Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2748 - Better to Die on Your Feet Than Live on Your Knees

Neutral Map, Crimson Rain Forest:

In a forest where crimson rain poured, a team of 1,000 Tier 3 players was frantically fighting a horde of over 10,000 Level 120-plus Bloodthirsty Beasts.

Even the weakest of these Bloodthirsty Beasts were Level 121 Chieftains, while the strongest were Level 126 Grand Lords.

On the players’ side, shield-wielding Guardian Knights and Shield Warriors stood in the forefront.

On the Bloodthirsty Beasts’ side, Iron-armored Beasts, whose strength lay in their Defense, spearheaded a charge against the Guardian Knights and Shield Warriors. After the first group of Iron-armored Beasts completed their ramming attack, another group would immediately follow in an endless loop. Meanwhile, the Herculean Beasts standing at the rear of the Bloodthirsty Beasts’ formation would uproot the crimson trees around them and hurl the trees at the players, the trees dyeing the sky an extra tint of red. The Bloodthirsty Beasts’ terrifying formation was one that even Tier 3 players accustomed to group battles would be afraid of. Ordinary Tier 3 players wouldn’t risk a frontal confrontation with these monsters. However, despite facing such a fierce and ruthless assault, the 1,000-man team fighting the Bloodthirsty Beasts remained unfazed.

“We’ve attracted enough! Magical team, attack!” a valiant, long-haired woman standing near the frontline of the team commanded as more and more Bloodthirsty Beasts gathered around the team.

Immediately, the several hundred magical-class players standing at the center of the team’s formation began chanting complex incantations simultaneously. Every verse the players chanted drew more of the ambient Mana, making it stronger and more violent.

Four seconds later, the ground began to shake violently. Huge cracks then appeared 500 yards away from these magical-class players, right under the Bloodthirsty Beasts, causing the monsters’ formation to collapse instantly.

“Swordsmen and Berserkers, open a path! Rangers and Assassins, prioritize killing the Bloodthirsty Chieftains commanding the monsters!”

Upon seeing the Bloodthirsty Beasts’ formation’s collapse, the long-haired woman had the team disperse into multiple units and prioritize killing the Bloodthirsty Beasts that led the horde.

As for the long-haired woman, like a demon in the night, she instantly appeared behind a seven-meter-tall, Level 126 Grand Lord.

The next moment, she brandished the daggers she wielded, the weapons distorting space and repeatedly stabbing the Grand Lord’s back over a dozen times. Every stab inflicted over -500,000 damage, the series of attacks instantly plundering nearly 8,000,000 HP from the Bloodthirsty Chieftain.

After the successful attack, darkness enveloped the long-haired woman’s body. This cloak of darkness then expanded to envelop the Grand Lord entirely before rapidly recondensing in front of it.

Psh! Psh! Psh!

Blood suddenly spurted from the Bloodthirsty Chieftain’s four limbs. Not only did its mobility get reduced significantly, but its HP was even falling at a rate of 700,000 per second. The three Level 124 Great Lord ranked Bloodthirsty Guards nearby faced similar fates. Blood gushed out of their limbs, and their mobility plummeted as if their bodies had become frozen.

After around 15 more minutes of battle, this Bloodthirsty Chieftain and three Bloodthirsty Guards collapsed to the ground, the life in their eyes vanishing

Meanwhile, the other Bloodthirsty Beasts on the battlefield were also mostly dead. The items they dropped were strewn all over the place. However, none of the combatants chose to pick up these items. Instead, they continued advancing deeper into the Crimson Rain Forest in an orderly manner, leaving behind a few parties of Assassins to clean up the battlefield.

At this time, a Level 119 female Guardian Knight approached the long-haired woman in command of the team. She then said quietly, “Vice Guild Leader, news just came from Zero Wing. They say they’re willing to sell information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest.”

“Oh? He’s actually willing to sell the information?” Cold Shadow was surprised to hear White Feather’s words.

In her opinion, the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest was Shi Feng’s greatest trump card in God’s Domain. It was something he definitely would not sell to other people.

“He is willing to sell, but the price he demands is incredibly high,” White Feather said with an ugly expression, emphasizing the words “incredibly high.”

“Incredibly high?” Chuckling, Cold Shadow asked, “How much does he want?”

“Five thousand units of Seven Luminaries Crystal,” White Feather replied in a low tone. “Shi Feng obviously has no intention of selling that information! He’s clearly just messing with us!”

“Five thousand units? He really knows how to set a price,” Cold Shadow said, smiling. “I’m guessing that those superpowers are fuming at Zero Wing at this point. They’ll most likely disregard all costs and take action against Zero Wing.”

“That’s for sure. There’s no way those superpowers can afford to pay 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. If they want that information, their only option is to work together and declare war on Zero Wing,” White Feather said, nodding.

Shi Feng was basically treating the various superpowers as fools by demanding such an exorbitant price. The various superpowers would be insane to go along with him.

“Fine. Go and notify Zero Wing that I’m buying it!” Cold Shadow said, smiling.

“You’re buying it?” White Feather’s eyes widened immediately as she stared at Cold Shadow in disbelief. “Vice Guild Leader, that’s 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals we’re talking about!” While Mythology could indeed disburse 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals, it would still suffer from the loss. Not to mention, the Guild’s higher-ups kept reiterating that the Seven Luminaries Crystal was the Guild’s most important resource and must not be used randomly.

“That’s right! I’m buying it!” Cold Shadow nodded. She then asked White Feather, “Do you think Zero Wing’s people are fools?”

After giving the matter some thought, White Feather answered, “They shouldn’t be, but they’re still too arrogant!”

Yes. Zero Wing was arrogant to the bones. The Guild was not taking the various superpowers seriously at all. “That’s enough, then. Since they’re not fools, they should be aware of the consequences of pulling such a stunt.” In a slightly resentful tone, Cold Shadow added, “Although I detest Zero Wing, the fact that Zero Wing has survived until now shows that the Guild isn’t as simple as we think it is. Even Sir Odin gave up on killing Shi Feng. You can tell how extraordinary he is.”

“But that’s 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal!” White Feather couldn’t help repeating herself. “The Guild definitely won’t agree to this transaction.”

“I already said that I would buy it, not the Guild,” Cold Shadow said, shaking her head. “So, we don’t need to worry about what the Guild will say about this.”

“Vice Guild Leader, if you buy it, you’ll be giving away all the Seven Luminaries Crystals you’ve saved to Zero Wing.” White Feather was even more shocked at Cold Shadow’s words. Hurriedly, she warned, “In this case, I’m afraid you will have to postpone becoming the First Vice Guild Leader indefinitely.”

Seven Luminaries Crystals had always been very important to Mythology. Hence, Cold Shadow had constantly been stockpiling the crystals since early on so that she could contribute them to the Guild during a critical moment and have the Guild recognize her value.

However, if Cold Shadow used up her entire stockpile, gaining recognition would be difficult.

“While Seven Luminaries Crystals are indeed important, getting promoted to Tier 4 is much more important right now.” Gazing at the endless crimson forest ahead of her, Cold Shadow said seriously, “The places Tier 3 players can visit are too limited. Only after reaching Tier 4 can players venture into more valuable locations. Hence, our first priority now is to reach Tier 4. Then, we can easily earn back those crystals!”

In reality, Cold Shadow felt extremely upset by Shi Feng’s actions; she wanted nothing more than to give him a few hundred deaths right now. However, in the current God’s Domain, only Shi Feng knew how to get promoted to Tier 4 quickly and the exact details of the Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

Getting her hands on this information would be equivalent to securing herself an absolute advantage.

After all, she had reached Level 120 already With Zero Wing’s information, she could undoubtedly reach Tier 4 ahead of everyone else in the Guild. She could be the first to venture into places that players currently considered taboo and continuously strengthen herself. At that time, even becoming the strongest expert of Mythology’s younger generation wouldn’t be impossible.

“I understand. I’ll make the necessary preparations now.” Seeing the determination in Cold Shadow’s eyes, White Feather understood that there was nothing she could say to dissuade Cold Shadow from her decision.

At present, the various superpowers should already have players at Level 120. If Cold Shadow could reach Tier 4 ahead of everyone else, her authority in the Guild would definitely increase.

Of course, Cold Shadow was also making a gamble.

She was betting that Zero Wing would not lose to the various superpowers and that Zero Wing could survive the upcoming battle. In that case, she would obtain an absolute advantage.

However, White Feather wasn’t aware of how crazy Cold Shadow actually was.

In Cold Shadow’s opinion, it did not matter whether Zero Wing could survive or not. She would be satisfied so long as she could get her hands on this opportunity.

Orc Empire, Silverwing City:

“Dammit! Zero Wing is clearly toying with us!” “That’s right! We are kindly offering to purchase his information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest, yet he’s repaying us like this!”

“Let’s just join hands. So long as we join forces to hinder Zero Wing’s operations, Zero Wing will have to yield to us.”

“Yes. With our combined strength, there’s no chance whatsoever that Zero Wing will survive.”

Many of the superpowers operating in Silverwing City secretly came to an agreement to suppress Zero Wing. They began targeting Zero Wing’s members to force Zero Wing into obediently surrendering the information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest.

Meanwhile, inside Zero Wing’s Residence, Shi Feng received a call from Yuan Tiexin.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, you’ve gone too far this time. Even if you want to sell the Tier 4 Promotion Quest’s information, you could’ve just asked for 1,000 units. I believe most superpowers would be willing to pay such a price. You will also get to make a big profit. Why must you have Zero Wing make an enemy out of the superpowers?” Yuan Tiexin said in exasperation.

For the various superpowers, paying 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals was akin to forking over their lives. However, a price of only 1,000 units would still be palatable to many superpowers. At that time, not only would Zero Wing earn a bunch of Seven Luminaries Crystals, but the various superpowers also wouldn’t seek trouble with Zero Wing. It would be the best of both worlds.

Yet, Shi Feng had chosen to take the worst possible action.

“Make enemies?” Chuckling, Shi Feng said, “I never intended to become enemies with them. Also, you’re wrong about one thing, Elder Yuan. They are the ones forcing Zero Wing to sell information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. We aren’t selling it because we want to. I’ve given them my price. If they can’t afford it, how is it my fault?”

“What you say is indeed correct…” Yuan Tiexin naturally understood Shi Feng’s take on this situation. However, Zero Wing’s circumstances were inferior to the various superpowers’. Meanwhile, having wealth without the strength necessary to protect it became a sin. “But those superpowers won’t share your way of thinking. They will definitely cooperate in secret to target Zero Wing’s members. At that time, Zero Wing’s members will shed a river of blood.”

The various superpowers might be incapable of breaking through the defenses of Zero Wing’s Guild Cities right now, but having people target Zero Wing’s members out in the fields would be a piece of cake.

There was no way Zero Wing’s members could avoid going out to grind for levels. There was also no way Zero Wing could have peak experts escort and protect every Guild member.

Once the various superpowers took action, Zero Wing would eventually lose members in large numbers.

As for Zero Wing retaliating against the various superpowers?

The superpowers’ scheme wasn’t going to be something as straightforward as a frontal confrontation. Instead, they would be taking covert action against Zero Wing. In that case, how could Zero Wing possibly determine which superpower was actually taking action against it?

Moreover, even if Zero Wing managed to identify the superpowers responsible for the attacks, with there being so many superpowers, could Shi Feng possibly win against them all?

He would exhaust himself to death just by running about the numerous maps!

However, in response to Yuan Tiexin’s words, Shi Feng said calmly, “We’ll shed rivers of blood, then!”