Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2718 - Team Distribution

“It’s starting! It’s finally starting!”

“Crap! So, this is the spectator stand? Awesome!”

When the spectating players arrived in their seats, they couldn’t help marveling at their surroundings.

At this time, everyone was in the sky. More precisely, the spectators were seated in a colosseum-like structure that hovered above the 18 islands serving as the competition venue. The 18 islands were like chess boards, with the participants being the chess pieces.

Not only could the spectators freely choose which island to spectate, but they could also zoom in to observe specific battles. The only unfortunate part was that the zoom distance was limited. The closest those in the normal seats could get was 30 meters above the islands —too far for detailed observations.

Spectators in the VIP viewing rooms, however, could not only spectate the battles as if they were there in person but also have the VIP rooms notify them of any ongoing battles. This function allowed the room occupants to avoid missing out on any exciting battles.

As the spectators above the competition venue were screaming and exclaiming, the players randomly teleported onto the 18 islands were already taking action. “Whether our Guild can reach the top to become a giant in God’s Domain will depend on this battle. The Guild will put anyone who performs well in this competition under priority training.”

“Everyone, listen up! Our 1,000-man team has only two goals! The first is to occupy an Intermediate Resource Node or better as soon as possible! The second is to secure the node firmly!”

“We are fortunate. Our Guild has five 300-man teams on this island. The higher-ups have already stated that we must rank within the top five on this island. So long as we achieve this goal, everyone will receive 2,000 GCPs after the competition!”

The various participating Guilds frantically went on the offensive, the tense atmosphere building excitement among the spectators in the sky.

Meanwhile, inside a VIP viewing room…

“As expected of the Five Great Super Guilds. The depth of their foundations far surpasses the other Guilds,” Mu Lingsha sighed ruefully as she looked at the statistics of the 18 islands.

The Five Great Super Guilds had between 53 to 61 teams each, and every one of them had at least six 100-man teams. All of these small teams were led by legends in the virtual gaming industry. Each of the Five Great Super Guilds had teams on 11 to 13 of the 18 islands. In comparison, the other Guilds had teams on only five or six islands on average, half of what the Five Great Super Guilds had. Right off the bat, it was already clear that the other Guilds stood no chance against the Five Great Super Guilds.

Of course, there were also some lucky Guilds that had teams on eight or nine islands. However, this couldn’t be considered a fortunate matter either, as their numbers were spread so thinly that they could hardly preserve themselves, let alone occupy Resource Nodes.

On the other hand, the Five Great Super Guilds’ personnel were divided relatively evenly. Each of them only had one or two islands with insufficient personnel, which wouldn’t affect the overall situation, as more than half of the islands they occupied had a considerable number of personnel. They wouldn’t have any problems ranking within the top five in Guild Points.

To put it simply, it was certain that the Five Great Super Guilds would secure a reserve seat for themselves.

“In terms of personnel distribution, Miracle and Sacred Temple have the best chance to secure the sixth seat. Both Guilds have teams on nine islands, and their personnel distribution is fairly even, as well. The other Guilds are evidently far behind these two Guilds,” Unyielding Heart analyzed.

“No!” When Mu Lingsha took a look at Frost Heaven’s statistics, she was slightly surprised. “Frost Heaven isn’t doing too badly, either. It has teams on seven islands.”

If comparing based on the number of islands occupied, Frost Heaven could rank twelfth out of the 30 participating superpowers. It was only two islands behind Miracle and Sacred Temple.

“No. Of the seven islands Frost Heaven has been allocated to, two islands don’t even have 500 players on it. Moreover…” Unyielding Soul couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing after carefully reading Frost Heaven’s data.

While Mu Lingsha and Unyielding Heart were discussing Frost Heaven, many other powers in the VIP viewing rooms were doing the same. Some of these powers gloated over Frost Heaven’s misfortune, while some sympathized with the Guild.

As to why everyone reacted in such a way, it was because Black Flame, who was considered Frost Heaven’s saving grace, had actually been assigned to Island No. 3, a large island. And worse, Black Flame’s team was merely a 100-man team.

He would be up against the teams of 16 superpowers on Island No. 3. Even the Five Great Super Guilds were present in full. The competition here was simply nightmarish in difficulty. It would be a fool’s dream to try and secure a Resource Node with only a 100-man team.

In addition, Frost Heaven only had two teams on Island No. 7, a medium island. One of them was a 100-man team led by Aqua Rose, while the other was a 300-man team led by one of Frost Heaven’s Elders. The two teams combined didn’t even have 500 players. In comparison, the eight other Guilds on the island had between 1,000 to 2,000 players each.

To make matters worse, the teams led by Frost Heaven’s Seven Wonders, Hong Xinyuan, and five Elders actually got assigned to Island No. 17. In total, the Guild had 2,500 players assigned to a measly small island.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, what should we do?” Muxin inevitably grew anxious after learning of the various islands’ situations. “The Guild Leader’s side won’t have any problems, but we only have our team and Gentle Snow’s 100-man team here.”

This was undoubtedly the worst possible scenario for Frost Heaven.

Initially, they had been hoping for Shi Feng to be sent to a small island. And so long as the number of Guild members on that island reached 1,000, occupying two Resource Nodes on that island shouldn’t be a problem. Two Resource Nodes’ worth of Guild Points would be more than enough to propel Frost Heaven to the top five rankings of that island. After all, a small island only had 12 Resource Nodes. With so many Guilds competing for the nodes, there wouldn’t be enough for each competing Guild to secure one.

Now, however, Shi Feng had ended up on a large island with only 200 friendly players. In this situation, the most he could do was occupy one Resource Node, which would basically be useless. Moreover, as Shi Feng was foreign aid, he would get only half the points official participants would get.

On the other hand, Seven Wonders’s side should have no problem occupying two Resource Nodes. In fact, they had too many people for the task.

However, securing a third node on the small island would be difficult since a small island had only 12 Resource Nodes. If Frost Heaven occupied too many, the other superpowers would join hands to target Frost Heaven.

“This is still a relatively good start,” Shi Feng said calmly as he inspected the distribution information. “Let’s meet up with Snow’s team for now.”

“A good start?” Muxin fell speechless momentarily.

In the current situation, the chances of Frost Heaven securing the sixth reserve seat were incredibly slim.

However, what Muxin didn’t know was that Shi Feng had hoped to be assigned to a medium or large island. After all, only medium and large islands had Advanced Resource Nodes.

As foreign aid, he would receive only half the points of official participants. Hence, securing an Advanced Node was a must if he wished to have an impact. His random assignment to a large island couldn’t be considered bad luck. If he had gotten assigned to a small island, now that would be truly bad luck.

During the time Shi Feng’s team was converging with Gentle Snow’s team, a 1,000-man team was slowly traversing a dense forest on Island No. 3. Meanwhile, the cool-headed youth leading the team was currently staring at a 100-man team several hundred yards away, with scorching flames blazing in his eyes.

“Black Flame, it seems your luck has finally run out. If you have to blame someone, blame yourself for arranging your teams in such a way. Now, I will let you know the consequences of going against me.” Excitement filled Thousand Miles’s eyes as he looked at Gentle Snow and her team in the distance.

“Vice Guild Leader Miles, we have already scouted the vicinity. There are no other Guilds nearby,” a Level 118, Tier 3 Ranger reported through the team chat. “Good!” Thousand Miles grew even more excited at this piece of news. He then announced through the team chat, “Since no other Guilds are nearby, we don’t need to be polite. Everyone, charge! Let’s kill this Vice Guild Leader of Zero Wing first and collect some interest!”

“Yes, sir!”

At Thousand Miles’s command, Miracle’s members, lurking excitedly in the forest, prepared to ambush Gentle Snow’s team. They would make sure that her team had nowhere to run.