Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2749 - Tier 4 Promotion Quest’s Secret

“This is madness. He has truly gone mad.”

After hanging up the call, Yuan Tiexin fell speechless. He never thought that Shi Feng would be so stubborn. Shi Feng clearly could’ve settled things easily so long as he made some concessions, yet he had adamantly refused to do so.

“Uncle Yuan, many of those superpowers have already begun joining forces. When they find out that Zero Wing is unwilling to concede at all, they will definitely take action,” Purple Jade said as she read the report her subordinate just sent her.

Zero Wing’s present situation could be said to be very bad.

According to the report, over 15 superpowers had already agreed to work together to deal with Zero Wing “Forget it. He can do whatever he wants. The clash between the various superpowers and Zero Wing will most likely drag on for some time. After all, Zero Wing’s three cities are too difficult to take down. We’ll see who can last until the end,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head. A glimmer of light then flashed in his eyes as he continued, “Also, we still have more important matters to deal with. If we succeed in this upcoming operation, the Secret Pavilion can thoroughly surpass the various superpowers. At that time, even the Five Great Super Guilds will have to fear us.”

“Mhm. I’ll make the necessary preparations,” Purple Jade said, her eyes similarly filled with joy and excitement.

Tier 4 had never been the end of God’s Domain. Instead, it was only the beginning.

The Secret Pavilion had been waiting for this moment for far too long. Now, it could finally fulfill its long-cherished wish.

Dark Night Empire, Starlink’s Residence:

“Hahaha! Good! That’s what Zero Wing should do! That’s right! Go and thoroughly offend those superpowers!” Lu Xingluo laughed happily when he received news of Zero Wing’s actions.

Previously, he had had a huge headache over how to deal with Zero Wing. However, Zero Wing had actually taken the initiative to offend even more superpowers. With this, he would have a much easier time destroying Zero Wing.

As Lu Xingluo was celebrating in joy, a robust man covered in a Black Cloak and runic bandages suddenly entered his office.

“Sorry for the long wait, Young Master Lu,” the robust, middle-aged man said as he arrived before Lu Xingluo. He then continued in a low tone, “We have resolved most of the troubles there already. We are only waiting for your side now.”

“Good! You came at the perfect time! This time, even the heavens want Zero Wing dead!” Lu Xingluo grew even more excited when he looked at the mysterious middle-aged man. “Leave it to me. “I’ll definitely persuade those old fellows to give you their full help.”

“Thank you, Young Master Lu,” the robust man said. “So long as this operation succeeds, the lord of our household will also assist Young Master Lu in quelling all your enemies!”

“I believe you. After all, no one has a better understanding of God’s Domain than you guys right now,” Lu Xingluo said, smiling.

Be it this robust man or the person backing him, Lu Xingluo placed immense trust in them. In the eyes of these people, the various superpowers were negligible. Given enough time, these people could even take on the Five Great Super Guilds simultaneously. This was because the Five Great Super Guilds did not understand God’s Domain at all. What they knew now was only the tip of the iceberg.

Orc Empire, Zero Wing’s Residence:

“Guild Leader, aside from one person, no superpower has stepped forward to purchase the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest,” Youlan said. As she watched Shi Feng casually sort the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest, her head throbbed. “Judging by the other superpowers’ actions, they don’t plan to buy it.”

Since these superpowers had no intention of purchasing the information, their next action was obvious—they would fight for it.

They would fight a war of attrition that would last days and weeks. Meanwhile, Zero Wing’s opponent this time would no longer be just one or two superpowers. Instead, almost all of the eastern continent’s superpowers would become Zero Wing’s enemies.

“There’s actually a fool trying to buy it?” Shi Feng was surprised when he heard Youlan’s words.

Truthfully, he had never once thought that any of the superpowers would purchase his information at the price he quoted. He was sorting through the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest only because his own Guild needed it.

After all, quite a few Zero Wing members already possessed the strength and level required to challenge their Tier 4 Promotion Quest. All they lacked was the knowledge of how to search for their respective Tier 4 Legacy Lands and the process of obtaining their Tier 4 Legacies.

“…” Youlan was momentarily rendered speechless by Shi Feng’s response. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “You know this person, Guild Leader.” “I know them? Is it the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin?” After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng felt that among his acquaintances, only the Secret Pavilion’s Yuan Tiexin could afford to purchase his information. As for Frost Heaven, the Guild had just participated in the reserve seat competition. It definitely did not possess 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals at this point.

“No, it’s Mythology’s Cold Shadow,” Youlan said, shaking her head. She then asked hesitantly, “Guild Leader, are you really planning to sell it to her?”

Due to the reserve seat competition, Zero Wing was now on Mythology’s radar. If they sold information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest to Mythology now, it would be incredibly disadvantageous for Zero Wing.

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I sell it?” Shi Feng answered without hesitation. “We already announced our intention to do business. Since we said we would sell the information, we naturally can’t go back on our word. Otherwise, the various superpowers will have even more reason to target us.”

He was in urgent need of Seven Luminaries Crystals right now.

Although he had some methods for obtaining a large amount of the crystal, these methods required a lot of time to execute. He wasn’t certain he could collect enough Seven Luminaries Crystals to surpass the top three rankers of the Upper Zone’s contribution competition within the next two months. At best, he could secure one of the top 20 positions.

Gaining 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal now would save him a lot of trouble.

“However, White Feather has stated that we cannot mention this transaction to anybody else,” Youlan said. “They want this to be a secret between only our two sides. They also want to sign a contract to this effect.”

“That won’t be a problem. Even if they didn’t suggest it, we would’ve asked them to sign a confidentiality agreement that restricts them from sharing the information with outsiders,” Shi Feng said.

Information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest was like a hot potato right now. Anyone holding it would be struck with misfortune. Even a Super Guild like Mythology wouldn’t be safe. Hence, it was very normal for Mythology not to want outsiders to find out about this transaction.

“Make a copy of everything here and give it to them,” Shi Feng instructed as he handed the compiled information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest to Youlan.

“Everything?” Youlan was surprised to hear Shi Feng’s words.

The players of God’s Domain were still ignorant of the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. In fact, even Zero Wing’s members knew nothing about it. If they sold all this information to Mythology, that would be akin to throwing away all their advantages.

“Mhm. Everything.” Shi Feng nodded. “Since the other party is willing to pay an astronomical price for this information, I naturally won’t be stingy. Not to mention, the secret to the Tier 4 Promotion Quest isn’t a secret at all. Once the various superpowers learn about it, we can let them know how ridiculous their fantasies about the secret are.”

Information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest was indeed incredibly precious. At the very least, that was the case now.

However, once one of the various superpowers’ experts successfully reached Tier 4, the information he was selling would be worthless.

Yes. It didn’t matter how much information he provided about the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. The real value of his information was simply in helping to produce the first Tier 4 player as quickly as possible. Moreover, the so-called information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest couldn’t actually be considered a secret.

This was because locating the Tier 4 Legacy Land and resolving the problems one would encounter in the Legacy Land were both problems that players needed to resolve on their own. The only information he could provide was the method to search for Tier 4 Legacy Lands. Whether one could locate their Legacy Land with this information would still depend on their luck.

After all, Tier 4 Legacy Lands did not have a fixed position. They would appear at random in God’s Domain.

The Tier 4 Legacy Lands were all located in spaces outside of the main continents. What players needed to do to visit these Legacy Lands was find the randomly occurring spatial nodes that could teleport them to these Legacy Lands.

In addition to the information on how to search for Tier 4 Legacy Lands, the only other valuable information he provided was the process of learning one’s Legacy during the Promotion Quest. With this information, one wouldn’t go into one’s Promotion Quest blind. Even so, the amount of help this information could provide was limited because the process of learning one’s Legacy depended entirely on the individual. Outsiders couldn’t help in this matter.

Meanwhile, the method he provided to search for Tier 4 Legacy Lands was to venture into incredibly dangerous neutral maps of at least Level 130. The more dangerous a neutral map was, the more likely one could find a Tier 4 Legacy Land. Only by searching in these maps would one have a greater chance of locating a Tier 4 Legacy Land. Aside from this method, there was no other way.

If he excluded these bits of information, then the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest he sold would be nothing but a scam.

After reading the information, Youlan was stunned.

“This is the Tier 4 Promotion Quest’s secret?” Youlan suddenly felt the urge to laugh.

The various superpowers were currently desperately trying to obtain information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. However, if they were to learn the exact details of the information…

They would most likely lose their minds.

After all, in the information Shi Feng compiled, there was nothing whatsoever that could increase one’s success rate with the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. The funny thing was, the various superpowers thought that they could have an easier time producing Tier 4 players so long as they had this information. In fact, they were so staunch in their belief that they were waging war against Zero Wing. In reality, by targeting Zero Wing, all the superpowers were doing was wasting precious time when they could be improving themselves.

“That’s right. This is the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “I can even announce to those superpowers, right now, that they have already been eliminated from the struggle for hegemony in God’s Domain!”

As Shi Feng and Youlan were conversing, Liang Jing suddenly entered the room.

“Guild Leader, Unyielding Soul and Crimson Emperor are ready. They can take action as soon as you give the command,” Liang Jing said excitedly.

“Good! Have them start moving!” Shi Feng said, nodding. “It’s about time we let these so-called superpowers know how laughable their actions are!”