Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2722 - No Regrets

“Have the various Guilds acknowledge us?” Muxin revealed a wry smile when she heard Shi Feng’s words. “But out of the six reserve seats available, only one is obtainable. How can the other Guilds possibly give up on it?”

“There are six reserve seats up for grabs, yet the various Guilds have given up on five of them. Why do you think that’s the case?” Shi Feng responded with a question of his own.

“Isn’t that obvious? It’s because the Five Great Super Guilds are too strong. There’s no way the other Guilds can compete with them,” Muxin answered, failing to understand why Shi Feng asked such a question.

Who the owners of five of the six reserve seats were was common knowledge for everyone. Otherwise, the various Guilds wouldn’t be competing so desperately for the sixth seat, with some Guilds even risking everything they had.

“That’s right. It is because those five Super Guilds are sufficiently strong,” Shi Feng said, nodding. “Hence, those Guilds don’t dare compete with them.”

“Do you mean to make the various Guilds deem us too strong to provoke? That’s impossible,” Muxin said, shaking her head. She felt that Shi Feng was building castles in the air. “Frost Heaven doesn’t have that kind of strength right now.”

“Indeed. Frost Heaven doesn’t have the necessary strength right now,” Shi Feng said unceremoniously. “That’s why we need to go crazy-so crazy that the other Guilds become afraid of us. Only by doing so do we stand a chance of victory.”

They couldn’t afford to act defensively. And even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to protect anything In a situation where every other Guild, aside from the Five Great Super Guilds, were Frost Heaven’s enemies, even Shi Feng couldn’t turn the tide of battle. After all, this was a competition for Resource Nodes, not a contest of strength. Even if he occupied every Resource Node on an island, there were still 17 other islands. Frost Heaven would still lose.

Not to mention, occupying an entire island would be a challenge, even for him.

The size of Island No. 3 was like a Level 100 neutral map. If the various Guilds’ players hid from him, he would have great difficulty locating them, regardless of his Mana Domain. Moreover, every participating player was a Tier 3 expert. When not subjected to any debuffs, they could run very fast. In addition, he would have to occupy the many Resource Nodes on the island while also ensuring their safety.

“How do we do that? Even if we go crazy, we still need a target!”

Muxin understood what Shi Feng was saying. However, she found it truly hard to imagine how they could make the various Guilds fear them and actively give up on competing with them.


“Of course, we have one.” Smiling, Shi Feng added, “And it’s even ready-made.”

“Are you talking about Miracle?” Shaking her head, Muxin argued, “Although Miracle has used a trick to deal with us, even if we annihilate Miracle, I’m afraid the other Guilds still won’t rest.” “No! Not Miracle. How can Miracle possibly be qualified for such a role?” Shi Feng smiled while shaking his head. “Didn’t you already mention which Guilds the other Guilds don’t dare to offend?”

Muxin gasped involuntarily when she heard Shi Feng’s words. “Are you saying…” “That’s right. The Five Great Super Guilds.” Shi Feng nodded. “Of course, we won’t have to target all five of them. Going for Mythology should be more than enough.” In his previous life, Miracle had relied on Mythology to secure one of the reserve seats during the first official competition. Since he was already going against Miracle in this life, it was only a matter of time before he had to deal with Mythology. In that case, he might as well strike first to gain an advantage.

“Isn’t this a little too crazy?! That’s one of the Five Great Super Guilds we are talking about!”

Muxin couldn’t help feeling a little afraid at the mention of making an enemy out of one of the Five Great Super Guilds.

The Five Great Super Guilds were like the sun in the virtual gaming industry. While most Guilds might declare their intent to surpass the Five Great Super Guilds, it was another thing altogether to actually fight one.

For the various superpowers, the stronger they grew, the more fearful of the Five Great Super Guilds they became. After all, the depth of the Five Great Super Guilds’ foundations was simply unfathomable.

“This isn’t madness.” Shi Feng shook his head. In an earnest tone, he said, “This is Frost Heaven’s only way out.

“Whether you secure a seat will depend on your decision.”

Afterward, Shi Feng stopped trying to convince Muxin and had her relay this proposal to Seven Wonders. Whether they went through with his plan or not would depend on Frost Heaven’s Guild Leader.

“Declare war on Mythology? Is Black Flame insane?” Brilliant Blue trembled when he received Shi Feng’s suggestion. Immediately, he contacted Seven Wonders and protested, “Guild Leader, that’s one of the Five Great Super Guilds we are talking about! Even three Frost Heavens wouldn’t be a match for it!” “I understand.” Seven Wonders also wore a gloomy face. Helplessly, he said, “However, we only have two options if we wish to secure a reserve seat. One is to fight the numerous participating Guilds, and the other is to fight Mythology. There are no other options.”

Miracle’s ploy was simply too vicious.

If Frost Heaven went up against the various superpowers, it wouldn’t stand a chance whatsoever. After all, in this scenario, Frost Heaven would lose the initiative to attack other Guilds, constrained to defending its territories. However, how could it possibly defend against so many Guilds with its limited numbers?

Frost Heaven’s only other option was to attack Mythology. If Frost Heaven succeeded in causing Mythology to suffer even a minor setback, it would still be of great help to Frost Heaven in securing the sixth reserve seat.

Meanwhile, after Seven Wonders finished speaking, Brilliant Blue also sank into deep thought.

“We have only one choice now.” Looking at Brilliant Blue’s face on his screen, Seven Wonders asked, “Do we fight or not?”

“Guild Leader, even if I wish to fight, how do we go about it? That’s Mythology we are talking about. We stand no chance whatsoever,” Brilliant Blue said with a bitter smile.

The Island No. 11 he was assigned to had only three teams from Frost Heaven-his own 500-man team, a 300-man team led by an Elder, and Violet Cloud’s 100-man team-for a total of 900 players.

On the other hand, Mythology had a total of 2,600 members on Island No. 11. Moreover, the person leading this force was the Divine Spear Demon Rex, the commander of Mythology’s trump card legion and a legendary figure even in Mythology.

“Do you think the other islands have a chance of winning?” Seven Wonders rolled his eyes at Brilliant Blue.

Mythology’s members were distributed very evenly. Any island it had a presence on had at least 2,000 Mythology members. And of the seven islands Frost Heaven’s teams were assigned to, only Island No. 17 did not have Mythology’s presence.

“However, you don’t need to hurry. Group up with Zero Wing’s members first before taking action,” Seven Wonders said.

“I understand. Even if I have to put my life on the line, I will make Mythology suffer.” Brilliant Blue did not oppose Seven Wonders’s decision. This upcoming battle would decide whether Frost Heaven would rise or fall.

Afterward, Seven Wonders relayed his command to the Frost Heaven members on the other islands. In two hours, they would launch a simultaneous assault on Mythology’s Resource Nodes on Frost Heaven’s six islands.

As Frost Heaven’s members waited quietly for their fateful moment, fierce battles occurred one after another on the various islands. The savage clash between superpowers thoroughly dumbfounded the spectating major powers.

They never thought that the foundations of these superpowers would be so astonishing.

If not for this competition, none of them would even suspect that the various superpowers’ younger generation had already developed to such a frightening extent. Not only had many of these younger-generation talents reached the Void Realm already, but some had even reached the Domain Realm.

Given enough time, these Domain Realm youths would definitely become leading lights in God’s Domain.

Shortly after the first bout of battles, the various Resource Nodes also fell under the ownership of players. To no one’s surprise, the Five Great Super Guilds held an overwhelming advantage over the other participating superpowers. Close at their heels were Miracle and Sacred Temple.

Both Miracle and Sacred Temple had managed to rank sixth on five of the islands they were assigned to. If this situation persisted, there was no doubt that the sixth reserve seat’s owner would emerge from one of them.

However, as everyone was guessing which of these two Guilds would secure the sixth seat, some spectating players and participating Guilds noticed a peculiarity.

“What’s going on with Frost Heaven? They’re not even trying to compete for Resource Nodes.”

“I know, right? Aside from ranking fifth on Island No. 17, they haven’t taken any action on the six other islands.”

“They’re not giving up, are they? Have they gotten scared?”

Many of the participating Guilds laughed at Frost Heaven’s performance. Initially, Frost Heaven should’ve had a high chance of winning because of the dark horse known as Zero Wing. However, it was also because of Zero Wing’s existence that Frost Heaven did not dare compete with the various superpowers lest it be ganged upon.

“Vice Guild Leader, do you think Frost Heaven will give up just like that?” When White Feather read the summary on the battle situation, she couldn’t help growing curious about Frost Heaven’s behavior.

“It’s not impossible. Miracle’s ploy is truly vicious. So long as Frost Heaven dares make a move, every other Guild will target it.” Smiling faintly, Cold Shadow said, “What a pity. If Frost Heaven hadn’t invited Zero Wing, it might’ve had a chance to fight for the sixth seat. Now, it has no chance at all.”

At this moment, Cold Shadow wasn’t the only person who thought that Frost Heaven had given up. The various participating superpowers believed the same and deemed it a wise decision. After all, if Frost Heaven chose to fight, it would only end up getting annihilated.

Conserving its strength to fight next year was undoubtedly the better choice.

While the various Guilds were watching their Guild Points rise, Frost Heaven’s members were sneaking up to Mythology’s Resource Nodes, their hearts pounding with anxiety and excitement.

After glancing at the distant Advanced Resource Node that Mythology guarded tightly, Shi Feng checked the time.

“It’s time! Move out!”