Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2756 - True Forbidden Land!

Blue Gown and Illusory Words’s bizarre performance and words stunned everyone.

Were Blue Gown and Illusory Words monsters or not?

Previously, when they came across monsters, all they needed to do was attack the said monsters. If they couldn’t defeat the monsters, they could just run. Now, however, they couldn’t even tell whether the monsters they faced were actual monsters. What were they supposed to do in this situation?

Immediately, a deathly silence fell over the entire team as everyone turned to look at their teammates, afraid that the one standing beside them was actually a monster in disguise.

Illusory Words and Blue Gown also warily eyed each other. This weird scene was definitely a first for everyone.

However, after this strange atmosphere lasted for several seconds, the sunny sky suddenly darkened. Lightning and thunder filled the surroundings.

Before Blue Gown realized it, the people around her had disappeared. Simultaneously, a six-meter-tall monster with a huge mouth and ethereal body had appeared beside her-and it had devoured half of her soul already.

Despite having noticed this monster, she could only stare at it quietly like an immobile puppet. She couldn’t move her body even if she wanted to.

However, the next moment, a magic blade pierced the heart of this monster. The monster let loose an ear-piercing scream that made Blue Gown feel as if her head would burst.

“What’s going on?”

Blue Gown, whose body currently resembled an ethereal soul, was all at sea. Right now, she truly could not distinguish what was real from what was fake. It was as if she had woken up from a dream, only to end up in another dream.

Before she could react to the situation, the injured monster pounced on her once more, intending to devour the delicacy before it.

Meanwhile, Blue Gown, who had returned to her physical body, was utterly powerless against the monster. Just being close to it petrified her and gave her a pounding headache. She couldn’t put up any resistance whatsoever.

[Soul Devourer] (Soul Monster, Great Lord)

Level 124

HP 440,000,000

However, before the Soul Devourer could reach Blue Gown, several magic swords shot through it in rapid succession.




Several dozen terrifying damage values flashed above the Soul Devourer one after another, the Great Lord’s HP zeroing out straightaway. The monster then dispersed into particles of light, leaving behind a dozen or so crystal fragments in its place. “Black Flame?”

Blue Gown looked at Shi Feng in confusion, having fallen into a mentally weakened state, her voice tremulous with uncertainty.

“You sustained some mental attacks. Nearly half of your Concentration was consumed, as well. It’s best if you don’t move around recklessly,” Shi Feng said as he looked at Blue Gown. “Fortunately, you managed to walk out of that area; I wouldn’t have been able to save you otherwise.”

“Mental attacks?” Blue Gown was taken aback. “How is this possible?!” This was her first time hearing this term. Moreover, everything she had experienced before felt real. Such a situation was simply unheard-of.

She had experienced earth-shattering battles in God’s Domain before but never such a terrifying illusion. She found it hard to imagine that a monster was actually capable of executing such an attack.

“Nothing is impossible in God’s Domain, especially in this forbidden land for humans,” Shi Feng said as he met Blue Gown’s incredulous gaze. Shaking his head, he said, “Monsters in God’s Domain aren’t limited to physical and magical attacks. They have many unknown ways to attack and lay traps. Even if a player possesses combat power far surpassing a monster’s, the player will still get killed if they aren’t careful. “Take these monsters that are capable of employing mental attacks, for example. Even if you have superior Basic Attributes, so long as you get caught in their mental attack, if you don’t have incredibly strong willpower and the Concentration to break through their mental bindings, you will still get killed!” This was also why it was important for players to improve not only their Basic Attributes but also their Concentration.

During the early stages of God’s Domain, players would rarely encounter mental attacks. Those that did wouldn’t notice it due to their ignorance of mental attacks. However, past Level 120 and after the first major update took place, mental attacks would appear much more frequently.

Meanwhile, if players did not possess sufficiently strong willpower, they would still be helpless against mental attacks even if they had incredibly powerful Basic Attributes.

Take Blue Gown, for example. She had been trapped inside the Soul Devourer’s mental space and couldn’t escape at all. Fortunately, she did not die inside the mental space. Otherwise, even if he managed to save her from the Soul Devourer, all he would’ve saved would be an empty husk.

In God’s Domain, dying inside a mental space was no different from dying in the outside world. To put it simply, one would suffer a soul death. This was also why most players in his previous life dared not offend Tier 5 NPCs, as some of them wielded mental attacks.

Meanwhile, suffering a soul death was much worse than a physical death. Worst-case scenario, one would lose one’s account and have to start all over again.

After Shi Feng finished speaking, he resumed controlling his magic swords to rescue the others.

“This is a true forbidden land?”

As Blue Gown looked at the death and destruction in her surroundings, , she finally realized that the Ruined Mountain Range was much scarier than she thought.

Compared to the battles she had experienced before, the one just now was on an entirely different level.

Moreover, she had never thought that there would be such forms of combat in a virtual reality game.

Despite the Soul Devourer’s Basic Attributes being inferior to hers, she had been utterly helpless against it. When that Soul Devourer approached her earlier, she had suffered an intense headache. Her head had hurt so much that she couldn’t control her body, let alone fight.

Blue Gown wasn’t the only victim of a Soul Devourer’s attack. Several dozen other people had been caught as well.

Of those present, only 19 people managed to avoid the Soul Devourers’ attacks. Of the 19 people, the Asura adventurer team had an overwhelming advantage in numbers. Eight of the adventurer team’s members were unscathed, compared to the five members each of Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul.

At this time, everyone was desperately trying to save those who had been caught. However, some of the victims were beyond rescue already.

The devouring speed of the Soul Devourers varied. Some were slow to finish their prey, while others were quick. Evidently, some players had stronger resistance to mental attacks, while other players had weaker resistance.

Those with weak resistance didn’t have much of their souls left at this point.

When Blue Gown noticed Asura’s Cleansing Whistle, who was roughly the same age as herself, fighting a Soul Devourer, she was stunned. Am I that much weaker than her? Blue Gown couldn’t help her surprise and confusion as she watched Cleansing Whistle.

She considered herself one of the best among her peers. Her Guild even recognized her as one of the top three talents of the younger generation. Yet, she was actually inferior to Cleansing Whistle, someone whose combat standard hadn’t even reached the Void Realm

yet.However, before Blue Gown could recover from her shock, she felt a chill envelop her body as if something was staring directly at her soul.


“This is a lie, right?! How can we fight such a thing?!”

Blue Gown wasn’t the only person who felt this sensation; everyone experienced it. When Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart looked in the direction of this feeling’s source, they trembled in fear.

A 30-meter-tall, three-headed monster loomed over the team, and every step it took made everyone’s soul shudder in fear.

[Todelya the Soul Singer (Realm Lord)] (Superior Mythic)

Level 128

HP 20,500,000,000