Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2755 - Monster?

“Did Blue get possessed by a monster?”

“What should we do now?”

“Anyway, let’s step back and keep our distance!”

Everyone slowly backed away from Blue Gown while staring at her in confusion. After all, Blue Gown possessed extraordinary strength as well as a hidden class for Guardian Knights. If they allowed her to get close to them, they would meet a similar fate to that female Summoner.

Meanwhile, upon noticing the players behind her stepping away, Blue Gown slowed her pace and looked at her teammates in confusion.

“What’s the matter with you guys?”

While Blue Gown asked this question, the longsword in her hand bloomed with a dazzling light. The surrounding space even began to twist from the weapon’s power.

“Not good! Be careful! She’s using a Tier 3 Legacy Skill! We’ll definitely die if we get hit!” a Tier 3 expert familiar with Blue Gown warned Unyielding Soul’s experts. Afterward, this person dashed straight into the nearby forest. The next moment, several other peak experts from Crimson Emperor also hid in the nearby forest one after another. Upon seeing this, Unyielding Soul’s experts couldn’t help hesitating over whether to fight or hide.

On the other hand, Blue Gown was confused when she saw Crimson Emperor’s members fleeing Turning toward the female Summoner who should’ve long since been dead, Blue Gown asked, “Tea, what do you think is wrong with them? Why did they look at me like that just now?”

“I don’t know, either,” the female Summoner named Clear Tea answered, shaking her head. With a confused expression on her face, she said, “Why don’t we follow them and take a look? It’ll be bad if they move too far away from the team.”

“I guess you’re right.” Blue Gown nodded in agreement. Meanwhile, when Illusory Words, who stood some distance ahead of Blue Gown, noticed Blue Gown splitting away from the team, she promptly slowed her pace.

“Blue, what are you doing?” Illusory Words shouted at Blue Gown in dissatisfaction. “Also, who have you been talking to all this time?”

“Me?” Turning toward Illusory Words, Blue Gown answered, “Haven’t I been talking to Clear Tea all this time?”

“Clear Tea?” Looking at Blue Gown strangely, Illusory Words said, “Isn’t Tea at the front of the team?” “The front?” Blue Gown immediately turned to look at Clear Tea. However, before she realized it, the female Summoner whom she had been chatting with merrily just a moment ago was nowhere to be seen. “Where did she go?”

“Wait, why have so many of our members gone missing?” Illusory Words asked in confusion.

“I don’t know what got into them, but they suddenly retreated into the forest over there,” Blue Gown said, shaking her head. She, too, was confused at this situation.

“No! We were fooled!” Illusory Words’s complexion darkened when she saw that the entire rear section of the team had disappeared. “Black Flame never planned to bring us into the Ruined Mountain Range! He must’ve been planning to use the Ruined Mountain Range’s power to annihilate our peak experts!” “This…” Blue Gown was momentarily stunned.

“Now that we’ve suffered such severe losses already, if we continue following him, he’ll definitely lead us to our deaths! Our only choice is to kill him now!” Illusory Words said in a whisper to Blue Gown while looking at the front at Shi Feng, who was leading the team. “I’ll assist you. With your strength, even if you can’t kill him in one hit, you should still be able to injure him heavily. At that time, I’ll land the finishing blow on him!”

“This despicable Black Flame! I knew he wasn’t anything good!” Blue Gown nodded in agreement to Illusory Words’s plan.

Blue Gown made her way toward Shi Feng at a quick pace. When less than 100 yards separated them, Blue Gown suddenly disappeared, then reappeared behind Shi Feng, a dazzling brilliance bursting out from the longsword she wielded. She swung her sword at the defenseless Shi Feng.

The next moment, countless spatial cracks appeared before Blue Gown and extended up to 100 yards away.

“Blue Gown, what are you doing?!” Unyielding Heart was startled when he saw Blue Gown suddenly attacking Shi Feng.

However, Blue Gown paid no attention to Unyielding Heart at all, launching another ruthless attack immediately after her first one.

However, after executing her second attack, Blue Gown was dumbfounded.

“Where did he go?”

Looking ahead, Blue Gown failed to see anyone standing on the road before her, and she froze in stupefaction.

By the time Blue Gown reacted to the situation, Shi Feng was already standing beside her and looking at her quietly.

At this time, Unyielding Heart also took action, grabbing Blue Gown’s wrist, preventing her from attacking again.

“Blue Gown, what are you doing?! Why are you attacking Guild Leader Black Flame?! Have you lost your mind?!” Unyielding Heart questioned.

“Don’t stop me! He’s trying to kill us!” Blue Gown said as she glared at Shi Feng. “He’s trying to annihilate our peak experts using the Ruined Mountain Range! If you don’t believe me, look behind! Everyone at the back has disappeared already!”

“Disappeared?” Startled by Blue Gown’s words, Unyielding Heart automatically turned to look to the team’s rear.

Upon seeing that fewer than 20 people remained in the team, Unyielding Heart paled.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, are you really…” In this situation, even Unyielding Heart couldn’t help doubting Shi Feng’s motives. “Are you really trying to annihilate us?”

Before Unyielding Heart finished speaking, Shi Feng had already unsheathed the Abyssal Blade.


Before Blue Gown could react, Shi Feng had cleaved Unyielding Heart in half, killing the latter instantly. “You!” Blue Gown was momentarily stunned when she saw Unyielding Heart getting killed. She then bellowed at Shi Feng, “You really are trying to annihilate the peak experts of our two Guilds! i’ll fight you to death!”

After Blue Gown said so, the intensity of her aura skyrocketed until it rivaled that of Level 120 Mythic monsters.

However, before she could take action, Shi Feng used Darkness Bind.

Several dozen chains promptly appeared and restricted Blue Gown’s movements. Despite her strength rivaling Tier 4 Mythic monsters’, all she could do was glare at Shi Feng; she couldn’t move her body in the slightest.

Looking at Blue Gown, Shi Feng said evenly, “You need to calm down!”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down?!” Blue Gown’s eyes burned with a fiery rage. “You killed Vice Guild Leader Heart, yet you want me to calm down!?”

“Take a clear look at the situation!” Shi Feng shouted while releasing his killing intent and directing it at Blue Gown.

The intense killing intent instantly shocked Blue Gown out of her anger. And as if having realized something, she then gawked at her surroundings.

“What the hell is going on with me?”

Before Blue Gown realized it, more people had appeared around her. Unyielding Heart stood among these new additions and was currently staring at her with a confused look on his face.

“Blue, what’s gotten into you? Why are you trying to kill Guild Leader Black Flame so desperately?” Illusory Words asked, similarly surprised by Blue Gown’s actions.

Everyone had been advancing carefully before. Yet, for some reason, Blue Gown had suddenly charged up to Shi Feng and attacked him. Fortunately, Shi Feng had reacted quickly and dodged her attack in time. “An illusion? I got caught in an illusion?” Blue Gown was stunned by this situation. Everything she experienced before felt too real, so real that she didn’t even notice that something was amiss.

“What’s going on here?” Unyielding Heart asked in surprise. “Does this mean you’ll get trapped in an illusion even if you’re just walking?”

However, before Unyielding Heart and the others could figure out what was going on, Shi Feng suddenly stabbed the Abyssal Blade into Blue Gown.

“What are you doing, Guild Leader Black Flame?” Illusory Words asked, startled. Shi Feng was a Tier 4 Sword Emperor. Any random attack of his could reap millions of HP from Mythic monsters. Killing Blue Gown, who had less than three million HP, would take no more than a hit.

However, what occurred next made everyone’s jaws drop.

This was because Shi Feng’s attack failed to kill Blue Gown.

A damage value exceeding 4.4 million had appeared above Blue Gown’s head, yet the Guardian Knight’s HP bar had fallen by only a small chunk-losing barely 3% of her HP.

“How is this possible?!” Unyielding Heart couldn’t help doubting his eyes. For Blue Gown to lose only around 3% of her HP despite suffering over four million damage, her maximum HP had to exceed 200 million.

A player having 200 million HP?

“Did a monster replace Blue?” Illusory Words was also stunned by this situation. This was Illusory Words’s first time seeing a monster transforming into a player. Moreover, the Blue Gown before her looked identical to the real one.

However, before anyone could snap out of their surprise, Shi Feng suddenly appeared beside Illusory Words and slashed at her with the Abyssal Blade.


Damage exceeding six million appeared above Illusory Words’s head. However, similar to Blue Gown, Illusory Words lost less than 3% of her HP from the attack. Illusory Words looked at Shi Feng strangely, failing to understand why Shi Feng had attacked her all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Unyielding Heart, who saw all of this, was at a loss. He simply couldn’t figure out what was happening right now.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, what exactly are you doing?” After suffering an attack, Illusory Words hurriedly stepped back and used a Healing Spell on herself, instantly replenishing her HP back to full.

“What am I doing?” Chuckling, Shi Feng said, “Of course, I’m getting rid of you monsters!”

“Monsters? What kind of joke are you making? How am I a monster? I’m a bona fide player!” Illusory Words protested, her eyes wide with confusion as she looked at Shi Feng. She then explained hurriedly, “There must be a problem here!”

When everyone on the team saw that Illusory Words did not retaliate, combined with the sincerity in her voice, they had to nod their heads in agreement, feeling that there was definitely a problem here.

If Illusory Words really were a monster, she should’ve retaliated after Shi Feng attacked her. She wouldn’t be trying to explain herself.

In the meantime, Blue Gown looked at herself in shock. She couldn’t believe that she had transformed into a monster. “Am I actually the transformation of a monster?”