Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2723 - Arena Shaken

The scorching sun was high up in the sky, and the sea breeze blowing through the islands was calm.

The embers of war on the various islands were weakening. At this point, aside from attacking and occupying more Resource Nodes, what was more important for the participating superpowers was defending their Resource Nodes. Hence, any Guild that had secured Resource Nodes would be able to allocate only a small portion of their manpower to fight for more Resource Nodes.

Due to this reason, the balance between the Guilds stabilized.

“At this rate, the struggle for the sixth seat should be between Miracle and Sacred Temple.” A hint of envy flashed in Mu Lingsha’s eyes when she saw the various islands’ Resource Node distribution data. Although the winners of this competition wouldn’t join the ranks of the Twelve Great Guilds and couldn’t garrison an entire empire, the reserve seats still allowed Guilds to garrison the cities of an empire.

In addition, reserve Guilds could also garrison powerful kingdoms and be worshiped by the kingdom. At that time, they could directly influence the development of the kingdom. In fact, reserve Guilds could initiate kingdom wars to plunder the resources of other countries and expand their own kingdom’s territory and resources.

At that time, the resources the reserve Guilds could obtain would far surpass that of other Guilds, making it impossible for other Guilds to catch up. All the other Guilds would be able to do was watch as the reserve Guilds grew stronger by the day. “However, Frost Heaven is behaving really strangely.” Unyielding Heart studied the battlefield’s stabilizing situation in puzzlement. “Frost Heaven clearly had a chance to secure the sixth seat before. There’s no reason for it not to put up a fight. After all, the various Guilds banding together is only a possibility. So long as Frost Heaven doesn’t behave too aggressively right off the bat, I’m sure those Guilds won’t deliberately join hands. At most, they will come to a tacit understanding to contain Frost Heaven.”

“Frost Heaven has already missed its chance. Even if it tries to fight now, it doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of winning,” Mu Lingsha countered, shaking her head. Now that the situation between the Guilds was stabilizing, Frost Heaven would have difficulty snatching Resource Nodes. And if it really started snatching Resource Nodes, the various Guilds would definitely gang up on it.

This was because the various Guilds all understood one thing: every one of them would secretly cooperate with this tacit understanding. And the result of such thinking would be that the various Guilds really would act on their thoughts, annihilate Frost Heaven, and fight over Frost Heaven’s Resource Nodes.

Hence, Frost Heaven truly did not have any chance of winning anymore. During Mu Lingsha and Unyielding Heart’s conversation, their spectator interface suddenly sent them a notification.

“Huh? Black Flame is taking action!”

Mu Lingsha quickly redirected the interface to Island No. 3 and focused on Shi Feng, whom she had set as a priority target beforehand.

“Black Flame’s moving at this time? What is he thinking?” Unyielding Heart stared in confusion at Shi Feng, who was hiding in a forest, together with his team.

It was pointless for Zero Wing to appear and compete for Resource Nodes at this point.

Currently, out of the 18 islands, Frost Heaven occupied Resource Nodes on only Island No. 17. It hadn’t claimed a single Resource Node on the other islands. Even if Zero Wing managed to secure two Resource Nodes on Island No. 3 and became the sixth-ranked Guild there, it still wouldn’t get Frost Heaven out of its rut.

“Wait! That’s not right!” Mu Lingsha gaped in shock when she saw the Advanced Resource Node Shi Feng’s team was charging at, her eyes wide with confusion and surprise. “His goal seems to be Mythology’s Advanced Resource Node!”

Unyielding Heart was similarly stunned by this situation.

“How dare he?”

That was Mythology they were talking about!

Mythology was one of the Five Great Super Guilds and an existence the various superpowers dreaded, yet Shi Feng was taking the initiative to provoke it.

However, before Mu Lingsha and Unyielding Soul could recover from their shock, another notification appeared on their spectator interface, followed by a small image at the bottom of the screen.

“This… Is Zero Wing planning to wage war on Mythology?”

Depicted in the smaller image was Gentle Snow leading her 100-man team in a charge against Mythology’s Intermediate Resource Node on Island No. 3, and she showed no signs of stopping whatsoever ever.

The Unyielding Soul members in the VIP room gasped at this abrupt change.

How dare they?

This action challenged Mythology’s authority. Moreover, regardless of whether Zero Wing succeeded or not, Mythology definitely wouldn’t let Zero Wing off the hook.

Not to mention, Zero Wing had nothing to gain whatsoever from doing so.

At this time, besides Unyielding Soul’s members, the powers paying attention to Shi Feng and Gentle Snow were similarly dumbfounded by the two’s actions. They never thought that Zero Wing would be so crazy as to challenge one of the Five Great Super Guilds directly.

“Wait! It’s not just Black Flame and Gentle Snow! Zero Wing’s other teams are also making a move against Mythology’s Resource Nodes!”

“That’s not all! Frost Heaven’s teams are doing the same!”

The news of Zero Wing’s and Frost Heaven’s teams attacking Mythology’s Resource Nodes caused an instant sensation among the various major powers in the VIP viewing rooms. Everyone was shocked by the two Guilds’ actions.

“That’s Mythology we are talking about. How dare they?”

“Frost Heaven and Zero Wing have truly lost their minds this time. Setting aside whether they will succeed or not, aren’t they afraid of Mythology’s retaliation after the competition?”

“Are they really not afraid that Mythology will exterminate them?”

The various major powers felt puzzled by Zero Wing’s and Frost Heaven’s actions. They simply couldn’t figure out what the two Guilds were thinking. The Five Great Super Guilds’ position in the virtual gaming industry was as stable as a mountain because no superpower dared to offend them. Any superpower that dared to do so would get eliminated from the industry without exception.

Now that Zero Wing and Frost Heaven were openly provoking Mythology in front of everyone in the world, Mythology definitely wouldn’t spare them in order to maintain its authority.“Has Seven Wonders lost his mind?!” Cold Shadow was incensed when she read the report that Mythology’s Resource Nodes had come under attack on six islands. “They actually dare provoke us? Do they not know what death is?!”

She never thought that Zero Wing and Frost Heaven would pull such an astonishing move after remaining silent for so long. Moreover, they had even chosen to challenge one of the Five Great Super Guilds directly. This would definitely turn Mythology into a laughing stock.

“Interesting! This is truly interesting! I wonder if that Old Drunken Ghost is jumping in rage right about now?” When a mighty, middle-aged man with brown hair on Island No. 2 received news of Zero Wing’s and Frost Heaven’s actions, he burst into laughter.

This middle-aged man was none other than the Guild Leader of Netherworld Empire, one of the Five Great Super Guilds. “Guild Leader, it is still too early to be happy. How can Mythology’s Resource Nodes be so easy to capture? Zero Wing and Frost Heaven are just looking to humiliate themselves,” a tall man clad in dark-gray armor said disdainfully.

Zero Wing could be said to be a Guild that had relied entirely on external aid to reach its current position. Although Black Flame and Gentle Snow indeed possessed noteworthy combat standards, they were still negligible existences in front of the Five Great Super Guilds.

“Regardless, having Mythology lose some face is always a good thing,” the middle-aged man said, chuckling. “As for how long Zero Wing and Frost Heaven can last, that’s not important.”

Mythology was one of the Five Great Super Guilds. It possessed trump cards beyond the imagination of ordinary superpowers. The forces it had stationed on the various large islands were particularly exceptional. Even working together, Black Flame and Gentle Snow would most likely have a tough time threatening any of Mythology’s Resource Nodes. Not to mention, both of them were taking independent action.

As the various powers were feeling surprised and shocked by Zero Wing’s and Frost Heaven’s actions, Shi Feng’s 100-man team had arrived before Mythology’s Advanced Resource Node.