Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2730 - Unfathomable Zero Wing

As Prosciutto watched the videos Odin sent him, his heartbeat gradually grew erratic. Even his complexion turned somewhat gloomy.

“Vice Commander?” Lina prompted, a little puzzled by Prosciutto’s reaction.

However, Prosciutto did not respond to Lina’s worry. Instead, his gaze suddenly turned indescribably grim.

“Impossible! The Commander actually failed to take down that girl?” Prosciutto’s mood fluctuated violently after watching one of the videos.

“Vice Commander, what happened?”

“Did something happen on the Commander’s side?”

“How is that possible?! Even the four other Guilds wouldn’t dare pick a fight with the Commander unless they’re tired of living!”

Prosciutto’s strange performance surprised and puzzled Lina and the others. They couldn’t understand what had happened to provoke such emotional swings in their vice commander.

After seeing Prosciutto’s reaction, Odin smiled and said, “Now you know why, right?

“I have to admit that the new era has truly come. Whenever I see you youngsters, I can’t help but feel that I really have grown old.”

Odin’s words confused Lina and the others even more. However, as if triggered by these words, a hint of excitement flashed in Prosciutto’s eyes.

“I see. Thank you for your teachings, sir. I will take this as a warning,” Prosciutto said sincerely.

“Good! Now, this is the little fellow I used to fancy.” Odin nodded in satisfaction. “Mythology will have to rely on your bunch in the future.”

“Sir Odin, what exactly happened?” Lina asked Odin nervously.

Initially, with her status, she shouldn’t be questioning Odin at all. However, after seeing Prosciutto’s transformation, she couldn’t help her curiosity.

“It’s nothing. We simply had four of our other Resource Nodes snatched away,” Odin said, chuckling.

“Four other Resource Nodes were taken? How is this possible?” Lina gaped in shock, unable to get her mind around it. “Who is so bold to actually do this? Is it the four other Guilds?”

Besides Lina, the peak experts of Mythology standing nearby were also stunned by Odin’s words, their eyes full of disbelief.

Their giving away one Resource Node was already plenty unbelievable. Now, they were hearing that four more of the Guild’s Resource Nodes had been taken. This sounded more like fiction than reality.

“You guys have a look too.”

Seeing the doubtful gazes focused on him, Odin laughed and passed the information to everyone. The information Odin sent consisted of four videos showing the battles that took place in the four other Resource Nodes. Moreover, these had occurred when their team was fighting Black Flame.

In the first battle video, the person leading the assault on the Resource Node was Gentle Snow, the woman the various superpowers were currently fearful of. She single-handedly slew over 200 Mythology members with just three attacks. The 20-plus peak experts didn’t even last one move against her. They all died in the spatial storm she created.

Aside from peak experts, there were also three Domain Realm Elders defending the Resource Node. One of the three had even reached the Domain Realm’s upper stage. Yet, even after all three of them activated their Demidragon Bloodlines, they actually failed to last more than ten moves against Gentle Snow!

Ten moves!

In front of Gentle Snow, the three Elders’ fierce and enigmatic attacks were jokes. Not only did the woman easily unravel their attacks, but she even turned their attacks against them. She used the Combination Skill the three Elders executed to instantly obliterate the Elder that had reached the Domain Realm’s upper stage. In this battle, Mythology had lost over 400 experts. If not for Gentle Snow refraining from pursuing the fleeing members, the Guild’s losses would’ve been even worse.

In the second battle video, the person leading the attack was Fire Dance. Although Fire Dance did not possess Gentle Snow’s monstrous techniques, her Basic Attributes were not the slightest bit inferior to those of Tier 4 existences. In addition, her speed was simply godlike. From start to end, not one peak expert managed to touch her. The peak experts could only watch as Fire Dance inflicted cut after cut after cut on their armor, continuously plundering their HPs until nothing remained.

Of the defending team at the second Resource Node, only the Lightning Hammer, Vice Commander Howard Woz, who was the core of the team, could keep up with Fire Dance’s speed. In fact, the two of them were evenly matched, neither able to get the better of the other. However, Alluring Summer was in Zero Wing’s team. With her full strength, she cast a Tier 3 Super Spell on him. This left Howard Woz with no choice but to defend. Otherwise, the Super Spell would level the Resource Node itself.

During the brief moment Howard revealed a gap in his defense, Fire Dance seized the opportunity to land a heavy blow, breaking one of his arms. Hence, Howard’s combat power plummeted. Subsequently, Zhao Yueru triple-cast three Tier 3 Curses on him, finishing him off. With Howard’s death, Zero Wing and Frost Heaven’s team, which was originally at a disadvantage, immediately gained the upper hand and eventually captured the Resource Node.

Meanwhile, the battle in the third Resource Node was even more astonishing. Lina and the others nearly went crazy upon watching it.

After all, the third Resource Node’s defender was none other than the Divine Spear Demon Rex, the commander of Mythology’s trump card legion. Rex was a legendary individual in Mythology-and someone Vice Commander Prosciutto had never once beaten.

Yet, in the third video, Rex was actually evenly matched with a girl.

Although this girl’s Basic Attributes were only nearing the Tier 4 standard, her control over Mana was superb. Wielding 300-plus magic blades, she prevented Rex from gaining the upper hand. In fact, the girl even slaughtered many experts from Mythology during their clash.

Afterward, Rex grew thoroughly enraged and used the combat array he kept in reserve to try to land a fatal blow on Violet Cloud. However, before this hit could land, a tall man carrying a massive shield blocked it.

Subsequently, the battle continued for quite some time. Relying on her nimble movements, Violet Cloud always managed to duck behind Cola’s protection at critical moments. While Cola bore the brunt of Rex’s attacks, she would also instantly heal Cola back to full HP. The duo’s combination turned them into undying zombies, and they held out until Rex’s combat array expired.

Although both sides suffered equally heavy losses after the long battle, as Rex no longer had the combat array’s support, he was utterly powerless to do anything about Violet Cloud. To make matters worse, as Zero Wing’s and Frost Heaven’s numbers dwindled, their members became more difficult to kill.

In contrast, the rate at which Mythology’s members got killed only increased as the battle continued. Eventually, in order to avoid the other Guilds taking advantage of Mythology, Rex had no choice but to abandon the Resource Node to conserve his team’s Stamina and Concentration.

While the outcome could be said to be a draw, since Mythology gave up the Resource Node, the overall result was still a loss.“We lost three Resource Nodes, just like that?” Lina protested in denial after watching the three videos. After calming down, though, she said hurriedly, “Even so, there’s no reason to let Zero Wing off the hook!”

While Zero Wing had indeed displayed astonishing combat power, Mythology could easily reclaim its lost Resource Nodes after reorganizing its forces. After all, they already knew what Zero Wing was capable of. It would be much easier to counter Zero Wing’s forces afterward.

“Impossible. You’ll know once you take a look at the fourth video,” Prosciutto said. “The fourth video?” Lina was puzzled.

What relation did the fourth video have with their not being able to deal with Zero Wing?

Even if Black Flame was a Tier 4 Sword Emperor, Mythology still had the means to deal with him. Even if Zero Wing had one or two more powerful combatants, it still wouldn’t be a match for Mythology.

However, Lina still listened to Prosciutto and played the fourth video.

“What’s going on? Why isn’t there anything here?” Lina asked when she saw only an empty plain in the video.

“That’s right. There is nothing at all.” Prosciutto nodded. He then added slowly, “Because that place was thoroughly flattened.”