Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2713 - Fame Spreads Across the Fire Dragon Empire

When White Feather heard Cold Shadow’s words, she was stunned, her brain seizing up momentarily.

“How is this possible?” White Feather exclaimed almost instinctively. “The selection lasted less than ten minutes! How could nearly 900 Tier 3 great experts slaughter each other so thoroughly within that time?” Without a large gap in strength, a fight between Tier 3 experts would take at least two to five minutes to finish.

This rule of thumb was already widely accepted in God’s Domain.

Upon reaching Tier 3, almost every player would have at least a few Lifesaving Skills. They could easily fight a battle of attrition. Hence, there was a popular saying that while Tier 3 experts could be defeated easily, killing them was challenging.

“No! They didn’t fight each other.” Cold Shadow shook her head. She then added calmly, “According to our insider, over half of the foreign aid teams chose to forfeit.” “Forfeit?”

White Feather grew even more confused at this revelation. She felt that the more she delved into this matter, the more incomprehensible it became.

Meanwhile, inside the gloomy hall, Thousand Miles and the upper echelons of the many superpowers present also received news on what happened during the selection battle. They were inevitably bewildered.

“Have they lost their minds?! Over half of them forfeited?!” Thousand Miles cursed out loud when he saw his subordinate’s report. “Investigate immediately! Anyone who chose to forfeit shouldn’t even think of receiving any of the promised benefits!”

With the huge numerical advantage they had, they could’ve annihilated Zero Wing’s members even if they had to throw bodies at them!

“Vice Guild Leader Miles.” The gray-robed Berserker standing before Thousand Miles shrank back slightly before saying quietly, “The ones that forfeited…aren’t our Guild’s foreign aid.”

“What happened to our foreign aid, then?” Thousand Miles asked in response.

“Our foreign aid?” After peeking at Thousand Miles, the gray-robed Berserker answered hesitantly, “Black Flame killed them all. Moreover, he didn’t kill just our foreign aid but also the other three Guilds’ foreign aid…”

“Are you sure Black Flame did it alone? Are they not messing with you?” Thousand Miles asked in disbelief.

“I’ve verified with them already.” The gray-robed Berserker nodded. “Black Flame indeed killed them by himself. Out of the 400 players that targeted Zero Wing, not a single one survived.”

“Alone? He annihilated all 400 Tier 3 great experts?” Thousand Miles suddenly felt a little dizzy.

This information was too much for his brain to process. He even felt that he was hallucinating right now.

“According to the foreign aid teams, Black Flame already possesses a Mana Domain. The range and strength of his Mana Domain are also unprecedented; Tier 3 experts can’t exert even 10% of their combat power while inside it. Just moving their bodies is a challenging task,” the Berserker reported after summoning up his courage.

Not only did a player obtain a Mana Domain, but said Mana Domain was even so powerful. If someone had told him such a thing before, even he would consider that person crazy. Either that or this person was a newcomer in God’s Domain and ignorant about Mana Domains.

“A Mana Domain?” Thousand Miles’s expression stiffened at this term. “How can he have a Mana Domain?”

At this time, Thousand Miles wasn’t the only person dumbfounded. The other superpowers’ upper echelons were similarly bewildered when they heard this piece of news. After all, it was far more unbelievable than Shi Feng’s feat of single-handedly annihilating four foreign aid teams.

In God’s Domain, the Mana Domain was the standard that determined whether an NPC was strong or weak. So long as an NPC had a Mana Domain, they would be considered a true powerhouse in the whole of God’s Domain!

After Frost Heaven’s members received a detailed report of what happened during the selection battle, they, too, fell silent. Brilliant Blue, in particular, wore an extremely wrinkled and ugly look on his face.

Previously, no one from Frost Heaven believed what Shi Feng had said. In their opinion, Shi Feng was only talking big. Brilliant Blue had even mocked Shi Feng for his arrogance.

However, insiders were now telling them that everything was true. Moreover, the situation was far more terrifying than how Shi Feng described it.

“Old Hong, did you and Muxin know about this since the beginning?” Seven Wonders couldn’t help asking Hong Xinyuan.

“We knew a little.” Chuckling, Hong Xinyuan added, “However, for confidentiality’s sake, we didn’t tell anyone.”

Muxin also nodded in agreement. Only, even she was surprised by such an excellent battle record. She never expected that Shi Feng’s Mana Domain would be so powerful when released. It was at least ten times stronger than what she experienced.

“You two really know how to keep us in the dark.” When Seven Wonders looked at Hong Xinyuan’s indifferent expression and recalled the situation with Shi Feng before, he smiled bitterly. “In that case, I’ll leave Zero Wing’s matters to you in the future.”

After glancing at the silent Brilliant Blue, Hong Xinyuan faintly smiled and said, “Guild Leader, please rest assured.”

After the end of the selection battle, news about Zero Wing spread like the plague. This was especially true for the details regarding Black Flame. Many of the major powers that had come to spectate the competition were shocked.

Not only had Black Flame single-handedly dominated the preliminary selection, but he even possessed the rumored Mana Domain.

This battle record instantly made Black Flame the focus of discussion for many players all over the Fire Dragon Empire. Quite a number of the empire’s players even sought to join the pseudo-superpower known as Zero Wing.

War God’s Temple, Mythology’s lounge:

“Vice Guild Leader, the situation has become somewhat troublesome now. Not only does that Black Flame possess a Mana Domain, but his fame has also spread throughout the Fire Dragon Empire. I’m afraid it’ll become very difficult to realize our acquisition plan now,” White Feather said anxiously when she saw that Black Flame’s name was being mentioned everywhere in the Fire Dragon Empire’s forums. “This situation might even affect Miracle’s ranking.”

Mythology had chosen to partner with Miracle for the competition this time. In terms of Guild foundations and strength, Miracle was above Frost Heaven. However, not only did Miracle lose all its foreign aid, but Frost Heaven even had Zero Wing supporting it. The gap in strength between the two Guilds had instantly narrowed by a large margin.

“Black Flame has indeed become a big variable now.” Glancing at the battle report she received, Cold Shadow smiled and added, “However, at the end of the day, the struggle for the reserve seats isn’t something that can be decided by one person. Not to mention, even with a Mana Domain, Black Flame won’t be able to survive for long in this competition. That great personage has already said he would personally take action against Black Flame!”

“That great personage is going to make a move?” This news surprised White Feather.“Mhm. Black Flame still thinks he is invincible just because he has a Mana Domain. He doesn’t know that there is always someone stronger. Even a Mana Domain cannot save him now,” Cold Shadow sneered as she read the detailed report on Shi Feng.

While a Mana Domain was indeed powerful, it was a negligible existence in front of absolute strength.

While the various superpowers were patiently waiting for the official competition to begin, Shi Feng secretly paid a visit to a bar called Moon Fire in Flame Dragon City’s outskirts.

At this time, only one woman was sitting quietly at the bar counter.

This woman wore delicate, light-blue robes, and just the view of her back could mesmerize countless people. However, this woman’s aura was as hot as flames, deterring people from summoning up the courage to approach her.

“You’re here.” When the woman saw Shi Feng enter the bar, she greeted him as though welcoming an old friend she hadn’t seen for a long time.

Meanwhile, this woman was none other than the Dragon-Phoenix Pavilion’s Phoenix Pavilion Master.

Demon Queen Phoenix Rain!