Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2714 - Meeting Phoenix Rain Again

Accepting Phoenix Rain’s invitation, Shi Feng walked over and sat beside her.

“In the time I haven’t seen you, you’ve become a lot stronger again,” Phoenix Rain praised as she scanned Shi Feg.

“Not too much.” Going straight into the topic, Shi Feng asked, “Is everything alright on your side?”

He had suddenly visited the Moon Fire Bar because of a message from Phoenix Rain. Initially, he had been a little happy to receive the message. Since he had thought that Phoenix Rain would never appear before him again, he felt that the situation shouldn’t be as terrible as Duan Hanshan made it out to be.

However, the moment he laid eyes on Phoenix Rain, he instantly understood.

The situation was much worse than he thought.

This was because the Phoenix Rain he saw couldn’t be considered human. All her information was labeled as “Unknown” and couldn’t be examined at all. Moreover, the feeling he got from her was as if she had wholly integrated her existence with the flowers and trees of God’s Domain.

Shi Feng even got the impression that Phoenix Rain was native to God’s Domain.

Meanwhile, at Shi Feng’s question, a hint of surprise flashed in Phoenix Rain’s eyes. She then smiled faintly and replied, “You can say that it’s alright yet not alright at the same time.”

“It seems the situation still isn’t too terrible.” Shi Feng nodded. He then asked another question, “Can you tell me what exactly happened, then?”

The disappearance of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s three Pavilion Masters had shaken the various superpowers of God’s Domain. If not for the Pavilion having hidden this matter well, it would’ve long since made headlines in the real world.

“This, I cannot say.” Phoenix Rain shook her head. “I went to great lengths to come here to tell you only two things.”

Although Phoenix Rain’s voice was calm, her eyes betrayed deep exhaustion.

“What is it?” Shi Feng didn’t probe too much into her situation. He could feel that Phoenix Rain wasn’t joking with him. In that case, there wouldn’t be any meaning for him to continue probing. “The first is that I hope you can take care of my little sister,” Phoenix Rain said, then took out an information card and handed it to Shi Feng. “Her information and address are recorded here. I am no longer by her side. Although she has great abilities, the people who are troubling her are difficult. If you have the chance, I hope you can help resolve her problems.”

After glancing at the information card, Shi Feng was stunned. Phoenix Rain’s little sister was residing in the Upper Zone.

“Aren’t you in the Upper Zone too?” Shi Feng asked in confusion.

“I’m in the Upper Zone?” Phoenix Rain was surprised by this piece of news. Afterward, as if reacting to something, she chuckled and said, “That’s right. I guess you can say that. However, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to meet her right now. I can only hope you will help her. I can’t trust anyone else for this.”

“This shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll go take a look if I visit the Upper Zone in the future.” Shi Feng nodded in agreement. Phoenix Rain had helped both him and Zero Wing a lot thus far. He didn’t mind taking care of her little sister now.

“Thank you.” Phoenix Rain breathed out a sigh of relief when she heard Shi Feng’s answer. She then inhaled deeply before saying solemnly, “Next, the second matter will be my two pieces of advice to you.” “Advice?” Seeing Phoenix Rain’s serious expression, Shi Feng couldn’t help asking, “Is it Saint’s Hand?”

Based on the information from Duan Hanshan, the disappearance of the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s leadership had something to do with Saint’s Hand. Moreover, the various superpowers also appeared to be fearful of the Guild.

“No.” Shaking her head, Phoenix Rain said, “My first advice is for you to be wary of three people.”

“Three people?” Shi Feng was somewhat confused.

He could understand if Phoenix Rain wanted him to be wary of some powerful organization, yet she told him to be wary of three individuals. If not for Phoenix Rain’s solemn expression and her lofty status, he would’ve most likely treated her words as a joke.

“Yes, three people.” Slowly, Phoenix Rain said, “I don’t know these three people’s names. They use various aliases, but not one of them is their real name. The only thing I can tell you is their characteristics.

“These three people are a madman, a girl, and a young, scholarly person. If you meet them, run as far as you can. Never approach them, or the consequences will be harsh. You must remember this point.”

“That’s all the information on these three people?” Shi Feng memorized Phoenix Rain’s words, but the information he had to work with was scanty and vague. “I only know this much.” Phoenix Rain shook her head and chuckled. She then continued, “The next piece of advice is simpler, and that is to stock up on as many Seven Luminaries Crystals as possible. This thing is incredibly valuable, and the more you have, the better.” “That’s a realistic piece of advice.” Shi Feng was startled to receive this advice.

Seven Luminaries Crystal was incredibly important during his previous life. Knowing this, he had tasked many Guild members with finding and collecting the crystal. However, due to its rarity, the amount they managed to collect wasn’t significant.

After Shi Feng finished speaking, Phoenix Rain suddenly stood up and tossed three Gold Coins onto the table. She then looked at Shi Feng and said earnestly, “I’ve said everything that can be said. How far you can progress will be up to you.”

“You’re leaving already?” Shi Feng was again startled when he saw Phoenix Rain preparing to leave. Their conversation lasted less than five minutes. He hadn’t even gotten to the other questions he wanted to ask. However, Phoenix Rain looked to be short on time.

“Oh, yes.” Suddenly, Phoenix Rain pulled out a black crystal from her pocket and tossed it to Shi Feng. “I have you to thank for being able to make this visit. I can’t use this thing at present, so I’ll give it to you.”

“What is this thing?” When Shi Feng looked at the unidentifiable black crystal, he felt a sudden urge to eat the crystal whole.

Upon noticing the hunger in Shi Feng’s eyes, Phoenix Rain chuckled. “You’d better not eat it. It’s not edible.”

Shi Feng felt slightly embarrassed by this situation. He never thought that the black crystal would be powerful enough to affect his mind.

“Don’t worry. I won’t eat it,” Shi Feng promised.“Before I go, I’ll tell you one more thing. Tier 4 is just the beginning. Your…time…”

However, before Phoenix Rain could finish speaking, she suddenly disappeared. It was as if she never existed in this place.

Now, only Shi Feng remained inside the spacious bar.

Forced teleportation? Surprise colored Shi Feng’s eyes as he looked at the space where Phoenix Rain had been. However, he quickly denied his conjecture. No. There were no spatial fluctuations. It shouldn’t be a forced teleport. Yet, if she logged off, it should’ve taken a while before she disappeared.

Despite pondering for some time, Shi Feng failed to figure out the mechanism behind Phoenix Rain’s sudden disappearance. In the end, he had to give up and shifted his attention to the black crystal in his hand. At least he now knew that Phoenix Rain was safe.

I got nothing from using an ordinary Identification Skill just now. It seems I can only try with Omniscient Eyes.

Taking a deep breath, Shi Feng gathered the surrounding Mana around his eyes and stared intently at the black crystal.

Omniscient Eyes!