Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2751 - Number One City in the Future

The Teleportation Hall was a five-story building with the footprint of three sports stadiums. The massive edifice looked as if it were the heart of this area.

Previously, the Teleportation Hall’s teleportation array had been suppressed by a magic barrier. However, now that the restriction was lifted, the teleportation array instantly stirred the Mana inside Silverwing City, exciting the Mana to flow toward the building. This sudden change stunned the players on the main street.

“Why does Silverwing City have a Teleportation Hall?”

“Crap! I never thought Zero Wing would actually play such a card!”

“Amazing! Simply amazing! So, this is Zero Wing’s true trump card?”

“This won’t do! I need to rent some Shops in Silverwing City now! I must rent them no matter the cost!”

The many players on the streets who were originally planning to leave Silverwing City for greener pastures were now in a hurry. Some of the players who were quick to respond hastened to Silverwing City’s City Lord’s Mansion immediately. “Hurry up!”


“Notify the Commander right away! We can’t let the Commander rent a house in another Guild City!”

“We got tricked by Zero Wing!”

Meanwhile, the various adventurer teams’ members frantically contacted their respective commanders lest they ruin their future by being even a tad slower.

As for the various large Guilds’ members, their initial gleeful expressions were now replaced with gapes of disbelief.

A Teleportation Hall!

This was a building all players in God’s Domain were familiar with. Everyone knew just how valuable a Guild City with a Teleportation Hall would be.

Compared to high-ranking constructions or Tier 4 NPC guards, a Teleportation Hall was many times more valuable.

After all, so long as a Guild City possessed a Teleportation Hall, it would be connected with the countless NPC cities of God’s Domain. The addition of a Teleportation Hall to a Guild City would be akin to a human living in the stone age instantly transforming into a human living in the modern era. The Teleportation Hall would elevate the standard of a Guild City by several levels.

When the various superpowers received news of this addition, they were momentarily dumbfounded. None of them ever expected Zero Wing to have such a card.

Meanwhile, the Zero Wing members inside Silverwing City reacted with surprise and joy.

“The Guild Leader is awesome! Those superpowers must be stupefied after this move!”

“With the Teleportation Hall, Silverwing City will definitely become the heart of the neighboring kingdoms and even the Black Dragon Empire. Now, even if the superpowers are powerful, they won’t be able to stop players from streaming into Silverwing City. Eventually, Silverwing City will become the number one city in this region!”

Initially, Zero Wing’s members all thought they were in for a bloody battle against the various superpowers. They never thought Shi Feng would bring them such a surprise.

Silverwing City was on a distant neutral map. With the addition of the Teleportation Hall to the city, adventurer teams and independent players could now save up on plenty of travel time by teleporting directly to the Orc Empire.

Even though the teleportation fees would be exorbitant, many expert players would rather pay the higher fee than waste their precious time.

The players of the neighboring kingdoms and empires were highly likely to visit Silverwing City. At that time, Silverwing City’s player population might exceed 10 million, or even 20 million.

The various superpowers’ attempt to suppress Zero Wing economically had become an utter joke.

The only problem remaining would be the superpowers covertly targeting Zero Wing’s members. However, that problem could be easily resolved. Zero Wing’s members could simply stop wearing their Guild Emblems and travel to other neutral maps to grind.

“Guild Leader, just a moment ago, over 2,000 players visited the City Lord’s Mansion to lease Shops from us. At this rate, it won’t take more than half a day before we rent out all our Shops,” Liang Jing said excitedly as she read the statistics report she just received. Many NPC merchants had withdrawn from Silverwing City after Zero Wing implemented the ban on NPCs. As a result, many Shops were vacant. However, with the current frenzy, Zero Wing didn’t have to worry about finding tenants for these Shops anymore. In fact, the number of players seeking to lease Shops from the city outnumbered the NPC merchants that had left, by a factor of ten or more.

Now, Silverwing City’s income surpassed even the previous total income of Zero Wing’s three Guild Cities.

“Mhm.” Shi Feng nodded, not at all surprised by this situation. “However, we need to tweak the rates of our Shops. Instead of just coins, anyone who wishes to lease Shops in the city will also need to pay Magic Crystals: 1,000 Magic Crystals per week for Shops in the city center and 300 Magic Crystals per week for Shops in the outer area. Also, have the Guilds’ members start making their way to Sky Spring City.”

In his previous life, any Guild that gained the War God’s Temple’s recognition had practically been immune to economic suppression. The only way to hinder an Official Guild’s development would be to destroy the said Guild’s Guild City that housed the Teleportation Hall.

Hence, the various superpowers had gone crazy fighting for the reserve seats. In fact, many powers would fight desperately just to secure a foreign aid position. Zero Wing’s becoming an Official Guild shortly after the first major update could be considered an incredibly fortunate matter. After all, the moment Zero Wing became an Official Guild, it was no longer competing on the same stage as the various superpowers. While it was indeed true that Zero Wing’s current foundation was no match for that of the various superpowers, Zero Wing’s potential was way above that of the superpowers.

Now, all Zero Wing needed to do was completely seal the Secret Covenant Tower and use it to rapidly develop the Guild’s strength before the NPC forces began their invasion. If everything went well, Zero Wing would just have to sit back, watch as the various powers got eliminated, and harvest the territories of these eliminated powers afterward.

Now, Zero Wing was in a race against time.

As for struggling against the superpowers, that was simply a waste of precious time. After all, in the past, less than 20% of the superpowers had survived the NPC forces’ invasion. Since the first major update had taken place much sooner this time, the outcome would most likely be even worse.

Meanwhile, after hearing Shi Feng’s orders, Liang Jing said excitedly, “I’ll have them start heading over now.” Afterward, the members of Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor in Silverwing City teleported to Sky Spring City one after another. The mass migration instantly flooded the desolate streets of Sky Spring City with players.

This scene also surprised the original inhabitants of Sky Spring City.

Subsequently, Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor made an announcement to every player in Sky Spring City, stating that their two Guilds would be imposing a lockdown on Sky Spring City and that any unaffiliated players caught trying to leave the city would be killed without question.

For a time, Sky Spring City’s players fell into turmoil.

Although Sky Spring City’s various powers couldn’t understand why Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor were doing such a thing, locking down an NPC city was child’s play for the two super-first-rate Guilds. Hence, after receiving the announcement, Sky Spring City’s various powers promptly fled the city, migrating their base of operations to other NPC cities. This, in turn, made Sky Spring City the exclusive haven of Zero Wing, Unyielding Soul, and Crimson Emperor.

At this time, a gigantic black eagle circled above the city.

Sitting on the Thunder Eagle’s back, Unyielding Heart pointed at the dozen or so Flying Mounts patrolling nearby and said proudly, “Brother Black Flame, Sky Spring City is now sealed off completely. Our two Guilds have organized a flying patrol squad to secure the skies. Now, not even a bird can fly out of the city.”

“It is indeed amazing. Players can’t fly out even if they want to.” Shi Feng felt a trace of admiration as he looked at Unyielding Soul’s and Crimson Emperor’s Flying Mounts.

He had to admit that the super-first-rate Guilds were indeed powerful. In an era where Flying Mounts were incredibly rare, Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor had actually managed to secure so many. Moreover, by the looks of it, these Flying Mounts were of considerably high quality. Even the weakest among them was at the Advanced Common rank, with two or three of them even reaching the Basic Extraordinary rank.

If a player did not possess an Advanced Extraordinary rank Flying Mount, they wouldn’t stand a chance against the coalition of these Flying Mounts.

However, Illusory Words shook her head at Unyielding Heart’s words. Unlike Unyielding Heart, she didn’t have a very optimistic view of the situation.

“I’m afraid the various superpowers will start paying even closer attention to us now. If we march boldly into the Secret Covenant Tower, I believe it won’t be long before news of it gets out. At that time, they will definitely do everything they can to investigate the matter. If that happens, the time we can keep the secret hidden will be very short. “And once the various superpowers find out about the Tier 3 Legacies, all of them on the eastern continent will disregard all costs to contest over the tower. With the amount of time we have, I’m afraid we won’t be able to secure many advantages from the tower.”

Under normal circumstances, their series of actions would’ve already caught plenty of attention. Now, they had even become the focus of the superpowers. Meanwhile, no secret could be kept forever-especially with massive organizations like their Guilds. No matter how hard they tried to keep the Secret Covenant Tower’s secret hidden, the secret would eventually get out.

The only way to prevent the secret from leaking would be to avoid informing the members of their Guild and prevent their Guild members from entering the Secret Covenant Tower at all. However, they couldn’t afford to take such an action.


Shi Feng nodded. He very much agreed with Illusory Words’s worries.

Compared to Illusory Words and Unyielding Heart, Shi Feng knew much more clearly just how much of an impact the Secret Covenant Tower would have on the continent of God’s Domain. Once the tower’s secret got out, the resulting struggle wouldn’t be a simple competition between superpowers. Instead, it would be a fight to the death. Quite a few superpowers had even perished during the struggle back then.

“However, we have already acted. We can’t possibly avoid entering the tower now, right?” Unyielding Heart also understood that the secret would get out very quickly once they began sending their members into the tower. In fact, the secret would still leak even if they allowed only a small number of the Guild’s confidants into the tower’s 30th floor and below.

“No!” Shi Feng shook his head. Smiling, he said, “We aren’t exactly without options to take full control of the Secret Covenant Tower.”

“What other options do we have?” Unyielding Heart asked as he looked at Shi Feng curiously.

In his opinion, once the secret got out, their three Guilds wouldn’t be able to retain their monopoly of the Secret Covenant Tower. The only thing they could do now was grind for as many Tier 3 Legacies as possible before the inevitable occurred.

Illusory Words also turned to look at Shi Feng, a trace of confusion in her eyes. “You’ll understand once you take a look at this,” Shi Feng said as he sent a document to the two people. He then added, “You must keep this matter a secret. You absolutely cannot let other people know about it. Otherwise, you will no longer have any connection with the Secret Covenant Tower in the future. In contrast, if we succeed in this matter, your two Guilds can each occupy 25% of the Secret Covenant Tower’s shares.”“What is it? Is this thing you speak of really so amazing?” Unyielding Heart felt that Shi Feng was indulging in hyperbole. The latter spoke as if the Secret Covenant Tower was already in the bag.

“You’re not talking about the Tier 4 Promotion Quest information, right?” Illusory Words joked.

Shaking his head, Shi Feng said, “You’ll understand once you see it.”

Immediately, Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words stopped speaking and opened the file Shi Feng sent them.

However, as soon as they read the information, their jaws dropped, their eyes widened in disbelief, and their hearts pounded with shock.

Looking at Shi Feng, Unyielding Heart asked in a quivering voice, “I-Is this real?”

The thing that Shi Feng had just shown them completely exceeded Unyielding Heart’s imagination. In fact, compared to it, the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest was worth less than dust.

After all, the thing that Shi Feng showed them could completely rewrite the status quo in God’s Domain. A Small Mobile Fortress!