Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2758 - Bible of Darkness’s True Power

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s words, Solitary Nine, Lifeless Thorn, and Yan Ya promptly stopped attracting Todelya’s attention and dashed over to Shi Feng

They chose to run to him because only their commander had a way to hold Todelya back. If they ran in any other direction, Todelya would definitely chase them down and crush them.

Todelya strode toward Shi Feng step by step.

Not only did Todelya shake the ground with every step it took, but the mental influence it exerted over the rest of the team also increased. Some of the resting players, such as Blue Gown, even started holding their heads in pain.

Are we going to fight it? Illusory Words couldn’t help frowning at this situation.

She simply couldn’t see any way for their team to defeat Todelya. Not only did Todelya possess over two billion HP, but its combat standard was superior to ordinary Refinement Realm experts’. Its speed was so fast that even a Domain Realm expert like herself could barely keep up. Such speed simply wasn’t something Tier 3 players could cope with, and even a Tier 4 player like Shi Feng would, at best, just match its speed.

Moreover, Todelya’s Strength was something only Tier 4 MTs could hope to stop. If a Swordsman like Shi Feng tried to tank one of the Realm Lord’s attacks, he would definitely end up miserable.

However, when Todelya was only three steps away from Shi Feng…

The connection’s completed! Shi Feng smiled as he closed the Bible of Darkness and looked at Todelya. “Let’s start the second round, then!”

As soon as Shi Feng closed the Bible of Darkness, the stormy skies above the valley shattered and transformed into a dark space covering thousands of yards.

Looking at the darkness, everyone present could faintly sense that it was connected to an ancient and terrifying space. Just the aura leaking out from the dark space was enough to roil the valley’s Mana.

The next moment, a gigantic stone door several hundred meters tall fell through the dark space and smashed into the valley, causing powerful tremors to spread throughout the valley. When Todelya looked at this ancient door, a deep sense of fear appeared in its eyes.

How can there be such a terrifying existence in this world? Unyielding Heart was shocked as he looked at the massive stone door before him.

This door was undoubtedly the most terrifying item he had seen in God’s Domain thus far. Just looking at it allowed him to understand just how scary it was. Every magic pattern and rune engraved on the door functioned to seal its power.

Whatever existence stood behind the door could most likely obliterate him with just a small strand of its power.

For a moment, he even had the feeling that the opening of this door would mark the beginning of all disasters.

He’s not planning to open this door, right? Illusory Words eyed the stone door nervously.

The door before her looked far too ominous. Its appearance alone filled her with an indescribable aversion and terror-a terror easily 100 times stronger than the fear she felt for Todelya.

However, before Illusory Words could continue this line of thought, the door began opening by itself slowly.

Darkness, silence, and despair!

For a moment, it felt as if all the negative emotions in the world were pouring out of this stone door, and even Shi Feng felt uncomfortable in this situation. As for everyone else, their faces paled, and they knelt on the ground involuntarily, none of them daring to look at the stone door directly.


“No… You’re not…”

Suddenly, words spoken in the abstruse demonic language flowed out of the door. Although none of the players present were knowledgeable of the language of Demons, they understood what the spoken words conveyed. For a time, everyone was confused.

“I never thought that after so many years, you existences would be the next to summon this door.”

Following these words, a three-eyed, ten-meter-tall, humanoid Demon clad in black armor walked out of the stone door.

The instant Todelya saw this Demon, horror overwhelmed it. It was as if the Realm Lord had just seen death itself.

Actually, Shi Feng himself felt dread at the humanoid Demon’s appearance.

He never dreamed he would summon this Demon.

The Dark Abyss had a total of 108 Demon Princes[1], who stood at the peak of the Great Demons. All of them were existences second only to Demon Kings, and they could be considered Half-step Demon Kings. Meanwhile, the humanoid Demon standing before him was Frobero, the Lord of the Dead. His strength ranked 21st among all Great Demons.

“Weak! How weak!” Frobero muttered as he looked at himself, his voice filled with dissatisfaction. He then looked at Shi Feng, who held the Bible of Darkness, and said coldly, “You should know what you have done. That book isn’t something you should possess, so hand it to me. This is also your only way out. Otherwise, what awaits you is eternal death!”

As soon as Frobero finished speaking, a powerful sense of oppression descended on Shi Feng, one so uncomfortable that his expression turned ugly.

As expected of one of the 108 Demon Princes. Its mental oppression is on par with Tier 5 existences, Shi Feng sighed ruefully.

Although he had long since known that the gap between Tier 4 and Tier 5 was massive, he still couldn’t help feeling helpless when experiencing the might of a Half-step Demon King.

Luckily, Shi Feng wielded the Bible of Darkness, which restricted the methods Frobero could use to target him. Otherwise, the Demon Prince could’ve killed him instantly.

Meanwhile, as Frobero subjected Shi Feng to his mental oppression, the Bible of Darkness also sensed the offense. Immediately, chains appeared around the Demon Prince’s body.

The instant these chains appeared, Frobero’s mental oppression weakened drastically. Now, the mental oppression no longer posed any threat to Shi Feng whatsoever.

“This damned contract! I will break free from this binding one day and obtain true freedom!” Frobero bellowed in rage as he glared at the pitch-black chains wrapped around his body. He then looked at Shi Feng and said coldly, “Although that book prevents me from doing anything to you, don’t think that you have full control over me. I can tell that you don’t have much time left, based on those curses and bindings on your body. That book cannot save you. Only I can help you.”

“That won’t be necessary. I will only become your puppet if I believe you,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head while smirking contemptuously. After reaching Tier 4, he had gained an inkling about the problem plaguing his soul. Initially, he thought that with the benefits from his promotion, the problems he faced would stabilize. However, it turned out that wasn’t the case at all. His problems were far greater than he imagined. This feeling became even more obvious after he had used the Bible of Darkness.

The Bible of Darkness had been secretly eroding his soul all this time!

He couldn’t help but admit that this godlike item truly couldn’t be controlled easily. It was much more dangerous than Magic Weapons. However, it was also impossible for him to abandon the Bible of Darkness.

The road to reaching higher tiers was incredibly difficult. Only by grasping every available opportunity would he have a chance of becoming a God. Otherwise, everything he did would be for naught.

One example would be the Soul Mark he received from a Faux Saint Devourer he defeated some time ago. It was precisely because he had exploited this opportunity that he had managed to strengthen his soul, which, in turn, strengthened his resistance to that mysterious NPC’s soul curse.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have survived until now.

Shi Feng then looked at Frobero and said, “I might not be able to control you completely, but you should know that as your summoner, I can forcibly control part of your power.” The Bible of Darkness was his greatest assurance in venturing to the Ruined Mountain Range this time. Venturing deep into the neutral map with just his personal strength was impossible. After all, Todelya alone was already more than enough to make him flee.

“You’ll regret this! Controlling the power of Demons is beyond you! The more you use it, the deeper you will sink, until eventually your soul is consumed completely!”

“Thank you for the warning, but don’t think you Demons will have an easy time devouring me!”

After saying so, Shi Feng used the Bible of Darkness to erase Frobero’s consciousness and gain control over a portion of the Demon Prince’s strength.

A Level 135 Demon Prince!

Even with just 70% of Frobero’s strength, he could roam about the Ruined Mountain Range’s outer area without any worries.

The conversation between Shi Feng and Frobero lasted for only a short moment. Hence, Todelya, who had been petrified by the stone door and the Lord of the Dead, was still idle.

However, after Shi Feng took control of Frobero’s body, Todelya immediately noticed something amiss. The Demon Prince’s aura and mental oppression had weakened significantly. Moreover, Frobero could display hostility toward it now.

After realizing what had just happened, Todelya pounced on Shi Feng without hesitation, sending one of its mountain-sized claws smashing ruthlessly at the tiny human.

Shi Feng immediately felt as if the space around him had compressed a hundredfold. Not only did his body feel a lot heavier, but even time had started slow.

Tier 4 Innate Skill, Sundering Earth!

This was the first time Todelya had resorted to a Skill. Previously, when fighting ants like Lifeless Thorn, it couldn’t even be bothered to use Skills. However, the only thing on its mind right now was to kill Shi Feng as quickly as possible.

Under intense pressure from the space around him, Shi Feng looked up at Todelya and smiled. “You’re too late!”

Even before Shi Feng finished speaking, Frobero, who stood in front of Shi Feng, waved his hand abruptly, and a pitch-black spear of flames condensed in his hand. He then swung the spear at Todelya’s approaching claw.

Although Frobero’s spear was made of flames, it did not feel scorching at all. On the contrary, it gave off an extreme chill that froze the surrounding space. Time itself seemed to freeze momentarily.


Space shattered and turned into nothingness.

The impact of the collision between the two attacks caused the ground to sink. With the exception of Shi Feng, the resulting shockwave also sent everyone flying over 500 yards away and inflicted damage on them ranging between tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

As for Todelya, its massive body shot backward over a hundred yards, leveling the terrain in its path.

The next moment, Illusory Words, Unyielding Heart, and the others, who got blown away, gaped in shock as they looked at Todelya.


Damage nearing 50 million had appeared above the Soul Singer’s head. The power gap between Todelya and Frobero was instantly determined. The two were on entirely different levels.

TL Notes: [1]Demon Prince: Fyi, the ranks for Demons go as follows – Demon (Tier 3), Great Demon (Tier 4), Demon Prince (Tier 4, but above Great Demons), and Demon King (Tier 5) …