Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2760 - Illusory Sword Slays Realm Lord

The sky shattered, and the resulting void storm dyed the sky black as it threatened to devour everything on this land. The void storm was so powerful that even Tier 4 players would suffer severe damage or death if they got too close.

“So strong!” “He crushed a Tier 4 Curse with his hand! Is he really just a Tier 4 Demon?!”

Everyone present gasped at the power of the Demon Prince Shi Feng controlled. Frobero’s might had thoroughly shattered their perception of Tier 4 Demons in God’s Domain.

In fact, even Shi Feng himself felt shocked by this outcome.

Amazing! A Demon Prince can actually control Mana to such a terrifying level! No wonder they’re known as Half-step Demon Kings! Their actual combat power is definitely at the Tier 5 standard!

Previously, Shi Feng had merely thought to use Frobero’s Mana to resist Todelya’s Tier 4 Curse. However, the Mana Hand the Demon Prince conjured had actually shattered the Tier 4 Curse. The Demon Prince’s power was beyond his imagination.

Nevertheless, the most amazing aspect about Frobero would have to be the Mana he could condense. The strength of the condensed Mana surpassed even Shi Feng’s Mana when he executed Holy Devour.

Meanwhile, Frobero had already exhibited such astounding Mana just by casually condensing it into the shape of a hand. Had the Demon Prince executed a Mana Technique just now, the result would have definitely been mind-blowing. The power of the attack might even reach the Intermediate Tier 5 standard.

Usually, if a Superior Mythic monster used a Tier 4 Curse, the Spell’s power would only be at the entry level of Tier 5, not even reaching the Basic Tier 5 standard.

However, the Mana Hand Frobero manifested just now was undoubtedly at the Basic Tier 5 standard. If the attack’s power reached the Intermediate Tier 5 standard, the resulting spatial storm would’ve had a radius of several thousand yards instead of just several hundred yards.

Shi Feng couldn’t help reveling in Frobero’s power.

After all, the feeling of wielding such power was simply wonderful. This was especially true for Frobero’s perception of and affinity for Mana. When controlling the Demon Prince, Shi Feng could feel his comprehension of the operating principles of Mana becoming a lot clearer than before. This wasn’t a sensation he could experience with just an ordinary Tier 4 physique.

If I can maintain this state, I can probably break through my Mana Body’s 100% threshold in just one or two hours. My control of Mana might even improve, and getting promoted to a Grandmaster Magician would be far less of a struggle.

The gap in physique and Life Rating wasn’t something that Basic Attributes could compensate for.

If the effects of Basic Attributes on one’s combat power were calculated by addition and subtraction, then the effects of physique and Life Rating would be calculated by multiplication and division.

This was also why the Dragon race stood at the apex of all races. Even with the same Basic Attributes, a Dragon would be many times stronger than a human. For the same reason, Dragons, Fallen Angels, and such creatures were invincible among those of the same tier, with some even capable of transcending tiers.

Based on the power Frobero displayed, the Demon Prince’s Life Rating was probably close to rivaling Dragons.

However, as Shi Feng was savoring this wonderful moment, a stinging pain came from the depths of his mind. He paled in agony and almost staggered and fell to the ground.

Sure enough, the system won’t allow players to be immersed in this feeling for long.

Shi Feng smiled bitterly when he sensed the state of his Concentration and the taint on his soul.

He had manipulated Frobero’s Mana for less than three seconds, yet not only did he expend 10% of his Concentration, but the dark energy in his soul had also grown significantly stronger. The corrosive effect of manipulating Frobero’s Mana was one-third of summoning the Demon Prince himself.

Meanwhile, Todelya, who had initially cowered after seeing its Tier 4 Curse shattered, narrowed its six eyes when it noticed the intensity of Shi Feng’s aura plummeting. It could tell that Shi Feng was no longer in his best condition.

Immediately, Todelya’s three heads began chanting another Tier 4 Curse, intending to kill Shi Feng while he was weakened.

“Do you think I’ll give you another chance?” Upon noticing Todelya’s actions, Shi Feng connected the dark energy in his soul with Frobero’s source of darkness once more.

Frobero’s aura recovered to its peak. The Demon Prince’s aura was so terrifying that even Illusory Words and the others, standing several hundred yards away, trembled reflexively.

“Stay down!”

Shi Feng had Frobero brandish the fire spear without hesitation, gathering both Mana and Power of Darkness for an attack.

In addition, Shi Feng even executed Lightshadow for this attack.

However, as he was executing the Mana Technique indirectly, through Frobero, he failed to execute the complete Lightshadow. Even so, the resulting attack was still magnitudes stronger than the earlier Mana Hand.

The next moment, illusory spears rained down from the sky and bombarded Todelya’s heads. The attacks were so quick and powerful that the Soul Singer couldn’t dodge them in time, its body getting pummeled into the ground.

Cracks extending several thousand yards formed on the ground due to the impacts. The violent trembling of the earth toppled everyone on Shi Feng’s team and forced them to sit on the ground. By the time the land stopped shaking, a crater with a 300-yard radius had formed in Todelya’s position. As for the Realm Lord itself, its body had sunk several dozen meters into the ground, only its three heads remaining above ground.


A damage value exceeding one billion emerged slowly above Todelya’s head as its HP bar fell by a significant chunk. Even its life aura had weakened slightly.

Crap! The commander is insane! He actually managed to summon such a Demon! Solitary Nine was secretly astonished when he saw the damage and destruction Frobero caused. At this rate, the fight could end in just another dozen hits or so!

The Boss monster that previously filled their minds with only thoughts of escape had been beaten down like a dog. The heavy injuries Todelya suffered had also caused it to lose 30% of its Basic Attributes. There was simply no comparison between Todelya and Frobero.

“Alright, stop daydreaming! All of you activate your Berserk Skills and fight the Boss together with the Demon Prince! We must get rid of the Boss now! Otherwise, none of us will get out alive!” Shi Feng ordered weakly through the team chat as he sat down on the ground.

He had used his full power to launch that previous blow. He had even executed a partial Lightshadow. As a result, he had expended 30% of his Concentration and further enhanced the dark energy in his soul. Now, he was in an incomparably weakened state, and just controlling Frobero required all his focus. If they allowed Todelya to recover and use another Tier 4 Curse, they would team-wipe.

Hence, they needed to finish Todelya while the Realm Lord was still weakened. They definitely could not afford to give it a chance to catch a breather.

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s weak voice, Unyielding Heart immediately understood their situation. Hurriedly, he shouted through the team chat, “Everyone from Unyielding Soul, follow me!”

“Everyone from Crimson Emperor, attack together! Activate your Berserk Skills!” Illusory Words also commanded her subordinates to take action. She, too, understood that now was not the time to hold back.

Immediately, 20-plus peak experts from Asura, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor activated their Berserk Skills and rushed toward Todelya simultaneously.

However, the Soul Singer also realized the precarious situation it was in right now. After dragging its heavily injured body out of the crater, it fled without hesitation.

“Don’t even think of getting away!” Shi Feng did not give Todelya any opportunities to escape. Controlling Frobero, he had the Demon Prince launch another attack at the Realm Lord.

However, as Shi Feng could execute only simple attacks with Frobero right now, Todelya managed to defend against the Demon Prince’s attack despite being heavily injured.

-94,376,414! A damage value nearing 100 million appeared above Todelya’s head when its claw collided with Frobero’s fire spear. Disregarding the damage, Todelya immediately jumped into the air to flee.

However, Shi Feng was no ordinary expert but someone at the peak of the Ascension Realm. Even though he was in a mentally weakened state and couldn’t get Frobero to exert his actual combat power, he could still use the Demon Prince to pin down Todelya. Every one of the attacks he executed with Frobero targeted Todelya’s vitals, forcing the Realm Lord to defend itself.

Meanwhile, Unyielding Heart and the others arrived within attack range and immediately joined the battle.

All of them possessed power rivaling Tier 4 Mythic monsters. Although they still couldn’t afford to face Todelya in a frontal confrontation, the damage they inflicted was significant.

The next moment, normal attacks dealing over two million damage each, coupled with the occasional Tier 3 Skill reaping over ten million damage, landed on the Realm Lord one after another.

As Todelya was already struggling to deal with Frobero, it was utterly powerless against the 20-plus players’ assault. It could only let the players bombard it with attacks as they pleased.

83%… 72%… 54%…

Time passed quickly, with one side sticking close to the other.

One side was fleeing desperately, while the other side was pursuing and attacking ruthlessly. Fortunately, Shi Feng and the others dealt sufficiently high damage, dragging Todelya’s HP down continuously.

After three minutes into the battle, Todelya’s HP hit 30%. However, at this time, the peak experts on Shi Feng’s team lost the Berserk Skills’ effects one after another. Immediately, the team’s overall DPS plummeted to just barely over Todelya’s battle recovery. At this rate, they wouldn’t be able to finish the Realm Lord quickly.

Ten minutes… Fifteen minutes… Twenty minutes…

When Todelya’s HP fell to 8%, its aura suddenly changed. The Realm Lord had finally recovered from its weakened state and was now back in peak condition.

“Die! Humans!” Todelya bellowed in human tongue, a hint of madness and contempt appearing in its eyes. It then began casting a Tier 4 Curse.

“Dammit! We still didn’t make it?” Unyielding Heart’s complexion sank when he saw another meteorite taking shape in the sky.They had fought for more than 20 minutes, yet they still failed to slay the weakened Todelya. Now that the Realm Lord was casting another Tier 4 Curse, the raid was as good as over.

“The one who’s going to die is you!” Some distance away from the battlefield, Shi Feng stood up abruptly, a glimmer of light blooming in his eyes. He then manipulated the dark energy in his soul once more. Compared to the two previous instances, Shi Feng was much more familiar with manipulating Frobero’s power this time. The next moment, Frobero wielded his spear like a greatsword and entered the stance for executing Lightshadow. The Mana around the Demon Prince began rampaging. Simultaneously, an illusory sword 100 meters long appeared in midair.


At this moment, Shi Feng had exhausted every bit of Concentration he had left to have Frobero execute Lightshadow.


The illusory sword descended instantly!

For a moment, everyone even had the misconception that the sky had been split apart.

One second later, Todelya’s 50-meter-tall body divided into two halves and collapsed to the ground. The Realm Lord’s HP zeroed out, the Boss becoming deader than dead.