Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2734 - New World Begins

Typhoon Empire, Typhoon City:

The morning sun’s rays shone on the Secret Pavilion’s Residence. However, nobody in the Residence’s scorching atmosphere was in the mood to enjoy this cool, morning sun. As the competition for the reserve seats had just ended, the many budding talents and matured powerhouses that had debuted during the competition were now a target of attention for the Secret Pavilion. To sort out the information of these people and sell the information in the next publication of the God’s Domain’s Experts List, the whole Secret Pavilion had become extremely busy.

Every Secret Pavilion member within the Typhoon City Residence was either sending out information to other branches or organizing the information they received from other branches. Everyone was so busy that they lost track of time.

“Uncle Yuan, the strength Zero Wing displayed this time is truly astonishing. One Tier 4 Sword Emperor and one suspected Tier 4 Great Wizard that wields Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spells. Zero Wing has even become a Guild officially recognized by the War God’s Temple. The various superpowers will have to fear Zero Wing now,” Purple Jade exclaimed as she read the report on Zero Wing in her hands.


Zero Wing was a Guild they had watched grow from nothing to its current state.

Initially, Zero Wing had been a small Guild that couldn’t even be considered third-rate. However, it gradually grew into a large Guild that could challenge even first-rate Guilds. Afterward, it had fought against superpowers time after time. Now, it even stood on the international stage of God’s Domain and aided Frost Heaven in securing the sixth reserve seat, shocking countless powers in God’s Domain in one fell swoop.

At this point, even the various superpowers had to acknowledge that Zero Wing was a Guild to be wary of.

The only thing Zero Wing lacked now was a sufficiently strong foundation. It just didn’t have the frightening manpower and expansive territory of a superpower. “While that’s correct, you shouldn’t forget that Zero Wing is a Guild that is completely reliant on only a handful of individuals to support it. The Guild is walking a tightrope, and a single mistake can lead to disaster. Now, it has even become the focus of God’s Domain’s various powers,” Yuan Tiexin said in a low tone, shaking his head. “The Tier 4 Promotion Quest is simply too challenging. You should know this as well. Yet, Zero Wing has two people suspected to have completed their promotions. You should know very well what this implies.”

“Uncle Yuan, you mean…Zero Wing has grasped a way to complete the Tier 4 Promotion Quest easily?” Purple Jade was a little shocked.

According to the Secret Pavilion’s information gathering, the hardest part in completing the Tier 4 Promotion Quest was searching for one’s Tier 4 Legacy Land. Even the Secret Pavilion had yet to locate a single Tier 4 Legacy Land.

If Zero Wing really found a reliable way to locate Tier 4 Legacy Lands, this would be an incredibly frightening matter!

“This is only conjecture. We still don’t have any evidence to back it up right now. Moreover, I think the possibility of this being true is low. After all is said and done, God’s Domain is a relatively fair game. If Tier 4 Legacy Lands could be located easily, Tier 4 classes wouldn’t be considered powerhouses in God’s Domain,” Yuan Tiexin said, shaking his head. “Even so, just the possibility holds an incredibly fatal attraction for the various powers. “According to the inside information we’ve secured thus far, we can confirm that over a dozen superpowers are already preparing to suppress Zero Wing. In addition, Zero Wing has plenty of enemies—the War Blood Adventurer Team on Dragonheart Island, the Dark World’s various powers in the Dark Night Empire, and Saint’s Hand in Star-Moon Kingdom.

“Starlink, Zero Wing’s old nemesis, has also been conducting a series of secretive operations recently. Starlink seems to be planning something big by the looks of it. If these superpowers join forces, even if Zero Wing has a Sword Emperor and a Great Wizard defending its territories, the Guild will still have difficulty surviving.”

Purple Jade’s complexion turned ugly at Yuan Tiexin’s analysis.

A pseudo-superpower was actually fighting on three different fronts. Moreover, every one of its opponents was either a superpower or an organization backed by a superpower. Anyone that heard this would definitely feel despair. For Zero Wing to survive until now…

This was simply a miracle.

Of course, Shi Feng and the rest of Zero Wing’s upper echelon might not be afraid of the various superpowers as individuals, but it was a different story for a Guild with so many members. It would be very easy for the various superpowers to attack such a Guild. Meanwhile, if a Guild lacked manpower, there were many things it couldn’t accomplish. One such example was the collection of resources. Just this point alone would be sufficient to make Shi Feng and the others crumble, what more operating Guild Towns and Cities?

“This is just the situation on the eastern continent. Zero Wing isn’t safe on the western continent, either. I heard that many of the western continent’s superpowers are showing interest in the Starlight Fortress,” Yuan Tiexin said, chuckling when he saw the blank expression on Purple Jade’s face. “You should know by now that Zero Wing has always been walking a tightrope, right? What happens next will depend on what kind of decision Black Flame makes.

“If Black Flame handles this properly and avoids disaster, with Zero Wing’s current foundations, it is definitely possible for the Guild to progress further.

“If it’s mishandled, then Zero Wing will be eternally doomed!”

When Yuan Tiexin stated his last sentence, his voice was filled with confidence. That was because, unlike most people, he knew that Mythology was most likely the driving force behind the various superpowers’ decision to act against Zero Wing this time. Mythology was a behemoth. It had an unfathomable foundation in both the virtual gaming world and the real world. It was an existence that even the current Secret Pavilion feared greatly.

As Yuan Tiexin and Purple Jade conversed, the sound of hurried footsteps suddenly came from outside the office door.

The next moment, a Level 114, Tier 3 Ranger barged into the office, which made Yuan Tiexin frown in obvious dissatisfaction with this Tier 3 Ranger’s panicky actions. “What’s the matter? Why are you in such a rush?” Yuan Tiexin questioned in a low tone. “It’s bad! Elder Yuan, something big happened!” the Tier 3 Ranger reported hurriedly as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. “Just a while ago, our branches sent in news that a large number of NPCs have appeared on the streets of the various cities!”

“So what if NPCs appeared? What’s there to be surprised about?” Yuan Tiexin reacted nonchalantly.

In God’s Domain, as a town or city developed, the number of NPC residents would increase. This was a normal occurrence. Moreover, players and NPCs practically lived in two completely different worlds. The interactions between the two sides were few and far between.

“But the numbers are far too massive,” the Tier 3 Ranger insisted anxiously.“How many?” Yuan Tiexin asked, his curiosity piqued.

“Too many! I don’t know how many appeared, either.” Gulping, the Tier 3 Ranger pointed at the nearby window and said, “I think you should look for yourself, Elder Yuan. This matter has already caused an uproar among the players in the city.”

“Uproar?” Yuan Tiexin couldn’t help his puzzlement.

However, he felt that the Ranger before him shouldn’t be lying. He immediately stood up and approached the window.

When the view outside the French window entered his sight, Yuan Tiexin froze on the spot in stupefaction.

“Uncle Yuan?”

Purple Jade grew puzzled as well when she saw Yuan Tiexin standing stock-still. She then walked toward the window to take a look as well.

NPCs thronged the main street outside the Residence, talking and laughing in groups. Many were adventurers clad in exquisite equipment; even the lowest-leveled among them was Level 120, while the strongest one reached Level 194. Moreover, these NPC adventurers were Tier 3 on average, with even the weakest one at Tier 2. Aside from these NPC adventurers, there was also a large number of NPC civilians on the street. Purple Jade even saw NPC children running around, playing with pebbles on the street, and even fighting each other with wooden swords. These NPCs accounted for over 80% of the people on the main street.