Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2747 - Crazed Eastern Continent

The Earthfire Pterodactyl collapsed to the ground and shook the entire valley. However, despite witnessing the World Boss’s death, none of the spectating players charged forward to try to steal some of its loot.

Silence enveloped the valley, a silence so overwhelming that it felt as if time had stopped inside the valley.

When the various spectating players looked at the cloaked man wielding the runic black sword, fear and awe filled their eyes. It was as if they had just seen a god.

“Is he…really a player?”.

Such thoughts surfaced in the spectating players’ minds as they looked at Shi Feng hovering in midair.

Shi Feng had killed a Level 99 Mythic ranked World Boss, just like that. Rather than a World Boss, it looked more like some Elite monster he found by the roadside, one that was utterly incapable of putting up any resistance.

“Who is he?”

“There’s no way a player can be this strong! That’s a Level 99 World Boss we’re talking about! Even a 100-man, Tier 3 team wouldn’t necessarily be able to take it down! He must be an NPC in disguise!”

When looking at Shi Feng’s hovering figure, some players even hugged their heads and began laughing maniacally. They simply couldn’t bring themselves to believe that such a massive gap between players could exist.

However, Shi Feng paid the shocked players and the maddened players no heed whatsoever. Instead, he arrived beside the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s corpse and began collecting its loot.

God’s Domain was not reality. In the game world, just the gradual accumulation of Basic Attributes was sufficient to turn a player into a monster in the eyes of other players, what more the qualitative improvements brought about by tier upgrades. Moreover, there was a two-tier gap between Shi Feng and the spectating players. In the eyes of Tier 2 players, Tier 4 players would be no different from gods. In fact, a Tier 4 player could kill scads of Tier 2 players with just a flick of their hand.

The World Boss Shi Feng fought hadn’t even reached Level 100. In God’s Domain, monsters that hadn’t reached Level 100 couldn’t be considered strong at all.

Otherwise, the various major powers wouldn’t be contesting so frantically for World Bosses below Level 100. It was precisely because these powers were incapable of defeating Level 100-plus World Bosses that they had to settle for pre-Level 100 World Bosses.

Oh? A good piece of Epic Equipment dropped. Shi Feng was slightly surprised as he looked at the sacred mage robe in his hands.

[Whistling Light Robe] (Cloth Armor, Epic Rank)

Level 40 – Level 110

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 1,500, Vitality 1,300

Defense +340 (Level 40)

Strength +20, Agility +24, Intelligence +63, Vitality +31, Endurance +25;

Ignore Levels +4;

Defensive Skills +2 Levels;

Cast Range increased by 20%; Intelligence and Vitality increased by 10%.

Additional Passive Skill 1–

Spiritual Light: When the user’s Concentration falls below 50%, Mana consumption is reduced by 30%, and casting speed increases by 30%. Additional Passive Skill 2

Mana Armor: Automatically absorbs Mana in a 100-yard radius to protect the user. Improves Mana perception by 20%, increases Magic Resistance by 20%, and improves Spell effects by 20%.

Two-piece set effect: The upper level limit of all Whistling Light set pieces is increased to Level 150.

Four-piece set effect: All Attributes are increased by 20%, and the effect of all Spells is increased by 20%.

Six-piece set effect: Gain the protection of light, improving physique by 30% and Mana affinity by 20%. Gain the Mana Heart Skill. When activated, forcibly elevates the strength of the user’s Mana by one tier for one minute. The Skill has a one-hour Cooldown.

The Whistling Light Set had seven pieces in total. It could be considered top-tier even among Epic Set Equipment. So long as a magical-class player had two set pieces, they could use the set until they reached Level 150.

If Tier 4 Great Wizard managed to gather six pieces of the set, they would become a devastating existence. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the Whistling Light Set was one of the best set equipment for magical-class players under Tier 5.

However, only World Bosses under Level 150 dropped the Whistling Light Set. The drop-rate was also random. Hence, collecting a full set would be incredibly difficult.

I can get Fire and the others to raid World Bosses under Level 120 more frequently. If we can gather a full set, be it Violet or Aqua who uses the set, neither will have to replace their equipment before reaching Tier 5. When Shi Feng looked at the Whistling Light Robe, he felt the need to collect the full Whistling Light Set. If Violet Cloud or Aqua Rose equipped the full set before reaching Tier 5, they would become nigh-invincible against Tier 4 opponents. Shi Feng stored the Whistling Light Robe and collected the remaining items the Earthfire Pterodactyl dropped. Besides the Whistling Light Robe, the Level 99 World Boss had dropped a dozen pieces of Level 100 Dark-Gold and Fine-Gold Weapons and Equipment, a large amount of materials, Magic Crystals, potion recipes, etc. After putting all these items in his bag space, he promptly flew away from the valley.

When the various major powers’ members saw Shi Feng leaving, they sighed in relief. “With that longsword and that frightening destructive power, he should be Black Flame, right?”

“I tagged along with my Guild executives to watch the reserve seat competition. That guy indeed looks a lot like Black Flame. They must be the same person. Black Flame is also the only known Tier 4 player in the game right now, and only Tier 4 classes could possibly display such scary strength.”

“So, he’s the Sword King? Isn’t he a little too amazing!?”

After Shi Feng’s figure was out of sight, some of the spectating players guessed Shi Feng’s identity. And in no time at all, everyone present began talking about him, their discussions becoming especially heated when the topic touched on Tier 4 classes.

When the players present recalled the scene of Shi Feng chopping off one of the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s wings, they couldn’t help yearning to reach Tier 4.

Previously, no one had a clear concept of Tier 4 classes. Even the players who had spectated the reserve seat competition at the War God’s Temple did not find Tier 4 classes to be particularly amazing. At most, Tier 4 existences were invincible among Tier 3 players.

But now, everyone was truly shocked by the strength of Tier 4 classes.

A Tier 4 player had actually single-handedly defeated a Mythic ranked World Boss. How could anyone not yearn for such strength?

Very quickly, news of Shi Feng slaying the Earthfire Pterodactyl spread across God’s Domain.

After the various major powers’ executives watched Shi Feng’s battle video, they gained a newfound appreciation of Tier 4 classes. Simultaneously, their eyes burned with a passionate flame as the ambition they had lost due to the NPCs’ upsurgence returned. “Tier 4! Mobilize all available manpower in the Guild to find out how Zero Wing managed to complete the Tier 4 Promotion Quest!”

“The era of Tier 3 classes is over! From now on, we have only one goal, and that is Tier 4!”

“So long as we can secure ourselves a Tier 4 player, we’ll be unstoppable!”

For a time, the various powers searched frantically for information relating to Tier 4 Legacies, going as far as trying to plant spies in Zero Wing. Some superpowers even directly contacted Zero Wing’s executives and offered to pay astronomical prices for all information regarding Tier 4 classes.

Simultaneously, a wave of discussions spread through the various kingdoms’ and empires’ forums. Just the video of Shi Feng’s fight against the Earthfire Pterodactyl alone had garnered over a billion views already. Everyone on the forums discussed what exactly Tier 4 classes were, what the upper limit of these classes’ combat power was, and whether a Tier 4 player could solo a Mythic monster of the same level.

The topic of Tier 4 swept across the entire eastern continent, setting off a craze.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng left the Fiery Ridge, message prompts and call requests immediately inundated his communication interface.

At a glance, he noticed that the message prompts had already reached the upper limit of 9,999. He had also received several hundred call requests. Moreover, this was with his interface set to automatically reject communication from non-friends. Without this block in place, his communication interface would probably have blown up.

“Guild Leader, you really caused a huge mess this time.” When Youlan finally managed to get through to Shi Feng, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “The entire world is now looking for Tier 4 Legacy Lands. Zero Wing has also become the target of all the powers. Everyone is trying to get information about Tier 4 Legacy Lands from us.”

Currently, all of Zero Wing’s executives were being harassed by the various powers. Youlan herself had been contacted by over 20 superpowers, with every one of them offering to purchase information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest at astronomical prices.

If Zero Wing did not respond to these requests, it would be akin to offending all of these superpowers. At that time, Zero Wing would really be in danger of extermination.

“An accident. It really was an accident,” Shi Feng said apologetically. “I didn’t expect something like this to happen, either.”

He had only thought to try out the Fearless Cabin’s effects. He had not anticipated such a development. Not to mention, from a certain perspective, the Fearless Cabin’s effects were truly astonishing “What should we do now?” Youlan asked, frowning. “If we refuse all of them, we’ll make an enemy out of every superpower on the eastern continent.”

After giving the matter some thought, Shi Feng said, “How about this? Announce that Zero Wing is willing to sell information on the Tier 4 Promotion Quest. However, the price of the information is 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystals!”

“Five thousand units? Guild Leader, isn’t this a little…” Youlan gaped at Shi Feng’s price.

The price tag of 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal already went beyond gouging. Shi Feng was basically asking the various superpowers to hand over their lives!

A superpower could be considered wealthy if they even had 3,000 or 4,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal on hand. With many superpowers having participated in the recent reserve seat competition, they definitely would have much fewer Seven Luminaries Crystals available than before. Hence, the price of 5,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal would be beyond most superpowers right now.

“Just notify them,” Shi Feng instructed, having no intention whatsoever of compromising. “I’ve already set my price. As for their willingness to purchase the information, that is none of our business.”

“Alright, but I won’t care for what happens next,” Youlan said as she nodded her head helplessly.

Afterward, she publicized Shi Feng’s price to the various powers.