Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2753 - God Slayer’s Treasure

“The Ruined Mountain Range?”

Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart were stunned by Shi Feng’s answer, their complexions turning indescribably grim.

The two of them were not unfamiliar with the name Ruined Mountain Range. On the contrary, this was a name that resounded among the various superpowers.

The superpowers usually sent scouts to check out Level 100-plus neutral maps, which had many danger zones. Some superpowers would even investigate Level 130 to Level 150 neutral maps.

Of the explorations conducted by the superpowers, none of the exploration teams they sent into the Ruined Mountain Range had returned alive.


Despite the Ruined Mountain Range being only a Level 120-plus neutral map, none of the expert players that entered it had returned alive. In fact, they didn’t even know how they died.

After suffering such bizarre losses, the superpowers stopped attempting to explore the Ruined Mountain Range. After all, the players capable of entering Level 120-plus neutral maps were incredibly strong experts, with even the weakest among them being at the Flowing Water Realm. Even the superpowers couldn’t afford to have too many of such experts dying.

Due to this reason, the Ruined Mountain Range had become a forbidden land for the various superpowers.

Even though the superpowers already had Level 118-plus expert players under their command now, none of them dared make another attempt.

After a while, Unyielding Heart asked nervously, “Must we go in there?” Peak experts were the main pillars supporting their Guilds. Even the death of one of these experts would distress them. It would be an absolute nightmare if several dozen of them died.

“Mhm. We must. Entering the Ruined Mountain Range is the prerequisite for our success,” Shi Feng said, nodding. If possible, he wouldn’t want to enter the Ruined Mountain Range at this time, either. However, the Ruined Mountain Range was his only option to secure a large amount of resources quickly. This was because the Ruined Mountain Range was a true forbidden land with the lowest level requirement. Players had a chance of surviving in the neutral map so long as they reached Level 120. Moreover, the Ruined Mountain Range was also one of the most highly contested forbidden lands in his previous life.

Although the Ruined Mountain Range was labeled a forbidden land, it wasn’t a forbidden land for all life. Instead, it was only a forbidden land for humans.

Humans would face great danger when entering the Ruined Mountain Range; however, non-humans wouldn’t.

Most importantly, the clue he had to the God Slayer led him to the Ruined Mountain Range.

After analyzing the map clue and with his understanding of the Ruined Mountain Range, he felt it was highly likely that one of the God Slayer’s treasures was hidden inside the forbidden land.

The Earthfall Secret Land!

This was something he had only heard of during his previous life. Although he didn’t know who activated the Earthfall Secret Land, what he did know was that the Five Great Super Guilds had dispatched over 40 Tier 5 experts to contest for it. The struggle between these experts had very nearly flattened the Ruined Mountain Range’s outer area.

As to what the Earthfall Secret Land contained, there had been all sorts of rumors about it in the outside world. However, nobody actually had a concrete answer.

This was because shortly after the Earthfall Secret Land appeared, three of the Five Great Super Guilds had joined forces to monopolize that place. The three Guilds had prohibited not only outsiders from entering but even their own internal members. The minimum condition to enter the Earthfall Secret Land had been being a Tier 4 core member.

Nevertheless, one thing was certain: the Landfall Secret Land was a different dimension the God Slayer had created. The secret land had boasted an abundance of riches and ore veins. Magic Crystals could also be found all around. It wasn’t a place the outside world could compare to. Hence, Shi Feng intended to take a look at the Earthfall Secret Land.

However, the road leading to the Earthfall Secret Land was a treacherous one. After all, countless Tier 4 players had died in the Ruined Mountain Range in his previous life. Even Tier 5 players had fallen in the map. It wasn’t a place that lone individuals could easily traverse.

Therefore, Shi Feng planned to tap the power of Crimson Emperor and Unyielding Soul for this endeavor.

“The Ruined Mountain Range is extraordinary. Not to mention, the two of our Guilds don’t even have enough people to form a 100-man team of peak experts. I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult to survive there,” Illusory Words stated. “How about we include some additional Tier 3 experts? That will increase our chances.”

Compared to Tier 3 peak experts, ordinary Tier 3 experts were far less prized. If they came across dangerous situations, they could have the ordinary experts scout ahead instead of putting the peak experts at risk.

This method was frequently employed by superpowers when exploring forbidden lands.

“No.” Shaking his head, Shi Feng smiled and said, “The ones participating in this expedition aren’t just experts from your two Guilds. Other experts will come with us, as well.”

“Other experts?” “Are they safe?”

Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart were confused by Shi Feng’s words. The operation this time was evidently a top secret. They couldn’t afford to invite outsiders at all.

Moreover, the operation had high requirements for players. They found it hard to believe that Zero Wing actually had other allies that could be trusted for this operation.

“Mhm. They’re safe. Their strength is also more than enough to participate in this operation,” Shi Feng said, chuckling.

The Earthfall Secret Land was a place that the Five Great Super Guilds had considered a strategic resource. Once there, he naturally couldn’t explore it together with Crimson Emperor’s and Unyielding Soul’s members.

However, exploring the secret land by himself was also impossible. Hence, he needed to bring some other people with him. Only, outsiders did not know that these people were actually part of Zero Wing.

Afterward, Shi Feng had illusory Words and Unyielding Heart gather their Guilds’ peak experts while he contacted the Asura adventurer team.

As for the Secret Covenant Tower, he tasked Fire Dance and the rest of Zero Wing’s main force to handle it. After all, the expedition to the Ruined Mountain Range would take a lot of time. Since Fire Dance and the others could already challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quests, it would be a loss for them to accompany him.

Black Dragon Empire, Thousand Rock Town:

Several dozen flashes appeared on the town’s teleportation array as Unyielding Soul’s and Crimson Emperor’s peak experts arrived in this desolate border town.

Although Thousand Rock Town was known as a town, there were hardly any NPCs there, let alone players, because of the town’s proximity to the Ruined Mountain Range. The neutral map was so dangerous that even NPCs wished to avoid it.

After glancing at the desolate street, Blue Gown eyed Shi Feng, who stood nearby. She then asked Illusory Words curiously through a private conversation, “Big Sis Illusory, who do you think Guild Leader Black Flame invited?”

In her opinion, their team, which consisted entirely of peak experts or better, was incredibly rare even in the entire God’s Domain. She found it inconceivable that Zero Wing could invite another team capable of rivaling theirs.

Aside from the many peak experts, their team had Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart. The former was a Cleric who stood at the pinnacle of God’s Domain, while the latter was a Berserker with Defense rivaling MT classes. There was also Blue Gown herself, who was the third-ranked Guardian Knight in Crimson Emperor’s main force.

At this stage of the game, only the Five Great Super Guilds would be capable of fielding such a team. “I don’t know. According to the information we gathered, only the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Phoenix Rain might be of help. However, Phoenix Rain disappeared, so Zero Wing shouldn’t have any other capable allies,” Illusory Words replied, shaking her head. She, too, was curious about the allies Shi Feng mentioned.

Shortly after Illusory Words and Blue Gown spoke with each other, a dozen or so flashes appeared on the teleportation array once more.

When these new arrivals walked out of the teleportation array, both Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart were shocked. Every one of these new arrivals radiated an astonishingly powerful aura. By the looks of it, not only had they unlocked their Mana Bodies, but their progress should’ve reached 100% as well.

The callous man walking at the head of the group was someone even Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart had to be wary of.

Lightning Demon Lifeless Thorn!

Lifeless Thorn was a ruthless person who persisted in challenging the various experts of God’s Domain. Some time ago, he had even fought Stalwart Sky, one of the Battle Wolves’s Wolf Kings, to a draw and was labeled by the Secret Pavilion as one of the eastern continent’s top ten rookies.

At this time, Lifeless Thorn boasted not only a high level of 122 but also seven pieces of Epic Equipment. And although he had hidden the glow effect of the spear he carried on his back, the archaic magic patterns engraved on it betrayed the spear’s superiority to ordinary Epic Weapons.

The Asura adventurer team! Why are they here? Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart were dying of curiosity at the sight of Lifeless Thorn’s group. After all, the Asura adventurer team was currently a top adventurer team in God’s Domain. Moreover, it possessed an incredibly mysterious background. Not only did the adventurer team conquer many high-difficulty, large-scale Team Dungeons, but the adventurer team’s members also possessed unfathomable strength. Many of the adventurer team’s members had even reached the Spiritualization Realm[1], which allowed them to exhibit extraordinary combat power. Various superpowers had frantically tried to recruit the adventurer team.

However, the Asura adventurer team had rejected all the offers. Although many superpowers had sent teams led by peak experts in retaliation, none of these teams succeeded. Moreover, these teams usually returned with heavy losses.

“Everyone’s here. Let’s go.”