Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2731 - Mind-blowing

Chapter 2731 – Mind-blowing

Although Prosciutto’s voice was plain, every word he said thundered in everyone’s mind. “Flattened?” Lina examined the image in the video again. A moment later, her heart began racing, and her breathing became stifled.

Aside from sand, there was nothing else within the 1,000-yard radius displayed in the video. However, after careful inspection, she noticed piles and piles of fallen trees stacked outside the 1,000-yard radius.

Many of these trees were uprooted, and most of them had shattered into dozens of pieces.

The video then zoomed out, and she found that the so-called sandy area actually lay within a large forest. It looked as if something had thoroughly smoothed out the area.

“How is this possible?!” a Tier 3 Great Mage at the Void Realm exclaimed. “That sandy area doesn’t have any Mana!”

At this Great Mage’s reminder, Lina and the others also came to this realization and gasped.

They had forgotten that the so-called battle video was actually a type of recording magic in God’s Domain. It could perfectly record the battlefield’s situation, which included the ambient Mana. This allowed players to analyze the battle situation accurately.

Meanwhile, they had watched this battle video as if they were watching a video in the real world. They had completely neglected the presence of Mana-or lack thereof.

“Is this Zero Wing’s doing, as well?” Lina asked when she saw the wasteland in the middle of the forest.

The wasteland had a 1,000-yard radius. Moreover, the attack used had thoroughly consumed all Mana in the area. Even Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spells would have difficulty accomplishing such a feat. Not to mention, the only Tier 4 player known to exist was Black Flame.

“Yes. Someone from Zero Wing did it. According to subsequent reports, that person should be Aqua Rose, one of Zero Wing’s Vice Guild Leaders. Her specific strength is still a mystery,” Odin said, nodding. “However, based on the Spell’s scale, we can think of her as a Tier 4 Great Wizard who wields Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spells. Her destructive power is roughly ten times that of Black Flame.”

“How is this possible?”

“Isn’t Zero Wing just an up-and-coming pseudo-superpower?”

After hearing Odin’s simple analysis, Mythology’s members fell silent for a long time. They couldn’t help doubting the veracity of the reports.

Not only did Zero Wing have a Tier 4 Great Wizard, but this Great Wizard even possessed Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spells.

If this was the case, then this matter was much more serious than they imagined.

After all, a Great Wizard wielding large-scale destruction Spells could easily destroy even major NPC cities. At this stage of the game, such an existence would be invincible, be it in offensive or defensive battles.

Meanwhile, in this competition, it wouldn’t matter to a Great Wizard how many players were fortifying a Resource Node. All it would take was one Tier 4 large-scale destruction Spell to end everything. And if one wasn’t enough, then a second one would do.

“But…are we really going to just…give up?” Lina asked.

Mythology was one of the Five Great Super Guilds. It was sheer humiliation for the Guild to get provoked on such a stage. If Mythology didn’t do something, the whole world would start to look down on it. “Of course not.” Odin suddenly smiled. “We must settle this account one way or another, but now isn’t the time for that yet. Instead, we should learn from Miracle’s example.”

“Learn from Miracle?” Lina parroted, confused.

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Miracle was merely a slightly above-average superpower. What could Mythology possibly learn from it?

“Sir Odin is right. We have to learn Miracle’s way of doing things,” Prosciutto said with brightened eyes. “We have to publicize this matter so that all the Guilds will know about it. Zero Wing might be able to help Frost Heaven secure the sixth seat this time, but what they don’t know is that the real doomsday will come after they secure the seat!”

The reserve seats of God’s Domain’s Twelve Great Guilds were meant for the capable. If a Guild relied on the strength of only a handful of individuals to secure one of these seats, then only destruction would await this Guild.

Moreover, after this competition, Zero Wing would also debut on the international stage.

A Guild capable of using Mythology as a stepping stone wasn’t a problem for only Mythology. The other four of the Five Great Super Guilds couldn’t afford to ignore Zero Wing, either. Hence, the Five Great Super Guilds would not allow such an existence to exist in this world!

“Good. I will leave this matter for you to handle.” Odin nodded in satisfaction when he saw Prosciutto realizing what had to be done. He then vanished from the group as if he had never been there.

Shortly afterward, every participating Guild in the competition received an astonishing piece of news.

Zero Wing had defeated Mythology and stolen five of Mythology’s Resource Nodes!

The battle videos at the five Resource Nodes even spread to the various superpowers. The sight of Black Flame killing Sandstorm in one move, Gentle Snow killing over 30 Tier 3 peak experts in one move, Aqua Rose flattening a Resource Node with one Spell, Violet Cloud forcing the Divine Spear Demon into retreating, and a handful of Zero Wing’s members killing the Lightning Hammer were thoroughly etched into everyone’s mind.

After all these accomplishments, Frost Heaven became the biggest dark horse in this competition!

The mind-blowing news shook the various participating Guilds in the arena.

“This is fake! This must be fake!”

“Didn’t Zero Wing’s and Frost Heaven’s members launch an attack on Mythology only recently? How can the battles be over already?” “A Tier 4 Great Wizard?! How is this possible?!”

The various participating Guilds were dumbfounded by the information they received. None of them could accept it. However, it was also impossible for these battle videos to be fake-especially with the frightening strength Mythology displayed. The superpowers despaired at the gap between them.

Nevertheless, despite having such overwhelming strength, Mythology still ended up defeated. Moreover, it didn’t even lose at the hands of a Super Guild but to Zero Wing, an up-and-coming pseudo-superpower.

“Didn’t they say Zero Wing doesn’t have any background?”

“What exactly is Zero Wing?”

For a time, the various superpowers were filled with curiosity and confusion about Zero Wing. Despite being a small Guild with no backing, Zero Wing had produced a Tier 4 Sword Emperor and a suspected Tier 4 Great Wizard. How could they bring themselves to believe this?

As for the players in the spectator stands, they, too, were stunned by this situation.

They never thought that during the time Shi Feng was fighting one of Mythology’s teams, astonishing battles had taken place elsewhere, as well. They also regretted missing these battles.

After witnessing Zero Wing’s strength, both the Star Alliance’s and Unyielding Soul’s upper echelons couldn’t help lamenting this situation. They never thought that after not meeting Zero Wing for some time, the other Guild had actually grown to such an extent already.

Tier 4! This is real power! A passionate flame burned in Purple Eye’s heart as she watched the clash between Shi Feng and Sandstorm. So long as I reach Tier 4, the Guild will be able to tread the international stage as well!

At this time, Purple Eye wasn’t the only person to have such thoughts. The various major powers’ experts in the other VIP viewing rooms also burned with desire and ambition toward attaining Tier 4. Every one of them resolved themself to do everything they could to reach Tier 4 after this competition.

Unlike the audience’s excited reactions, Miracle and Sacred Temple were filled with both hatred and shock at Zero Wing’s performance.

Initially, the two Guilds believed the sixth reserve seat was already within their grasp. Now that a powerful competitor had emerged in the competition, the two Guilds had no choice but to compete for more Resource Nodes. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to maintain their current advantage until the end of the competition.

Meanwhile, when Seven Wonders received news of Zero Wing’s performance, he felt an unprecedented joy and excitement. He truly had not expected the helpers Hong Xinyuan recruited to be powerful enough to pull Frost Heaven out of its hopeless situation and give it a chance to win a reserve seat.

To ensure Frost Heaven secured the sixth reserve seat, after Frost Heaven became one of the top five ranking Guilds on Island No. 17, Seven Wonders led a team to other islands to compete for more Resource Nodes.

For a time, Miracle, Sacred Temple, and Frost Heaven frantically fought all over the arena. Despite suffering immense casualties, the three Guilds continued fighting until the bell signaling the end of the competition rang. Meanwhile, after the competition ended, huge holographic screens appeared on top of every island, the screens listing the total points accumulated by the participating Guilds one after another.

Mythology – 12,610 points.

Pantheon – 3,920 points.

Sky Dragon Family – 4,550 points.

Netherworld Empire – 13,350 points.

Miracle – 5,230 points.

Sacred Temple – 5,180 points.

As the names of the participating Guilds appeared one after another, Frost Heaven’s members grew increasingly nervous. The point difference between Miracle, Sacred Temple, and Frost Heaven should be incredibly narrow. In fact, partway through the competition, Shi Feng even had to attack other Resource Nodes personally and let Frost Heaven’s members wear the Resource Emblem to keep Frost Heaven in the competition.Although there were instances where other Guilds had successfully stolen some of Frost Heaven’s poorly defended Resource Nodes, most of these nodes were quickly reclaimed. In addition, Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose also wandered between the various Resource Nodes to avert the ambushes of other Guilds.

“We must succeed!”

Muxin also grew incredibly nervous as she looked at the screen.

Frost Heaven had suffered tremendous losses during this competition. By the end of the competition, Frost Heaven had fewer than 2,000 members left standing. Six Elders, two Grand Elders, and Great Elder Brilliant Blue had even fallen in battle. This was a massive blow to the Guild.

At this time, even Shi Feng couldn’t remain perfectly calm. He never expected that Miracle and Sacred Temple would secretly ally with other Guilds to attack Frost Heaven’s Resource Nodes, forcing him to rotate continuously between several islands. He had even had Aqua Rose obliterate 11 Resource Nodes. Only then did they manage to deter the other Guilds from stealing Frost Heaven’s Resource Nodes.

Now that Zero Wing had exhausted its trump cards and revealed many things to the various superpowers, if Frost Heaven still failed to secure the sixth seat in this competition, then Zero Wing would have a thorny road ahead of it.

The next moment, after more than 20 Guilds were listed on the screen, Frost Heaven’s name finally appeared.

Frost Heaven – 5,260 points.