Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2759 - Half-step Demon King

“Is this the real trump card Black Flame has been hiding all this time?”

Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart were shocked as they stared at the three-eyed Demon hovering proudly in the sky. At the same time, they revealed bitter smiles on their faces.

[Frobero (Lord of the Dead)) (Demon Prince) Level 135

HP 13,000,000,000

They had long known that people like Shi Feng would always keep a trump card hidden. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to the dangerous Ruined Mountain Range even though he had reached Tier 4.

However, they never imagined that Shi Feng’s trump card would be this terrifying.

The man had actually summoned a Demon Prince from the Dark Abyss and controlled it like a puppet to fight for him.

A Demon Prince was an existence capable of rivaling Tier 5 existences. In terms of Life Rating, a Demon Prince was above even Superior Mythic monsters. Not to mention, Frobero was even a Demon Prince with a title. Calling him a Half-step Demon King wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

If the various superpowers were to find out about this power, they would most likely have very ugly expressions on their faces.

Any Demon Prince that possessed a title had earned their title by slaughtering countless people in God’s Domain. In fact, these titled Demon Princes were responsible for the destruction of some kingdoms in God’s Domain.

For an existence capable of single-handedly destroying an entire kingdom, destroying a Super Guild’s Guild City would be child’s play. In reality, Shi Feng himself had also entertained the same fantasies as Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart. However, these thoughts remained merely thoughts.

After his promotion to Tier 4, both his Concentration and Mana perception had gained a qualitative improvement. Thanks to these improvements, he discovered a small trace of dark energy lingering around his soul. The Bible of Darkness possessed incredible power. In fact, some Legendary items would even seem weak compared to it. This situation was inconsistent with God’s Domain’s rules.

In God’s Domain, one had to pay a price corresponding to the power gained. This was the balance of God’s Domain. However, the Bible of Darkness didn’t seem balanced to him. The power it offered its wielder was far greater than the cost of using it.

Now, the Bible of Darkness’s detriments were thoroughly revealed. His soul had become tainted with dark energy.

Although the dark energy lingering around his soul was incredibly weak, its purity was exceptionally high, equal to the energy found in Seven Luminaries Crystals. Ordinary power couldn’t expel it.

And the more he used the Bible of Darkness’s power, the stronger and purer this dark energy became. Particularly, when he summoned Frobero, the rate at which this dark energy grew had skyrocketed.

Hence, unless absolutely necessary, he didn’t dare casually use the Bible of Darkness’s power for now.

Meanwhile, as everyone was stunned by Frobero’s power, Todelya, who had been knocked backward, let loose a deafening roar like an enraged beast.

Todelya’s originally translucent body turned blood red and enlarged significantly. Now, the Realm Lord easily reached a height of 50 meters. Simultaneously, a ripple of power spread from its body, reaching 500 yards away and causing the ground to sink.

What a strong Gravity Domain! Shi Feng frowned when Todelya’s Gravity Domain reached him.

Despite his Mana Domain and Tier 4 physique, moving inside Todelya’s Gravity Domain was actually difficult. Now, he couldn’t even exhibit half of his normal speed, let alone his Strength.

If Tier 3 players stood within this Gravity Domain right now, they would most likely be crushed to death. Fortunately, Frobero, whom Shi Feng controlled, wasn’t particularly affected by this Gravity Domain. His speed and strength had been reduced by only 20% or so. He still held an advantage over Todelya.

So, this is the Demon Prince’s power? Shi Feng was astonished by this situation.

Despite both him and Frobero being Tier 4 existences, there was a tremendous gap between them. He only had basic control over Frobero’s body; utilizing Frobero’s Mana and frightening Concentration was beyond him.

While these two aspects might not seem very important, they were crucial for Tier 4 existences to maximize the use of their Basic Attributes.

At this time, Shi Feng couldn’t exhibit even 10% of Frobero’s true combat power. Despite that, Frobero could still overwhelm Todelya.

All Shi Feng needed to do now was control Frobero and have the Demon Prince pin down the Soul Singer. If everyone else helped out in attacking Todelya, slaying the Superior Mythic wouldn’t be impossible.

However, Todelya had no intention of letting Shi Feng realize his plans.

Chanting an incantation, the Realm Lord repeatedly shattered the ground around itself and gathered the scattered rubble. In just three seconds, a meteorite with a 400-yard radius had formed in midair.

A Tier 4 Curse? Shi Feng’s complexion darkened when he saw the meteorite.

A Tier 4 Curse cast by a Superior Mythic would possess power at the Tier 5 standard. A single strike from such an attack was more than enough to demolish a city’s defensive magic array. As a Tier 4 player, if he got struck by this attack, he would die without question.

At this time, let alone Shi Feng, even Illusory Words, Unyielding Heart, and the other players standing over 500 yards away were stunned by Todelya’s attack. Helpless smiles appeared on their faces.

Once this Tier 4 Curse landed, none of them would survive. They couldn’t even interrupt the Spell.

Dammit! Why can’t I use his Mana? Shi Feng felt a huge headache in this situation.

If Frobero were to rely on only his physical body, the Demon Prince definitely wouldn’t be able to shrug off a Tier 4 Curse. Moreover, even if Frobero could endure the attack, both Shi Feng and the rest of his team couldn’t. Escaping was also impossible at this point.

After all, the activation of a Tier 4 Curse would place a seal on the space of the affected region.

Aside from shattering the Tier 4 Curse directly, the only other way to survive a Tier 4 Curse would be to endure it. However, neither of these two options were viable for Shi Feng. If he couldn’t control Frobero’s Mana, he wouldn’t be able to use any of the Demon Prince’s Skills or Spells; he could only have the Demon Prince fight hand-to-hand.

While Shi Feng was thinking about how to resolve this Tier 4 Curse, Todelya completed the incantation for the Tier 4 Curse Meteorite Collapse.


The next moment, the enormous meteorite that had taken shape fell from the sky like a real meteor.

Dammit! Seeing the descending meteorite, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and began calling the dark energy hidden in the depths of his soul. It’s all or nothing now!

As a tool capable of controlling all Demons, the Bible of Darkness shouldn’t be limited to turning Demons into simple meat puppets. Shi Feng believed it could exert further control over them.

Meanwhile, a Demon’s power wasn’t limited to just Mana. They also had access to the terrifying Power of Darkness. In other words, the Power of Darkness was the source of strength for Demons.

Yet, when Shi Feng used the Bible of Darkness, he could perform only simple manipulation of Demons. This obviously didn’t seem right.

The instant Shi Feng manipulated the strand of dark energy within his soul, it actually formed a connection with Frobero’s source of power.This is?!

Shi Feng was stupefied.

At this moment, he felt that he was Frobero. He now could see what Frobero saw and feel what Frobero felt.

Is this what it feels like to be an existence approaching Tier 5 Demon Kings? Not only did Shi Feng not feel the slightest bit anxious or fearful of the descending meteorite, but it even looked like a toy to him.

Be it the surrounding Mana, terrain, or sky, he could now perceive everything with extreme clarity. Even the operating principles of the profound magic elements looked far less complex in his opinion. Meanwhile, just when everyone else on the team shook their heads and gave up, Frobero suddenly raised a hand under Shi Feng’s control and directed it at the massive meteorite.

The next moment, a gigantic hand made of Mana appeared out of thin air and grabbed the meteorite, then lightly squeezed.


A deafening explosion occurred in midair, and the meteorite, which was over 400 meters in radius, instantly shattered into dust. Space around the hand also transformed into a black void.