Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2746 - Fearless Cabin’s Effects

Twin Towers Kingdom, Fiery Ridge:

As a Level 90 map in the Twin Towers Kingdom, the Fiery Ridge was popular with Level 90-plus players, who would come here to grind for levels. However, these players didn’t do so just because it was suitable for players of their level.

Instead, it was also because the Earthfire Pterodactyl, a Level 96 World Boss, would appear in the Fiery Ridge from time to time.

Compared to other World Bosses, the Earthfire Pterodactyl was much easier to raid. So long as players met the high requirement for Fire Resistance, even a 100-man team made up of Tier 3 players could take it down.

Hence, while grinding for levels in the Fiery Ridge, the various large Guilds’ newcomers would also check whether the Earthfire Pterodactyl had respawned.

If the World Boss had respawned, they would notify their Guilds immediately, and their respective Guilds would send a team to raid it. Not only could the players contributing to the World Boss’s discovery earn a bunch of GCPs, but they might even get a piece of Level 100 Fine-Gold Equipment if they were lucky. “More and more NPCs have been competing with us for monsters recently. Fortunately, this place is quite far from NPC cities, and there aren’t any villages or towns nearby. Otherwise, we would lose even this leveling spot,” a Level 97, Tier 2 Shield Warrior said. As he looked at the corpses of a dozen Level 95 Chieftains and one Level 96 Lord before him, he couldn’t help sighing ruefully.

Ever since the major system update, the good days of grinding as many monsters as they wished were no more. Now, NPCs were frequently seen hunting monsters in groups in almost all leveling maps. Moreover, these NPCs would generally be ten levels higher than the map they were grinding in. They also boasted enviable weapons and equipment, with even the lowest-quality piece being at the Dark-Gold rank. Many of these NPCs even wielded Epic Weapons. As a result, almost no player would dare mess around with these NPCs.

“Indeed, we are lucky. According to some of the Tier 3 bigshots in the Guild, Level 100 neutral maps are infested with Level 130-plus, Tier 3 NPCs. There are more NPCs than monsters in some places. This forced the others in the Guild to travel to farther locations. Now, their travel time is twice as long as before,” a Level 91, Tier 2 Oracle commented.

“However, this is also our chance. Now that the leveling speed of players under Level 100 is much faster than of players above Level 100, if we catch up to the average level of the mainstream players and get promoted to Tier 3, we’ll be set for life,” a Level 95, Tier 2 Ranger said excitedly.

Although God’s Domain had been popular since its early stages, it wasn’t as popular as it was now. At present, almost nobody in the real world did not know of God’s Domain’s existence.

Meanwhile, the competition in God’s Domain was intensifying by the day. Now, reaching Level 100 and entering Level 100 neutral maps was akin to going from a Normal Mode Dungeon to a Hell Mode Dungeon. The difficulty of leveling up increased drastically. Although this was bad news for mainstream players, it was undoubtedly good news for newcomers like themselves. As they had joined God’s Domain much later than mainstream players, they had missed out on plenty of opportunities during the game’s early stages. Now was the perfect opportunity for them to catch up.

At present, the various Guilds were frantically recruiting Tier 3 experts, with some Guilds even promising a considerable monthly income.

Some students that played God’s Domain were currently earning more money than society’s white-collar elites. This situation drew more and more working-class members and elderly people into joining God’s Domain to earn extra income to subsidize their living expenditures.

As the members of this six-man party were conversing among themselves, a sudden shockwave swept over them.


The intense shockwave made the surrounding trees sway and shake. Even the earth shuddered slightly. “What’s going on?”

The Level 97 Guardian Knight looked toward the shockwave’s source in astonishment.

However, before anyone could react to the situation, a high-pitched noise forced the six players to shield their ears.

“This is definitely the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s screech!” the young Ranger said, his eyes glowing:

So long as they reported this piece of news back to the Guild, they would make a great contribution.

“The Earthfire Dragon should be in that location,” the Guardian Knight said, pointing toward a valley in the west. “Quick! This thing won’t wait for anyone!”

After briefly exchanging looks, the six players dashed toward the valley.

Although they didn’t know who angered the Earthfire Pterodactyl, all they needed to do now was locate the World Boss and wait for the Guild to send a Tier 3 team to raid it.

As for the possibility of other Guilds discovering the Earthfire Pterodactyl first, that did not matter. After all, the Level 96 World Boss wasn’t such a pushover that Tier 2 players could take it down-especially after monsters in God’s Domain gained a semblance of sentience. Now, smarter monsters would even flee for their lives when the situation looked bad for them. The process of chasing these monsters down would be incredibly troublesome and time-consuming. This would give their Guild’s Tier 3 team more than enough time to arrive. The Earthfire Pterodactyl’s screech attracted player teams to its location in the dozens. All of these teams reported the World Boss’s appearance to their respective Guilds, and they were all adamant in securing the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s kill.

After all, as a World Boss, the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s loot was extraordinarily good. It would drop not only Inferior Legendary materials but even Epic Weapons and Equipment that could be used up to Level 120. If one were lucky, one could even get Fragmented Legendary items.

Less than a minute after these dozens of teams began running, they arrived before the valley where the Pterodactyl was.

However, when these teams saw the Earthfire Pterodactyl, they gasped involuntarily. The World Boss before them right now was completely different from the Earthfire Pterodactyls they had seen before.

“Why is this Earthfire Pterodactyl so big?”

“Why does it have nine HP bars?!”

A 50-meter-tall pterodactyl was hovering inside the valley. The pterodactyl’s body burned with ethereal flames, and its flapping wings generated powerful gales that shredded the surrounding terrain. Just its roar was enough to send players stumbling backward. It had transformed the environment into a scorching field that could burn players with Fire Resistance below 400 points to a crisp instantly.

(Earthfire Pterodactyl (World Boss)] (Mythic, Realm Lord)

Level 99

HP 3,300,000,000

The players that arrived before the valley fell into fear and despair when they saw the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s massive frame. After all, the World Boss had flattened the terrain with just a flap of its wings.

At this moment, they would most likely turn into ashes just by approaching the Earthfire Pterodactyl, let alone fighting it. In fact, they even doubted that the Tier 3 players of their respective Guilds could go up against this behemoth before them.

“Wait! It’s injured!” a Level 97, Tier 2 Ranger exclaimed after carefully inspecting the Earthfire Pterodactyl.

At this Tier 2 Ranger’s shout, everyone noticed the many bone-deep wounds on the World Boss’s body. They realized that the World Boss had less than half of its HP remaining.

While everyone was shocked by the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s injuries, a figure suddenly descended toward the World Boss from the sky.

Not only did this figure send a sword light cutting at the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s wing, but the sword light even cleaved the ground, opening a 150-yard-long fissure. Immediately afterward, a mindblowing number appeared above the World Boss’s head.


“Over five million damage in one attack?! Is he an NPC?!”

“No. Although we can’t see his information, that person has a player icon above his head. He should be a player.”

“How is this possible?! How can a player be so strong?!” “Is he trying to solo the Earthfire Pterodactyl?”

The players present couldn’t help gaping when they saw the results of the slash, their minds refusing to believe their eyes.

However, before anyone present could snap out of their daze, the figure that attacked the Earthfire Pterodactyl executed another slash with his sword. Immediately, a phantom greatsword manifested in the air and sliced down on the World Boss’s wing.


The next moment, the Earthfire Pterodactyl let loose a heaven-shaking shriek as one of its 30-meter-long wings fell to the ground. Golden blood then poured out of the World Boss’s wound, splashing all over the ground and creating a sea of flames.


The next moment, the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s HP fell by a visible chunk. “Is he even human?!”

“He dealt over 30 million damage in one attack! He can’t be human!”

“Monster! That person must be a humanoid monster!”

Everyone present fell into a daze once more when they saw the damage from the unknown person’s second attack. Some players even pinched their own faces, thinking that everything in front of them was just an illusion.

However, the unknown assailant in the air was not at all surprised at the power of his attack.

Sure enough, it’s easier to manipulate Mana. The burden of using Lightshadow is even much less. As expected of the Fearless Cabin. It’s no wonder all those superpowers had so many more Tier 4 experts than first- and second-rate Guilds. Shi Feng sighed ruefully as he looked at the dense Mana condensed around the Abyssal Blade.

Although the Fearless Cabin did not improve his Basic Attributes, it still increased his overall combat power by at least 20%. The refinement in his control over combat techniques and Mana Techniques was especially notable. With his ability to use 100% of his mental strength, the power of these techniques had risen to a whole new level.

More and more people are gathering. It’s about time I finished it and left this place.

After glancing at the Earthfire Pterodactyl, which could no longer fly, Shi Feng immediately flew toward the World Boss.

Upon seeing him, the Earthfire Pterodactyl let loose an angry roar and used its strongest move, the Tier 4 Skill Earthfire Rupture.

The next moment, flaming rocks up to 40 meters in diameter went smashing toward Shi Feng one after another. Even space itself shattered from the power within the flaming rocks.

“A meaningless resistance!”

Shi Feng pointed the Abyssal Blade at the oncoming flaming rocks. Tier 4 Legacy Skill, Blade Domain!

Immediately, magic swords appeared around Shi Feng one after another. The swords then turned into streaks of light as they shot at the oncoming rocks.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A shattered space formed above the battlefield.

Before the spectating players could return to their senses, the magic swords had already shattered all of the flaming rocks the Earthfire Pterodactyl summoned. Afterward, more magic swords formed around Shi Feng and subsequently shot at the World Boss itself. -21,346,544 – 43,671,216!


Damages exceeding 20 million appeared above the Earthfire Pterodactyl’s head one after another. No matter how much the World Boss struggled-even to the point of turning the surroundings into a sea of flames and voidits HP still decreased rapidly.

Less than a minute later, the Earthfire Pterodactyl let out one last agonized screech before collapsing into the sea of flames. From start to end, the World Boss had not inflicted a single point of damage on Shi Feng at all.