Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2720 - Beyond the Domain Realm

When Thousand Miles’s body collapsed to the ground, the Miracle members in the dense forest shuddered involuntarily. The Star Alliance’s members spectating in their VIP viewing room also gaped in shock.

“How did she become so strong?” Purple Eye exclaimed in disbelief.

Not only did Gentle Snow slay a Tier 3 peak expert after going deep into Miracle’s ranks, but she had also taken the initiative to attack two Domain Realm experts. While doing so, she had even casually killed the Purgatory Knight Thousand Miles.

The last part, where Gentle Snow faced Thousand Miles, was especially amazing. Thousand Miles should’ve generated those three black crescents using a Skill, yet Gentle Snow had made it look as if she was the one who summoned them. It was simply unbelievable.

Has the gap between us gotten so big already? Galaxy Past was at a loss for words as he stared at Gentle Snow’s figure in the holographic projection.

They were both Star-Moon Kingdom’s top-ranking experts, yet it was now obvious that the actual gap between them was massive. They were already in completely different worlds.

“Guild Leader, I plan to leave Star-Moon Kingdom temporarily after this competition. I want to explore other places,” Flourishing Willow said. She was similarly shocked by Gentle Snow’s strength and felt unreconciled.

The gap between them clearly hadn’t been so massive before. Both of them were experts ranked in the God’s Domain Experts List. Now, however, Flourishing Willow doubted she could survive even one move against Gentle Snow. How could she possibly accept this situation? “Sure.” Galaxy Past did not question Flourishing Willow’s decision. On the contrary, he turned to Purple Eye and asked, “How about you take a look outside, too? The Guild doesn’t have many matters to deal with now, and I can handle them by myself.”

“Thank you, Guild Leader.” Purple Eye nodded while gritting her teeth. “I won’t disappoint


Although the Star Alliance normally mingled in Star-Moon Kingdom’s neighboring countries as well, compared to Zero Wing, whose members fought all over God’s Domain, the Star Alliance’s chessboard was truly insignificant and laughable.

During the time the Star Alliance’s members were in shock, the members of Miracle inside the dense forest were likewise stunned. As if they had just encountered a ferocious monster, every one of them stood stock-still. One move! Gentle Snow had killed Thousand Miles in just one move!

With such strength, she already rivaled peerless experts.

Elder Roc and Elder Feather, who had successfully evaded Gentle Snow’s attack, were dazed, fear and confusion coloring their faces.

“Impossible! How can a little girl like you reach such a realm?!” Elder Roc couldn’t help doubting his eyes as he gazed at Gentle Snow.

“I never thought anyone could reach that realm at such a young age. Am I really getting too old?” Elder Feather also turned somewhat silly as he looked at Gentle Snow.

They hadn’t thought much of it when they saw Gentle Snow kill the Void Realm Great Mage.

However, after seeing Gentle Snow kill Thousand Miles, they finally understood what happened.

The woman before them wasn’t some powerful expert rivaling Domain Realm experts. Instead, she was an existence that had transcended the Domain Realm.

When the two elderly men looked at the young lady before them, they suddenly felt they had lived their lives in vain.

After all, they had racked their brains just to reach the Domain Realm’s upper stage, yet Gentle Snow was already beyond the Domain Realm. How could they not despair at this discovery?

Even in veteran Super Guilds, anyone capable of reaching the Domain Realm’s upper stage was generally over 60 years old already. As for the existences that had transcended the Domain Realm and reached the Higher Domain Realm, they were true old monsters. These existences were the mainstays of the Five Great Super Guilds.

However, during the time Elder Roc and Elder Feather were in a daze, Miracle’s other Tier 3 experts regained their senses and suddenly charged at Gentle Snow.

“Kill! This woman killed Vice Guild Leader Miles! We must not let her leave alive!”

“That’s right! In this special space, even peerless experts can’t afford to duke it out with us!”

The next moment, over a hundred Guardian Knights and Shield Warriors activated their Defensive Skills and closed in on Gentle Snow. Simultaneously, the magical-class players on the team started casting Combination Spells one after another.

“Old Roc, let’s leave! It’ll be too late, otherwise!” Elder Feather suggested as he glanced at Elder Roc. He then activated a Skill without hesitation and transformed into a gale. He crossed several dozen yards with every step he took, showing no intention of fighting whatsoever.

Snapping out of his daze, Elder Roc hurriedly used Wind Steps, which he had upgraded to Tier 3, and entered Stealth.


Miracle’s members were stunned momentarily. What was up with this situation?

Despite being the two strongest combatants in their 1,000-man team, Elder Roc and Elder Feather had actually fled.

At this moment, let alone Miracle’s members, even the Star Alliance’s spectating members couldn’t help gaping in shock.

“What’s going on?”.

“Why are those two apex experts running away?”

Despite having entered the Flowing Water Realm already, Galaxy Past, Flourishing Willow, and Purple Eye were bewildered by Elder Roc and Elder Feather’s decision to flee.

Domain Realm experts were existences that even the various superpowers wouldn’t want to offend casually. Not to mention, both Elder Roc and Elder Feather had clearly made significant progress in the Domain Realm already. The two of them working together could most likely go up against peerless experts.

Not to mention, they still had the 1,000-man team supporting them. Even a peerless expert wouldn’t want to clash head-on with such a force.

Yet, the two apex experts had actually fled?

While everyone was bewildered by this situation, Gentle Snow executed a vertical leap, vanishing from sight.

When she reappeared, she was standing 50 yards away from her original position. The Glorious Will in her hands bloomed with dazzling brilliance.

Will of Light!

Instantly, 12 brilliant flashes streaked through the dense vegetation, brightly illuminating the entire forest.

“What is she doing?”

Frost Heaven’s members, who were spectating the fight from a distance, were confused. Likewise, Miracle’s members also found this situation odd. They couldn’t help wondering why Gentle Snow would launch an attack at empty air. Who could she possibly hit?

However, this thought lasted for only half a second in everyone’s mind.


A deafening boom spread through the area. Immediately afterward, web-like cracks formed within the dense forest’s space and spread up to 300 yards away from the explosion’s epicenter.

Then, the entire region collapsed.

The cracked space transformed into a pitch-black area with space and time in disarray. A boundless spatial storm subsequently raged through the area, devouring all of Miracle’s members. Even Elder Roc and Elder Feather, who had escaped beforehand, got swept up in this chaotic storm, their HPs draining like running water. Several seconds later, the shattered space started returning to normal. However, at this point, Miracle’s 1,000-man team was nowhere in sight. And from above the island, it looked as if a huge meteorite had struck the dense forest, leaving behind only a huge impact crater.

“What exactly…did she…do?”