Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2716 - God’s Domain’s Apex Battle

Flame Dragon City, War God’s Temple:

Despite being the size of three sports stadiums, the plaza outside the War God’s Temple was currently crowded with players. Aside from the various participating superpowers’ members, a large portion of these players was here as spectators. Everyone quietly waited for the official start of the competition.

“Quick, look! They’re about to announce the battlefield!”

Suddenly, a huge holographic projection appeared in the sky above the War God’s Temple. The projection was hundreds of meters wide, and the image displayed was visible even from several miles away.

Meanwhile, with the emergence of this holographic projection, excitement surged in both the players and NPCs in Flame Dragon City.

“It’s finally starting!”

“This competition will determine the future direction of the entire God’s Domain. Many of the various superpowers’ hidden experts will reveal themselves. Once you guys enter the arena, make sure to record these experts’ data. They’re going to become the giants of God’s Domain in the future. We must make sure we don’t accidentally offend any of them.”

“Newbies, listen up. The Guild spent a fortune to reserve a VIP viewing room to let you experience this competition as close as possible. Cherish this opportunity and learn as much as you can from those top talents!”

The various major powers here to spectate the competition spent time instructing their Guild talents and newcomers to cherish this viewing opportunity. After all, this was going to be the apex battle of God’s Domain. “Talents? I want to see just how powerful they are.”

“I heard many of the people on the God’s Domain’s Experts List would appear. I wonder if we’ll get a chance to see a showdown between these experts?”.

The various major powers’ talents and newcomers grew excited upon hearing their superiors’ words. They all wished they could take part in the competition themselves.

The players in Flame Dragon City weren’t the only ones paying attention to this competition. Players all over God’s Domain were also interested. Unfortunately, the people who could directly spectate the battle numbered very few, which had many players gnashing their teeth in frustration.

There were only 100 VIP viewing rooms, each capable of accommodating only 100 players. There were also only 10 million normal viewing seats available. Compared to God’s Domain’s player population, this number was insignificant.

However, this still wasn’t the most frustrating part. Instead, what frustrated players the most was that aside from players, even NPCs could purchase these viewing tickets.

According to the War God’s Temple’s statistics, 20% of the tickets were bought by NPCs, 60% by Guilds, and only 20% by independent players. Time passed quickly. Before anyone knew it, the holographic projection above the War God’s Temple revealed the battlefield for the upcoming competition. Displayed on the projection was an ocean with turbulent waves and dark thunderclouds. At a glance, it was evident this wasn’t a place players could enter casually. Strewn across this ocean were 18 islands of varying sizes. The small islands were roughly the size of small leveling maps, while the large islands were around three times the size of the small islands.

A considerable distance separated these islands. With calm seas, a Bronze Speedboat would take at least two hours to travel from one island to another. The appearance of waves and storms could double this travel time.

“What?! It’s going to be a naval battle?!”

“No, there are quite a few islands on the ocean.”

“Is it an island occupation battle?” The players outside the War God’s Temple were surprised by the unveiled battlefield, and heated discussions promptly broke out.

However, before anyone could reach a conclusion, the specific rules for the reserve seat competition were listed one after another.

Players will be teleported to a random island in teams. Each team must have at least 100 players and can have at most 1,000 players. Every island has between 12 to 30 Resource Nodes.

Different Resource Nodes will grant different amounts of Guild Points. Basic Resource Nodes will grant 10 Guild Points per hour; Intermediate Resource Nodes, 20 Guild Points per hour; Advanced Resource Nodes, 30 Guild Points per hour.

The competition will last 24 hours. The top six Guilds with the highest score will receive the reserve seats at the end of the competition.

The larger of the 18 islands will place greater restrictions on players’ Stamina and Concentration. Players cannot use any Berserk Skills or magic tools. The Guilds ranked within the top five of each island’s point ranking can travel to other islands. If players die during the competition, they will be automatically teleported out of the competition venue and lose two levels.

When the players in the plaza saw these rules, they gasped in shock. After all, this competition depended heavily on Guild foundations and leadership.

The use of individual strength would be greatly restricted in this competition. Moreover, if a Guild didn’t handle its distribution of teams properly, it might suffer complete annihilation.

“The rules favor Guilds with greater numbers.” Mu Lingsha frowned as she gazed at the rules displayed above the War God’s Temple.

The minimum requirement for players in this competition was Tier 3. Even if most of the participating superpowers had roughly the same number of Guild members, there was a huge difference in the number of Tier 3 players.

Take Unyielding Soul, for example. The Guild had only 4,500 or so Tier 3 players. However, the Super Guild Sky Dragon Family had over 8,000.

Of course, the Guilds participating in this competition had 6,000 Tier 3 players on average, so the difference between the participating Guilds wasn’t as significant.

Even so, this situation would still create a huge gap between the participating Guilds.

To begin with, each of the Five Great Super Guilds had over 20,000 Tier 3 players. This wasn’t a number any of the other superpowers could hope to compete with. This was also why none of the other superpowers held any hopes of competing for the five other reserve seats.

With the revelation of these rules, the gap between the Five Great Super Guilds and the other participating superpowers became even more significant.

For example, the Five Great Super Guilds could form twenty 1,000-man teams each, whereas the other superpowers couldn’t even form ten. And given the random assignment to the various islands, the number of islands the Five Great Super Guilds could occupy right off the bat would already be several times higher than what the other superpowers could hold.

To make matters worse, if a Guild couldn’t even rank within the top five of an island’s point ranking, it couldn’t leave for other islands to seek greener pastures.

“These rules are excellent. Miracle’s victory is basically sealed now,” Cold Shadow said, smiling as she read the competition rules.

At this time, Miracle’s upper echelon was also ecstatic.

After all, Miracle had over 13,000 members participating in the competition this time. As to why the Guild could have so many Tier 3 experts, it was thanks entirely to the special tools Mythology provided. These tools allowed Tier 2 experts that had trouble with their promotion to overcome the final hurdle. Although these artificially produced Tier 3 experts were lacking in combat standards compared to other Tier 3 experts, they were still bona fide Tier 3 players and much stronger than Tier 2 players. With the addition of these artificial Tier 3 experts, Miracle had the sixth-largest player count in this competition.

In contrast to Miracle’s upper echelon, Seven Wonders and the rest of Frost Heaven’s upper echelon currently looked pale. Frost Heaven had only a little over 7,500 members participating. The Guild was just barely ranked within the top 10. If not for the competition venue and rules, Frost Heaven could have easily fought for the sixth seat. Now, however, it was evident this wouldn’t be possible.

“Our only choice is to take the risk and form more teams. Otherwise, we won’t have a chance of securing a seat,” Seven Wonders stated calmly to the Elders and Grand Elders present.

“That’s the only thing we can do. Otherwise, we won’t stand a chance against the Guilds with greater numbers,” Hong Xinyuan said, nodding in agreement.

The Grand Elders and Elders present similarly agreed with Seven Wonders’s opinion.

“Since that’s the case, I’ll start assigning the teams.

“Although we have to split our numbers into as many teams as possible, we also need to consider the balance of combat power and the struggle for Resource Nodes. The five Grand Elders and 12 Elders present will each lead a team of 300. Your goal is to secure a Basic Resource Node. If your combat power is lacking, you can merge with another team to secure a Resource Node. “Me, Old Hong, and Brilliant Blue will each lead a team of 500 and the Ten Swords. We’ll do our best to secure an Intermediate Node each, or a Basic Node at the very minimum. The three Vice Guild Leaders will lead the remaining members together with Zero Wing to secure an Advanced Node or an Intermediate Node at minimum.”

Seven Wonders’s distribution was considerably conservative, ensuring the least number of problems for the Guild. Firstly, it ensured that the Guild had enough teams to provide sufficient coverage across the 18 islands. Secondly, every team would more or less have the strength for self-conservation, even if it came across a hostile 1,000-man team.

Of course, the chances of actually coming across a 1,000-man team were relatively low. Since each Guild only had so many players participating in the competition, using these limited players to form 1,000-man teams was a huge extravagance. To spread their influence as wide as possible, the various participating Guilds would naturally form as many teams as possible without compromising their overall combat power.

“What do you think?” Seven Wonders asked as he looked at the Guild upper echelon present.

In response, the Guild Elders exchanged looks with each other. However, none of them voiced any objections.

Seven Wonders nodded. “In that case—”.

Just as he was about to finalize his decision, however, a low voice entered everyone’s ears. “I object!”

Immediately, Frost Heaven’s upper echelon turned to look at this voice’s origin.

The owner of this voice was none other than Shi Feng, who had just arrived.

However, instead of getting upset at Shi Feng’s interjection, Seven Wonders instead asked sincerely, “Guild Leader Black Flame, do you have any better suggestions?”

Following Seven Wonders’s question, the Grand Elders and Elders present also turned to Shi Feng. Their actions showed that they were of the same mind as Seven Wonders, and they all looked forward to hearing Shi Feng’s suggestion.

What happened to these people while I was gone? Shi Feng was a little surprised at Seven Wonders and the others’ response.

Before he left, these people couldn’t even be bothered to look at him. Now, not only did Seven Wonders’s attitude change for the better, but even Frost Heaven’s Grand Elders and Elders had become more amiable.

What Shi Feng didn’t know was that news of his frightening battle had already spread. With such terrifying combat power, let alone Frost Heaven, even Super Guilds would treat him respectfully.

However, Shi Feng didn’t dwell on the matter.

“I can’t say it is a good suggestion.” Calmly, Shi Feng added, “I just think that we should change the grouping slightly.” “How do we change it?” Seven Wonders asked curiously.

Shi Feng then stretched out an open palm.


“My suggestion is for Zero Wing to lead five separate 100-man teams, while your Vice Guild Leaders lead the remaining 500 players. This way, we can maximize our combat effectiveness.”