Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God

Chapter 2712 - Arrogant Person

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"Only 17 people passed the selection?"

"Zero Wing's team seems to have 17 people…"

"What exactly is going on here?"

After a brief silence, the various superpowers' members turned their eyes toward Shi Feng's group, the doubt in their hearts deepening.

There was indeed the possibility that the War God Orders had been well-hidden, and some might not be found even after the selection ended. This would result in less than 100 people passing the preliminary selection. However, even if that were the case, over 80 people should still have passed the selection.

However, only 17 people had passed the selection. This number was far below the various superpowers' expectations.

The upper echelons of Sky Dragon Family, Pride Empire, Demon Palace, and Miracle, in particular, were dumbfounded by this situation. They couldn't figure out what exactly had happened inside the selection battle.

Their four Guilds had paid an enormous price to recruit four of the Fire Dragon Empire's Six Absolutes. They had been very confident of winning the preliminary selection, hands down. Now, however, let alone ranking within the top four, not even one of the foreign aid they recruited managed to pass the selection.

What was even more unbelievable was the fact that Zero Wing's members had returned unscathed.

How could they possibly believe this?

"Investigate! Investigate what happened! I want to know what happened inside the selection battle!"

Almost immediately, the four Guilds' upper echelons began frantically contacting their respective foreign aid team's members.

"Vice Guild Leader, did something go wrong with the selection?" White Feather's eyes brimmed with surprise and confusion as she looked at the central stele.

In response to White Feather's question, Cold Shadow glanced at the distant Shi Feng before looking toward the four Guilds' side. From the commotion at the four Guilds, it was evident that even the four Guilds' people didn't know what had just happened.

"Something must've gone wrong. Only, I don't know what kind of trick Zero Wing pulled this time." All Cold Shadow could think of now was that Zero Wing was related to this abnormal situation.

Out of the 900 players that entered the selection space, only 17 returned. Even if an intense battle occurred inside, there shouldn't be so few players returning. Not to mention, all of these returnees were even Zero Wing's members.

As the various superpowers were investigating this strange situation, Frost Heaven's side was similarly at a loss.

"Guild Leader Black Flame, what happened inside? Why are you the only ones to return?" Muxin couldn't help asking Shi Feng. Since Shi Feng was an insider in this situation, asking him would be much more efficient than asking around.

"Yes, what happened inside the selection battle?" Brilliant Blue questioned. "Where are Sorrowful Heaven and the others?"

If even Zero Wing's small team of 17 could return safely, there was no way the Flower of Seven Sins's team of 83 players couldn't. Not to mention, Sorrowful Rain was a Domain Realm expert.

Following Muxin's and Brilliant Blue's questions, everyone from Frost Heaven turned to look at Shi Feng, curious to find out what exactly happened inside.

However, Shi Feng directly ignored Brilliant Blue's question and turned to Muxin.

"Nothing special happened inside. We just conducted a normal team battle. As for the result, you saw it yourself," Shi Feng said calmly.

Shi Feng's words were clear and straightforward. His logic was also seamless. However, none of Frost Heaven's members believed him. Even Muxin felt that Shi Feng was joking with her.

"Black Flame, do you take this old man for a fool? Do you think I will believe such words?" Brilliant Blue was incensed. He already felt upset that Shi Feng ignored him. Now, Shi Feng was even insulting his intelligence by giving such a stupid answer.

The other Frost Heaven members agreed with Brilliant Blue's words, and they started looking at Shi Feng with scorn.

Although Shi Feng's answer sounded reasonable, it was also the least possible result.

They would be fools to believe him!

Nine hundred Tier 3 experts had participated in the preliminary selection, many of them peak experts and apex experts. No matter how fierce the battle, these experts shouldn't have all gotten annihilated. After all, they could still flee if they couldn't win in a fight.

Moreover, the selection battle was held in a special space that severely restricted a player's Stamina and Concentration. The difficulty and risks involved in chasing a fleeing opponent in this space were incredibly high.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng's team was not only the smallest out of the bunch but also the easiest to counter. If an intense battle occurred during the selection, Shi Feng's team should have faced the greatest difficulty returning alive.

But what about now?

Not only did Zero Wing's team suffer zero casualties, but Zero Wing's members all wore incomparably relaxed expressions. They did not look like they had just survived an intense battle at all but gone on an outing.

"Whether you believe it or not is up to you," Shi Feng retorted nonchalantly. "The selection battle is over. If you don't have any other questions, we'll be heading back to rest."

After saying so, Shi Feng turned around and left the hall, unconcerned whether Frost Heaven's members believed him or not. His goal in coming here was only the three Upper Zone reserve slots.

Meanwhile, after glancing at the Frost Heaven contingent, Zero Wing's other members chuckled before following Shi Feng out of the hall.

The behavior of Zero Wing's team thoroughly dumbfounded Brilliant Blue.

He was one of Frost Heaven's dignified Frost Pillars as well as a Great Elder of the Guild. Yet, now, he was being ignored by the Guild Leader of a pseudo-superpower with no background whatsoever.

Brilliant Blue promptly glared at Hong Xinyuan and bellowed angrily, "Hong Xinyuan, take a good look! This is the trump card you recruited!"

However, Hong Xinyuan remained indifferent to Brilliant Blue's outburst. In fact, he was in a relatively good mood. After all, the return of Shi Feng's team meant that Frost Heaven had gained 17 foreign aid slots.

Failing to get a reaction out of Hong Xinyuan, Brilliant Blue turned to Seven Wonders and snapped, "Guild Leader, you've seen how Zero Wing's members behave. They are too arrogant. They aren't even taking us seriously. If we let them participate in the official competition, the consequences will be disastrous."

"Enough. Let's take a look at the situation first," Seven Wonders berated.

However, when Seven Wonders glanced at Zero Wing's members' departing figures, a hint of dissatisfaction also flashed in his eyes.

Meanwhile, although Shi Feng had spoken in a normal tone, everyone in the hall was a great expert. Even the weakest among them was at the Flowing Water Realm. Hence, they heard Shi Feng's words loud and clear.

"Black Flame truly is arrogant to the extreme. He's taking such an attitude even toward Frost Heaven. He'll most likely have a difficult path ahead of him." White Feather smirked when she saw the exchange between Shi Feng and Frost Heaven's leadership. "However, Black Flame really knows how to spout nonsense. Does he think his team consists entirely of peerless experts?"

While Frost Heaven's members might be unaware, she knew full well that nearly half of the 900 players who participated in the selection battle had set their sights on Zero Wing. Zero Wing shouldn't have come out unscathed if a battle truly happened.

However, even after White Feather ridiculed Shi Feng a bunch, Cold Shadow remained surprisingly silent.

"Vice Guild Leader, is something wrong?" White Feather asked in confusion when she noticed Cold Shadow's solemn expression.

"News just came from our insider." Taking a deep breath, Cold Shadow said slowly, "All participating foreign aids were…annihilated!"