Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2725 - Warm-up Over?

“How did he do it?” “That other guy’s power is comparable to Mythic monsters! Yet, Black Flame actually received the attack directly?” “Black Flame should be under the magic barrier’s suppression now, right?”

“So, this is Black Flame’s true strength?”

After a moment of silence, the audience in the arena instantly broke into an uproar, never having expected things to turn around so quickly.

When Mythology revealed its frightening combat power, almost everyone believed that this fuss caused by Zero Wing and Frost Heaven was over.

Yet, it turned out that Zero Wing still had the strength to contend against Mythology. How could anyone not entertain expectations in this situation?

After all, far too few people in God’s Domain dared challenge the Five Great Super Guilds. Regardless of the outcome, after this challenge to Mythology in this competition, Black Flame’s name would become known to everyone in God’s Domain.

However, unlike the spectating players, the Mythology members at the Advanced Resource Node showed no signs of surprise. This was especially true for the 100 players forming the battle array.

“Sandstorm is too reckless.”

“The Vice Commander previously warned him that Black Flame isn’t a simple opponent, yet he actually charged into battle all by himself without a word.”

“Foolish! He is truly foolish! He actually ignored the Vice Commander’s words! He’s going to turn us into a laughing stock for the other superpowers!” The 30-plus Void Realm experts from Mythology did not feel a shred of pity for Sandstorm, only anger that he had allowed himself to get caught. Their Vice Commander Prosciutto had gone to great lengths to create a scenario presenting Mythology as an existence that should never be provoked.

Now, Sandstorm had single-handedly ruined this scenario.

“Sandstorm, come back. Stop shaming yourself in front of Guild Leader Black Flame,” Prosciutto said, sighing as he looked at Sandstorm and his dumbfounded expression.

At Prosciutto’s words, Sandstorm snapped out of his daze, and his expression turned unprecedentedly grim and fearful. His hands even started trembling slightly.

No! I can’t disappoint the Vice Commander!

Die! You must die! Only if you die can I wash away my shame! Sandstorm turned to Shi Feng, a hint of fear and madness in his eyes as he looked at Shi Feng. However, the fear he felt wasn’t because of Shi Feng but Prosciutto.

Immediately, Shi Feng felt the power resisting his hand strengthening.

Before Shi Feng could react, Sandstorm disappeared from where he stood and reappeared in midair with crimson runes covering his body. In addition, Sandstorm’s body also underwent several physical changes. Not only did his body enlarge, but two black horns also grew out from his forehead. He also gained a pair of pitch-black, feathered wings and a scaly tail. The frightening aura he now exuded had Frost Heaven’s Tier 3 experts shuddering involuntarily.

“What did he do? Doesn’t the competition venue prevent the use of Berserk Skills?” A hint of fear appeared in Muxin’s eyes as she gazed at Sandstorm hovering in midair.

Compared to his previous self, the current Sandstorm was like a completely different person. Not only did his aura intensify, but even his Life Rating had received a significant improvement.

“No! It’s not a Berserk Skill. He’s just reverting to his original form,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head. Even he was a little surprised when he saw Sandstorm’s transformation. “Mythology truly is amazing! To think they actually managed to get their hands on the Demidragon Bloodline. Someone among them even managed to endure the Bloodline’s violent power.”

In God’s Domain, aside from Bloodlines that increased a player’s Life Rating, there were special Bloodlines that functioned differently.

One such example was the violent Demidragon Bloodline, which could raise a player’s Life Rating to the Archaic Species standard, granting players a much greater improvement than ordinary Bloodlines. However, this Bloodline had a drawback.

Due to the Demidragon Bloodline’s overly violent power, players paid a heavy price to use


Whenever a player activated their Demidragon Bloodline, they would be subjected to unimaginable pain beyond the tolerance of ordinary humans. Hence, very few people were willing to accept such Bloodlines. Shi Feng never thought that Sandstorm would manage to not only assimilate the Demidragon Bloodline but also endure its violent power. “You must be crazy!” Muxin was exasperated to see Shi Feng marveling at Sandstorm’s strength. “The strength of his aura has more than doubled. I even suspect he has already reached the Tier 4 standard in terms of the Strength Attribute. Yet, you still have the time to admire his strength?”

“That’s right. In terms of physique and Basic Attributes, he is indeed on par with bona fide Tier 4 classes.” Shi Feng nodded in affirmation.

“You…” Muxin couldn’t help goggling at Shi Feng’s composure. She simply couldn’t understand what was going through his mind. It was as if he had forgotten who had driven Sandstorm to such an extent.

“Lina, you guys go help him as well!” Prosciutto ordered calmly to the blond, female Shield Warrior beside him.

At this command, the Mythology members standing around Prosciutto turned to him in surprise.

The blond girl named Lina was Prosciutto’s right-hand man. She was a bona fide Domain Realm expert, and her strength ranked within the top three in this team of theirs. Now, Prosciutto was actually having her join the fight as well.

“Yes, sir!”

Lina made a respectful bow before joining Sandstorm together with five other players behind her.

“What’s going on?”

“What is Prosciutto thinking? Does he think Sandstorm isn’t enough to deal with Black Flame?”

“That’s not possible, right? That Sandstorm can be considered a Tier 4 monster already. Maybe the others were told to deal with Frost Heaven’s members?”

At this time, everyone in the audience was eyeing Lina’s group curiously. Because of the battle array’s buff, the six all possessed Strength and Defense close to matching Mythic monsters. Any of them could easily annihilate a superpower’s 1,000-man team. Having six of them move together was simply overkill.

“Isn’t Prosciutto overestimating us?” Muxin felt like crying when she saw Lina’s group joining the fight.

While the fact that Prosciutto had dispatched such a force to deal with them meant that he thought highly of them, she couldn’t bring herself to appreciate the gesture. After all, they would have to deal with four peak experts with Basic Attributes close to matching Mythic monsters’.

However, before Muxin and the other Frost Heaven members could prepare themselves, the aura of Lina’s group suddenly changed.

In the blink of an eye, six more Demidragons appeared hovering in the air.

“This… What is Prosciutto trying to do?”

“Crap! Seven bona fide Mythic combatants! I must be dreaming!” “This is the real power of the Five Great Super Guilds?”

The various spectating powers and players gasped involuntarily when they saw the seven Demidragons in the air.

“Bastards! Mythology is really a group of bastards!”

Mythology’s 1,000-man team possessed not only over 30 near-Mythic combatants but even seven bona fide Mythic combatants. This situation was simply mind-blowing.

While the audience was feeling fearful over the absolute power Mythology displayed, Lina flew toward Shi Feng and stopped near him. “Your Excellency Black Flame, we sincerely apologize for Sandstorm’s sudden assault on you,” Lina said, her golden eyes carrying great respect as she looked at Shi Feng. “According to our Vice Commander’s will, let’s end the warm-up here and have both sides show our true strength. This is the respect we deserve, right?” “Sure. You’re right.” Shi Feng nodded. Shi Feng’s words echoed in everyone’s mind like a deafening thunder and instantly silenced everyone. “What?”

“Warm-up? They were just warming up before?”

“I didn’t hear things, right? That woman actually told Black Flame that they should stop warming up?”

“I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it! This is a lie! This must be a lie!”

The spectating powers and players felt their minds growing silly when they heard the exchange between Lina and Shi Feng.

Based on Lina’s words, Black Flame had still been holding back thus far, and now she was requesting him to fight with his full strength. Meanwhile, Shi Feng agreed to her request.

If what Lina said was true, how much weaker were they in combat power compared to Mythology and Black Flame?At this time, Muxin stared at Shi Feng in disbelief.

Shi Feng had previously stopped Sandstorm’s attack, which carried power at the near-Mythic standard, while under an Advanced Magic Barrier’s suppression. Yet, he hadn’t used his full strength back then?

However, before Frost Heaven’s members could react, a surge of Mana flooded in from the surrounding environment, with Shi Feng as the center. The ground and sky even shook from the sheer volume of power being gathered.

The magic barrier enveloping Frost Heaven’s members also began cracking. Less than a second later… Boom!

The Advanced Magic Barrier shattered, transforming into countless particles of light and disappearing

Simultaneously, a Mana Domain enveloped the entire Advanced Resource Node, causing everyone present to feel an unprecedented fear and oppression.

“A Domain?”

“This… Is this really a Mana Domain?”