Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2717 - Gambit?

“Five separate teams?”

Frost Heaven’s Elders gasped involuntarily when they heard Shi Feng’s suggestion. They were at a disadvantage in numbers, and even the slightest mistake could put paid to securing the sixth reserve seat. Meanwhile, although Seven Wonders’s distribution was conservative, it would allow Frost Heaven to avoid significant problems.

However, Shi Feng was now suggesting that they split their numbers into five additional teams—teams that met the bare minimum requirement of 100 players. This surpassed aggressive action and bordered on madness.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, isn’t this a little too aggressive a maneuver?” Muxin couldn’t help but worry.

At this point, everyone already knew that Shi Feng possessed frightening strength. Even if he led the smallest-sized team, he should still be able to handle most of the problems he encountered.

However, the four other teams wouldn’t have such an assurance. After all, no one else possessed the frightening combat power of Shi Feng. Among Zero Wing’s team, the second strongest person was Violet Cloud. And her control over Mana was far from comparable to Shi Feng’s. This was something Muxin had verified through Violet Cloud’s duel with Tian Cheng

As for Zero Wing’s other members, their average combat standards didn’t even reach the Void Realm. While they could still become useful combat power, they couldn’t change the tide of battle by themselves. In fact, even Domain Realm experts couldn’t do so. This was also why Seven Wonders had decided to have Frost Heaven’s Grand Elders and Elders lead 300-man teams at a minimum.

At this moment, Muxin wasn’t the only person puzzled by Shi Feng’s suggestion. Even Youlan and Yan Tianxing couldn’t help staring at Shi Feng in confusion.

Zero Wing had indeed made great progress recently. The Guild’s top combatants had even experienced continuous improvements. However, they had yet to reach the standard of peerless experts. Aside from Shi Feng, the only other person who could safely lead a team of 100 players in this situation was Violet Cloud.

If they split their forces across five teams of 100, a single mistake could lead to a team-wipe. After all, this competition wasn’t some children’s game, nor was it a struggle for just a small part of God’s Domain.

It was a competition for the Twelve Great Guilds’ reserve seats!

None of the various superpowers would hold back this time. In fact, in this competition, even Void Realm experts would only be foot soldiers. Every participating team would most likely have several or even more than a dozen of such experts assigned to them.

And while Domain Realm experts could be considered high-end combatants, even they would have to flee if they went up against 100-man teams without sufficient support. In this competition, only peerless experts could possibly single-handedly turn the tide of a battle.

Not to mention, 100-man teams were only the bare minimum in this competition. If apex experts came across a 500-man team by themselves, even they would most likely suffer. And if they came across 1,000-man teams, only death awaited them. “It is indeed a little aggressive. However, this is also our only chance to secure a seat.” Shi Feng did not refute Muxin’s words. After all, what she said was true. “Otherwise, Frost Heaven won’t have a single chance at victory. I’m sure you understand this, as well.”

In the past, due to an inadequate foundation, Frost Heaven failed to secure a reserve seat during the first competition.

Meanwhile, the start of the island battle was incredibly important. If they couldn’t spread their forces across as many islands as possible, they would basically have to write off the competition.

There were only six reserve seats up for grabs. Ignoring island sizes, they needed to occupy at least three islands’ worth of Resource Nodes to have a considerable chance of winning. However, fully occupying three islands was easier said than done.

When Shi Feng finished speaking, Frost Heaven’s upper echelon fell silent.

After some time had passed, Hong Xinyuan suddenly stepped forward and said, “I also agree with Guild Leader Black Flame’s point of view. We are basically gambling on luck if we only have 21 teams. We might as well put up a fight, in that case.”

“However, if luck doesn’t favor us and one of our 100-man teams gets isolated, the team won’t be able to do much, either,” Brilliant Blue said, shaking his head.

A total of 30 Guilds were participating in the competition[1]. On average, there would be at least two Guilds on every island. If one of their 100-man teams had bad luck and got isolated on an island, the team definitely wouldn’t have a good outcome.

At Brilliant Blue’s words, Frost Heaven’s members fell silent once more.

After giving the matter some thought, Seven Wonders looked at Shi Feng and said, “How about this? I’ll agree to form five more 100-man teams. However, we will support these five teams with only ordinary Tier 3 experts. I’m afraid we cannot afford to assign any peak experts to you.”

“Guild Leader?” Hong Xinyuan couldn’t help but frown at Seven Wonders’s words.

Although Seven Wonders had agreed to form five additional teams, if no peak experts supported these teams, Zero Wing’s members would basically be walking a tightrope. It wouldn’t even be far-fetched to say that Seven Wonders was treating these five teams as sacrificial pieces.

Of course, Hong Xinyuan could understand Seven Wonders’s decision. These five teams were a last-ditch effort. They naturally couldn’t invest too much combat power in these teams. However, in his opinion, since they were gambling anyway, they might as well add chips to the bet.

“Old Hong, don’t try to persuade me. I’ve made my decision,” Seven Wonders said firmly.

“I understand.” Hong Xinyuan had no choice but to hold his tongue at these words. As Frost Heaven’s Guild Leader, Seven Wonders was the Guild’s authority. Since Seven Wonders had already decided, Hong Xinyuan would have no way of changing the decision.

“Guild Leader, Zero Wing’s members aren’t familiar with Frost Heaven’s members. How about I join them? This way, Guild Leader Black Flame can command the teams better,” Muxin suggested to Seven Wonders.

“Okay. You’ll be the liaison with Zero Wing.” Seven Wonders nodded in agreement. Just like Muxin had said, Shi Feng knew nothing about Frost Heaven’s members. Without proper understanding, he wouldn’t be able to make the best decisions. Meanwhile, as one of Frost Heaven’s Vice Guild Leaders, Muxin’s understanding of the Guild’s members was excellent. She was indeed the best candidate for the liaison.

“Big Sis, are you crazy?” Kerui, who stood beside Muxin, stared at her incredulously. “You dare participate in such a gambit?’”

Dying in this competition meant losing two levels. For players of their level, losing two levels was no laughing matter. After all, they were only one small step away from the crucial Level 120 threshold.

If they died in this competition, it would severely delay challenging their Tier 4 Promotion.

“Don’t worry, my dear little sister. I will follow Guild Leader Black Flame’s team. I believe there shouldn’t be any problems in that case,” Muxin said, chuckling.



Kerui was momentarily rendered speechless by Muxin’s words.

Afterward, Frost Heaven’s members split up into different teams according to Seven Wonders’s arrangement. Simultaneously, 483 Frost Heaven members were assigned to Shi Feng. As for how Shi Feng would distribute these players, Seven Wonders stayed out of it.

“Guild Leader Black Flame, everyone has arrived,” Muxin stated after counting the Frost Heaven members on their side. She then asked curiously, “How do you plan on distributing them?”

“I’ve thought about it already.” Chuckling, Shi Feng said, “I’ll lead a team by myself. Afterward, Gentle Snow, Aqua Rose, Violet Cloud, and Fire Dance will each lead a team. The rest of Zero Wing’s members will follow Violet Cloud’s and Fire Dance’s teams.”

“This… Isn’t this…” Muxin was momentarily dumbfounded.

She had anticipated Violet Cloud leading a team by herself, while the rest of Zero Wing’s members would be split across the three remaining teams. After all, Violet Cloud also possessed a Mana Domain of her own.

Yet, Shi Feng was having Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose lead teams by themselves, instead?

At this moment, let alone Muxin, even Youlan, Yan Tianxing, Yi Luofei, Alluring Summer, Zhao Yueru, Cola, Shadow Sword, Silent Blade, Turtledove, Ye Wumian, Flying Shadow, and Rampant Blade were stunned.

Of the Zero Wing members present, the ones who needed support the most were the two Vice Guild Leaders. After all, the two of them hadn’t improved their levels and equipment in the slightest over the past few weeks. Although Gentle Snow’s and Aqua Rose’s weapons and equipment were still far superior to those of the various superpowers’ peak experts, the two of them were still slightly inferior to Violet Cloud and Fire Dance in combat standard.

Not giving them any support was akin to going all-in on a gamble.Ignoring everyone’s doubts, Shi Feng turned to the two people in question and asked, “Snow, Aqua, are you fine with this arrangement?”

“No problem.”

The two responded indifferently as if this matter had nothing to do with them.

“Good. That settles it, then.” Shi Feng did not make any additional explanations.

Following this, the various superpowers waited for another hour or so until a loud bell tolled in the War God’s Temple, the sound echoing throughout Flame Dragon City.

The competition for the Twelve Great Guilds’ reserve seats officially began!

Immediately, the participants thronging the War God’s Temple’s plaza turned into streaks of light and vanished one after another.

TL Notes: [1]30 Guilds participating in the competition: To clarify, only nine Guilds chose to participate in the preliminary selection (for foreign aid) through the Fire Dragon Empire. However, the …