Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2750 - Daunting Silverwing City

Silverwing City, Business Plaza:

Due to the news of the various superpowers targeting Zero Wing, the number of players occupying the city’s Business Plaza declined. Many players were afraid of becoming collateral damage.

The independent players that were initially planning on joining Zero Wing also began hesitating.

“And here I thought I could join Zero Wing and spread my wings after coming to Silverwing City. From the situation now, it seems I’ve made the wrong call.”

“I heard that many Zero Wing members withdrew from the Guild. The ones that chose to stay don’t even dare set foot outside Zero Wing’s Guild Cities.”

“If I were to say which Guild is the strongest right now, it would have to be Saint’s Hand. Why don’t we join Saint’s Hand? If we do, we won’t have to worry about those Faux Saint monsters.”

The players inside one of the city’s bars inevitably discussed whether they should head to other places to develop themselves. At this point, they no longer held any hope for Zero Wing

Meanwhile, in a corner of the bar, several cloaked men listened quietly to these conversations. The younger men among them revealed sneers on their faces when they heard about Zero Wing’s present situation.

“And here I thought the Guild she joined was some powerful existence,” a Level 122, Tier 3 Assassin youth, who radiated an aura that made even Tier 3 experts quail, said with displeasure. “It seems we were being overly concerned. To think we even went out of our way to come to this backwater. Zero Wing isn’t even comparable to one of the main continent’s Super Guilds. I really don’t know how it got so lucky to actually get her to join! Now, she’s not even willing to join us!”

“Old Six, don’t say that. Although this place isn’t much, I heard that those Super Guilds and super-first-rate Guilds have quite a few capable experts. We can use this opportunity to investigate these people and understand the standards of the experts here,” a cool-headed, middle-aged man sitting at the head of the group said, chuckling. “As for Zero Wing, we can just report the truth to the higher-ups once we return. At that time, she will definitely panic.”

“I guess so.” Smiling, the Assassin youth said, “If she’s willing to join us, I wouldn’t mind helping Zero Wing out a little.”

Just when the various superpowers and independent players thought that Silverwing City would become a ghost city, large groups of players suddenly appeared on the city’s streets one after another. These players filled the main streets and alleyways of the city, easily numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Moreover, every one of these players was formidable.

“What’s going on?” “Why are Crimson Emperor’s and Unyielding Soul’s members coming here?” “Are those two Guilds planning to work together with Zero Wing to oppose the various superpowers?” The players and powers residing in Silverwing City were momentarily dumbfounded, unable to understand what had gotten into the two super-first-rate Guilds for them to garrison so many of their members in Silverwing City. Moreover, this number was still increasing as time passed.

In just half an hour, the two Guilds had gathered over three million members in the city, livening up the previously desolate city significantly.

“Heart! Has your Guild gone mad?! You’re actually betting all your chips on Zero Wing?!” “Is Crimson Emperor trying to make an enemy out of us?”

In this situation, the various superpowers had to contact Unyielding Heart and Illusory Words, who were in charge of the operation this time. Although they knew that Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor could be considered Zero Wing’s allies, Zero Wing was currently going up against almost all of the eastern continent’s superpowers. Standing with Zero Wing now was no different from suicide. Yet, to the various superpowers’ astonishment, both Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor declared their intention to side with Zero Wing. Moreover, they even announced that they wouldn’t sit still and do nothing should those superpowers take action against Silverwing City.

However, Zero Wing’s move was even more unexpected than Unyielding Soul’s and Crimson Emperor’s. Zero Wing actually ordered all members above Level 100 to gather in Silverwing City. More than two million Zero Wing members appeared in Silverwing City.

At present, not only was Silverwing City far livelier than before, but the number of Tier 3 experts gathered in the city had also exceeded 10,000. This was more than what any other Guild City on the main continent had.

With more than 10,000 Tier 3 experts garrisoning Silverwing City, let alone the various superpowers, even the Five Great Super Guilds would have to be wary of the city.

It was no exaggeration to say that with this kind of power, Silverwing City could trample the various powers operating in the Orc Empire. If the superpowers wished to create any waves in Silverwing City, they would have to disregard cost and dispatch a large number of Tier 3 experts into the city’s surroundings. Anything less would be futile.

“Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor must’ve gone crazy! They’re actually willing to go to such an extent just to help Zero Wing?” When Cold Shadow received news of Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor’s actions, she, too, was surprised.

She had anticipated that Zero Wing had a trump card prepared. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have dared to provoke the various superpowers.

However, never had she expected Zero Wing’s trump card to be something like this!

At this moment, let alone Cold Shadow, someone who was hostile to Zero Wing, even Frost Heaven’s Seven Wonders was dumbfounded.

He never imagined that Zero Wing could make two super-first-rate Guilds bet all their chips on it.

With the combined force of the three Guilds, even the superpowers wouldn’t dare mess around. After all, those superpowers had dared to target Zero Wing before only because the Guild lacked background, resources, and funding. With their advantage in numbers and funding, they could easily suppress Zero Wing and make the Guild submit.

However, now that Zero Wing had two superpowers backing it, numbers and funding were no longer its weaknesses. If the superpowers wished to persecute Zero Wing, they would have to pay at least ten times the price they had to pay before.

The various superpowers weren’t the only ones confused by this situation; even Zero Wing’s internal members were at a loss.

“Damn! Our Guild was actually so awesome?!”

“But why did the Guild gather all of us in Silverwing City?”

“Are we going to occupy the Orc Capital City?”

The assembled Zero Wing members speculated exuberantly. After all, the strength currently gathered in Silverwing City was no laughing matter. A force of 10,000-plus Tier 3 experts was more than enough to flatten the Orc Capital City’s inner area. They might even be able to put up a fight in the core area.

“Guild Leader, all our Level 100-plus members have arrived. The two Guilds are also ready to set off for Sky Spring City at any time,” Liang Jing reported excitedly.

She had maintained her calm while everyone else in the Guild was panicking over Zero Wing’s predicament. This was because she had found out about the Secret Covenant Tower’s matter ahead of time and Zero Wing’s settlement into Sky Spring City.

So long as Zero Wing sealed off Sky Spring City, outsiders would have difficulty setting foot out of the city. Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s members could travel freely to the Secret Covenant Tower to grind for levels. They wouldn’t need to worry about heading elsewhere to level up. At that time, it would become almost impossible for the superpowers to harm Zero Wing’s Guild members.

Not to mention, when the various superpowers’ members grinded for levels out in the fields, the interference of those troublesome NPCs would greatly reduce their leveling speed. This, in turn, would further widen the gap in leveling speeds between the superpowers’ members and Zero Wing’s members.

“Alright. Open the Teleportation Hall now,” Shi Feng said, nodding. Although things had developed somewhat differently from his original plan, it wouldn’t affect the overall situation. Afterward, all Zero Wing had to do was watch as the various superpowers struggled to cope with the increasing number of NPCs and NPC forces.


With great excitement, Liang Jing instructed her subordinates to remove the walls and various camouflage buildings around the Teleportation Hall.

The next moment, several seven- and eight-story-tall buildings along the city’s main street disappeared. Not only did the disappearance of these buildings create a spacious plaza, but there was even a massive five-story-tall building in the center of this plaza.

When the players walking on Silverwing City’s main street saw this building, they were immediately dumbfounded.

The building sitting in the plaza was something very familiar to them.

“A Teleportation Hall?!”