Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2715 - Eternal Item

As Shi Feng frantically gathered Mana inside the bar, the Mana around him started liquefying The standard of his Mana was undoubtedly at Tier 4.

A moment later, twofold magic arrays appeared in his eyes. If a player were to meet his gaze right now, they would most likely shudder instinctively.

At this moment, Shi Feng’s eyes seemed to be capable of penetrating all truths in the world. No secrets could exist before this pair of eyes.

Sure enough, Omniscient Eyes’s effects have improved significantly now that my Mana has reached the Tier 4 standard. Shi Feng was delighted as he looked at the black crystal in his hand.

Previously, even when he used the Advanced Identification Skill, he couldn’t appraise the black crystal at all. However, with Omniscient Eyes, a loading bar had appeared. It was as if the black crystal’s outermost firewall had cracked, and the Skill was fervently exploiting this breach and trying to dig into the crystal’s core.

Ten seconds… Twenty seconds… Forty seconds…

As the forces of the black crystal and Omniscient Eyes continued clashing, Shi Feng frowned.

Although Omniscient Eyes has the strength to contend against the black crystal, it apparently still isn’t enough. Omniscient Eyes might be digging at the black crystal’s firewalls, but the Skill had a limited duration of only one minute. If it failed to break through the black crystal’s defenses during this time, he would have to try again ten minutes later.

Only, the result would most likely be the same.

Upon seeing Omniscient Eyes and the black crystal at a stalemate, Shi Feng started racking his brain on how he could break through the black crystal’s power.

The biggest difference between Tier 3 and Tier 4 is in Mana. Since Omniscient Eyes has the strength to go up against the black crystal after being injected with Tier 4 Mana, the difference between the two is Mana.

As of now, Omniscient Eyes still has plentiful Mana. In other words, the amount of Mana isn’t crucial for breaking through the black crystal’s defenses. If the amount isn’t the problem, then the only other possibility is the Mana’s strength. However, after coming to this conclusion, Shi Feng did not smile in joy. On the contrary, he fell into even greater despair. After all, increasing the strength of Mana was easier said than done.

On the market, almost all items that improved their user’s Mana only increased the volume of Mana their users held. Generally, if players wished to increase their Mana’s quality, they would have to either improve their control over Mana or raise their tier.

In other words, if Shi Feng wanted to increase his Mana’s strength right now, his only option was to raise his control over Mana to a higher realm.

No, that’s not the only option! Shi Feng shook his head. An increase in the Mana’s strength also represents an increase in the Skill’s power. Increasing the Skill’s power would be equivalent to improving the Mana’s strength.

After Shi Feng thought up to this point, a glimmer of hope appeared in his eyes.

However, less than five seconds remained to Omniscient Eyes’s duration.

I have no choice but to try!

Taking a deep breath, Shi Feng unsheathed the Abyssal Blade and promptly assumed the posture of using the Mana Technique Lightshadow.

The Mana swarming around Shi Feng instantly began condensing even further, taking on the shape of a greatsword. However, unlike when he used this Mana Technique at Tier 3, the phantom greatsword now looked much more tangible.

Meanwhile, after executing Lightshadow, Shi Feng could sense a change occurring in the magic arrays in his eyes. They showed faint signs of evolving into threefold magic arrays.

Good! It’s effective! Shi Feng couldn’t help growing excited.

However, the third layer’s formation abruptly stopped.

The Mana still isn’t strong enough? Shi Feng frowned. If I want to increase it even further, I’ll have no choice but to use Holy Devour. Holy Devour was a move he dreaded to use.

Executing the complete Holy Devour was too taxing. It shouldn’t be used frequently, even by Tier 4 classes. With the reserve seats’ competition about to begin, he had to keep himself in his peak state. Although executing Holy Devour once wouldn’t overwork his brain, it would still exhaust his Concentration.

However, after thinking for a second, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and threw caution to the wind.

“To hell with it!”

Although Phoenix Rain currently wasn’t in a life-threatening situation, that was true only for now. There were far too many unknowns and secrets surrounding her. Saint’s Hand’s side was also filled with mysteries. There was no guarantee that he wouldn’t meet a similar fate to Phoenix Rain in the future.

Hence, he needed to identify the black crystal. Only by doing so would he have a chance at finding some useful information.

Immediately, Shi Feng changed his stance once more, and the aura he exuded skyrocketed in intensity.

Holy Devour!


Suddenly, ethereal flames enveloped the bar. The flames were so realistic that they triggered the magic arrays set up inside the bar. Some of these magic arrays even started cracking, evidently unable to withstand the powerful Mana Shi Feng condensed. Meanwhile, as if violently stimulated, the twofold magic arrays in Shi Feng’s eyes completed their transformation into threefold magic arrays. Using Holy Devour directly elevated Omniscient Eyes’s strength to a whole new level.


Shi Feng suddenly heard a crack coming from the black crystal. However, half a second later, dizziness assaulted his brain. The horrific Mana condensed by Holy Devour also instantly dissipated, leaving behind a tattered bar. Several seconds later, his mind started to clear up. He immediately shifted his gaze to the black crystal in his hand. Did it succeed?

Shi Feng inspected the black crystal anxiously.

This time, the crystal didn’t put up any resistance when he tried to read its information. Row after row of text appeared before his eyes.

Upon seeing this information, Shi Feng was stunned.

An Eternal Item? This is actually an Eternal Item? Shi Feng couldn’t help doubting his eyes as he read the information before him.

(World Stone] (Eternal Item)

Effect 1: Stabilizes the principle of all things.

Effect 2: Unknown.

Effect 3: Indestructible object.

In God’s Domain, so long as an item was related to eternity, it was an item of Gods. Eternal Items were legends among legends. According to rumor, even Gods had difficulty obtaining one, and some Gods would even fight frantically for one. There were various rumors as to the cause of the Great Ancient War, one of which attributed the war to a struggle for Eternal Items between Ancient Gods.

“It seems I still can’t do anything about this situation.” Shi Feng smiled bitterly as he looked at the World Stone.

He had fought for ten years in God’s Domain in his previous life. However, he was well aware that he was still ignorant of plenty of secrets regarding God’s Domain. God’s Domain wasn’t just a game like the general masses thought it to be. Otherwise, the various international corporations wouldn’t go so crazy over it.

This Eternal Item told him that the problem Phoenix Rain faced was extraordinary. It wasn’t something a Tier 4 Sword Emperor like himself could look into. After all, even the God-ranked experts in his previous life had great difficulty obtaining such an item. He would most likely have to wait until he reached Tier 5 or even Tier 6 before he could find out more about the situation.

Otherwise, he would share the fate of all those missing experts.

While Shi Feng was having goosebumps from thinking about the problem Phoenix Rain was involved in, Youlan suddenly contacted him.

“Where are you now, Guild Leader?” Youlan asked anxiously. “The various superpowers’ members have already started to gather.”

“Okay. I’ll head over now.” Shi Feng smiled and nodded.

He decided to shelve Phoenix Rain’s matter temporarily. Now, the only thing he needed to do was improve both his and his Guild’s strength as much as possible. Only by doing so would he have a better chance of handling the various crises plaguing him.

After ending the call, Shi Feng stored the World Stone and dropped a bag of Gold Coins on the table. He then left the Moon Fire Bar.