mythic Boss here equals the loot of three or four Superior Mythic Bosses in the outside world. The loot’s quality is also significantly better. Unyielding Heart also couldn’t help his astonishment at this scene. At the same time, he resolved that once he reached Tier 4, he would absolutely bring a team here to explore the Ruined Mountain Range.

However, unlike everyone else, Shi Feng paid no attention to the weapons, equipment, and materials Todelya dropped. Instead, he stepped forward, collected a one-meter-tall beast statue, and stored it in his Epic Spatial Bag without hesitation.

In Shi Feng’s opinion, even the combined value of all the other items Todelya dropped couldn’t compare to the value of this beast statue.

(Sacred Beast Statue (Soul-devouring Beast)] (Epic Rank, Unique Item)

One of 12 stone sculptures of Sacred Beasts made by Cerecolo Barrestan. It holds incredible power.

One shouldn’t underestimate the beast statue just because it was an Epic item.

For Tier 4 players and above, this beast statue was easily a thousand times more valuable than Legendary items.

An Ancient God in God’s Domain, Cerecolo Barrestan was known as the God of Elements by everyone. Legend had it that he could control all magic elements, and he was incredibly strong even among the Ancient Gods.

In God’s Domain, any item belonging to a God would already be an amazing item, let alone an Ancient God’s possession. The 12 Sacred Beast Statues were one of Cerecolo Barrestan’s earliest creations. To both Gods and Ancient Gods, these statues were trash. However, to Tier 4 players, these statues were priceless treasures.

On the surface, the 12 Sacred Beast Statues were only intended as room decor. However, if one placed these statues in areas with incredibly dense Mana, the statues would generate a special signal. This signal allowed players inside the room to perceive the operating principles of a particular magic element.

Although the granted perception was vague, it was still much better than blindly trying to feel and deduce the operating principles of the magic elements.

Moreover, the effect stacked. With more beast statues collected, not only would one get to perceive more magic elements, but the intensity of the granted perception would also increase.

In the past, a Super Guild had discovered an Ancient God’s treasury. And after working together with several superpowers and incurring countless casualties, the Super Guild had successfully raided the treasury.

They had discovered three of the 12 Sacred Beast Statues inside the treasury, one of them a medium-sized statue at the Fragmented Legendary rank.

Due to these three beast statues, the Super Guild that found the treasury had ended up one of the Twelve Great Guilds within a short period.

Now, Shi Feng had merely killed a Superior Mythic ranked Realm Lord, yet he had actually acquired a Sacred Beast Statue. This was simply unbelievable.

I really lucked out this time. Although not even one Fragmented Legendary item dropped, the Boss actually dropped an intact Legacy Guidance Crystal, besides one of the 12 Sacred Beast Statues. If any of those superpowers in the past found out about this, they would most likely go crazy from envy. Shi Feng inwardly grew ecstatic as he picked up a crimson Memory Crystal from the ground.

Normally, the Legacy Guidances players could obtain in forbidden lands were only fragmented crystals. Due to the instability of the Mana inside these fragments, they would disappear after one use.

However, an intact Legacy Guidance Crystal was a different story!

As the Mana inside an intact crystal was incredibly stable, players could use it several times. Moreover, each use cost only 100 Magic Crystals.

However, as these Legacy Guidance Crystals were quite ancient, even a complete one could be used only nine times.

Regardless, an intact Legacy Guidance Crystal was as valuable as a Legendary item because it recorded far more information than a fragmented crystal. A single use of an intact crystal was easily worth ten uses of fragmented crystals.

In the past, some superpowers were even willing to exchange a Legendary item for an intact Legacy Guidance Crystal. However, nobody had ever taken up the offer. This was especially true for Guilds and adventurer teams.

After all, the Legacy Guidance Crystal could lead to the birth of a Tier 5 player, which was way more valuable than a Legendary item.

In God’s Domain, unless Tier 6 God-ranked experts made an appearance, Tier 5 players would stand at the pinnacle of the game. The resources a Tier 5 player could acquire with their strength far exceeded the value of a Legendary item.

Several minutes later, Shi Feng finished storing all of the dropped items in his Spatial Bag. He then let everyone rest for an additional ten minutes before leading them toward the Earthfall Secret Land.

Shi Feng had no choice but to position the still weakened members at the center of the team. He also had Frobero open up the path for them, clearing out the Level 125-plus Great Lords and Grand Lords that assaulted their team on the way. He had no intention of resting whatsoever.

“Commander, aren’t we in too much of a hurry?” Solitary Nine asked in a whisper as he looked at Shi Feng, who still had a deathly pale complexion.

The fight with Todelya left everyone’s Concentration below the 10% threshold; they could fall unconscious at any time. Shi Feng was no exception.

Yet, after resting for just a short while, Shi Feng had led them deeper into the Ruined Mountain Range without hesitation.

At this point, they had already been running for close to two hours, and everyone had constantly been fighting throughout this period. Moreover, the monsters they fought all had considerably high combat standards and high Basic Attributes. Although Frobero took on most of the monsters for them, the occasional monster still slipped by. And if they weren’t careful, they would be easily overwhelmed by these monsters.

“I know, but we don’t have much time left,” Shi Feng said while controlling Frobero. Smiling bitterly, he continued, “At this point, I can no longer summon a second Demon Prince. If the duration of this one lapses before we reach our destination, we’ll die a miserable death.”

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, Solitary Nine looked at the endless monsters around them and got goosebumps. At the same time, he subconsciously raised his shield and stood closer to Shi Feng.

If not for the Demon Prince, they would definitely be doomed. In fact, they wouldn’t be able to cope with all these monsters, even with several Tier 4 experts on the team. After all, fighting in the Ruined Mountain Range cost a lot of Stamina and Concentration. It was impossible for players to fight endlessly.

“Move faster! We’re almost there!” Shi Feng urged everyone through the team chat after taking a look at his map.

At Shi Feng’s words, everyone hurriedly closed the distance to Frobero. The team then broke out in a mad dash while blocking the attacks coming from the surrounding monsters.

After frantically advancing for another dozen minutes or so, the team finally discovered a huge cave in the valley, with an entrance several dozen meters high. The cave exerted a mental influence that rivaled Todelya’s, making everyone feel discomfortable.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, is this the place you were talking about?” Illusory Words asked anxiously. When she looked at the nearby cave, she got a sense of depression and uncertainty. A hint of fear had even appeared in her heart. If she was already experiencing such feelings even before entering the cave, it wasn’t hard to imagine how dangerous it would be inside.Looking at the God Slayer’s map, Shi Feng said with certainty, “It should be here.”

“But… That mental influence…” Unyielding Heart had goosebumps as he looked at the cave.

If another monster like Todelya emerged from the cave, they really would be on their way to the underworld. “The mental influence is indeed considerable, but we went to great lengths to get here. We can’t possibly give up now, can we?” Shi Feng also understood Unyielding Heart’s worries. If they died now, it would indeed be a big loss. However, he had to obtain the God Slayer’s treasure no matter what. In the worst-case scenario, he was even willing to use his final trump card.

“Okay, let’s go in and take a look.”

Unyielding Heart nodded. He, too, thought that Shi Feng’s words were correct. They had already gotten this far. It would be a pity if they abandoned the expedition. Not to mention, they still had the Demon Prince to guard them. If further progress was truly impossible, they could still escape.

Following which, Shi Feng and the others made their way to the cave.

However, when the team walked through the cave entrance, a startling scene suddenly occurred.

The instant Frobero stepped into the cave, a red beam shot out from the cave’s depths. Before Shi Feng could even have Frobero execute evasive maneuvers, the red beam had already pierced through the Demon Prince’s body. After getting struck, the Lord of the Dead, who had been invincible up to this point, burst into a bundle of flames and vanished without a trace.